Kim Soo Hyun Dons the Summer Broody Rebel Look for July Issue of W Korea

Two for the price of one is fine when it comes to free items but when it comes to favorite stars then I want some differentiation. Top Hallyu young actor Kim Soo Hyun is back on the promo circuit and lime light this month to promote his noir thriller movie Real, one where he appears to play two characters so it’s only fitting that he gets dual covers on the July issue of W Korea. What’s frustrating is how similar both covers are – showing Kim Soo Hyun leaning back and with similar assessing expressions. Luckily the full spread inside is so much better, a summer rebel vibe that conjures up a modern James Dean with less angst and more wholesomeness. It’s always a bit stunning to see how young Kim Soo Hyun looks now with nary any noticeable maturing compared to his early debut days in Dream High. He can still play the high school student with earnest dreams who may one day turn into the dangerous antagonist he plays in Real.


Kim Soo Hyun Dons the Summer Broody Rebel Look for July Issue of W Korea — 7 Comments

  1. I think he and Kang Ha Neul are very similar. In the life, they are very funny and laugh a lot but they can be so charismatic when they act ! Both of are great actors ­čÖé

  2. I love Kim Soo Hyun but what happened to him? Why he disappeared for 2 years. It is as good he was away for Military conscription. The last project he did before this film was the Producer in 2015.

    I hope this film does well. It would be great achievement before he goes to the military.

    • Two strikes against him can explain why his presence has reduced although it’s still much there with his bowling activities and ads and cf and why he is delaying his comeback to dramaland.One before producers and one after producers.The first one he was in a CF controversy in 2014 over a patriotic issue and y’all know how serious Korea is about nationalism.So the public opinion of him was as high as before.

      The second one is even though he won three daesang´┐╝s for Producers in 2015.Two out of those three were mirred with criticisms and he got so much hate, some even attack his performance for that drama for being bland and not deserving of an award.Some even alleged that his awards for 2015 were being handed to him for popularity not his acting skills.That the award bodies were doing this to avoid pissing off the Chinese sponsors .

      Even Joo Won got hate and had to go on hiatus for a year and some more for a similar reason, he also got hate for his Yong Pal daesang´┐╝.

      KSH is known for being super picky in his project choices.So with what I think might be the reasons above. he is being super careful so that he can land a project that can have very strong impact even if that means waiting a while.He is still young, very talented, bankable and super famous.

      Also its a smart business move, his direct competition, the 87 liner actors Joo Won,Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho,Seo In Guk etc will be out of the spotlight this year and next year so it’s a good opportunity for him to make come back and shine again.

  3. He should have enlisted after Producers. He has wasted two years not coming back, only filming a movie, and the schedule got stretched to the point it looks like he wasted so much time. After Real promotions when he enlists and if he expectedly enlists to active duty, and does a comeback right after discharging, then he would comeback in 2019…

    • @prettyautumn not only has he just been able to film a movie since 2015 to now..the promo and release for that said movie has been dragged for too long and the hype not as strong like the beginning.His name has taken the backseat and they just focus of articles saying Sulli did this, Sulli did that..blah blah..when she is just supporting role and KSH and Sung Dong Il are the main cast.

      • I think it so much better they promote the movie using sulli name instead of kim soo hyun. If in case the movie is being box office hit we can get new nation name for her. I am sick with the nation first love title was given for suzy in architecture 101.. jyp keep mediaplaying it until this day.. let we get new nation title for other idol actress too..

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