Kang Sora is a Healthy Beach Beauty for North Face Summer Ad Campaign

What a waste of gorgeous Kang Sora and a beautiful back setting. I’m sorely tempted to send North Face back out to redo the summer ’17 ad campaign featuring actress Kang Sora trying her best to sell active beachwear when the photography is so utterly still and devoid of spontaneity. The above picture is the only decent one of the bunch thanks to the breaking waves and Kang Sora’s pretty face showing off a glimmer of emotion. Otherwise she might as well be photoshopped into all the frozen moments of returning a beach volleyball or riding a waverunner. She’s done at least one K-drama a year since her debut but nothing is on deck for 2017 while she currently films the period bike racing moving Uhm Bok Dong with Rain. Hopefully this gives her more time to spend with her real life boyfriend Hyun Bin, even know typing that out gives me equal measure envy and happiness for this unexpected couple.


Kang Sora is a Healthy Beach Beauty for North Face Summer Ad Campaign — 14 Comments

  1. What kind of summer ad is this?! They should jump on the water and swim. Kang sora is gorgeous. Let me have your leg, girl!

  2. Kang Sora is gorgeous! She and Hyun Bin make a lovely couple. Be happy!

    The stills show her excellent proportion and you should watch the video of this photoshoot, its awesome.

  3. All the pictures are awful way too much colour you could have used a mannequin, zero emotional expression. Don’t know if its the photographer or her.

    • Excessive photoshop. She looks almost like she’s been photoshopped onto background images and the images are super 2-dimensional. They’ve put a ruler to her every body part and drawn straight lines… Which is ridiculous for sportswear, images should not be static and should show muscle tone – even if KS is thin, I’m pretty sure she has more muscle tone than those images reveal.

  4. Good god how long are her legs?! And it can’t be photoshop because they look insanely long in her dramas too, she has an incredible figure.

    I hope her next drama is successful and she gets lots of offers afterwards.

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