Upcoming MBC Sageuk A King Loves Releases Unappealing and Awkward Official Drama Posters

Good drama lordy are these two of the worst sageuk posters I’ve seen in a good long while, almost so bad as to be a parody. Now I just feel sad for A King Loves leads Im Shi Wan, Yoona, and Hong Jong Hyun, with poor Yoona being told to look serious and melancholy but coming across in the posters like a cry for help to get out of this likely disaster. Over on KBS there’s currently airing love triangle sageuk also involving a king, and somehow all the promos for Seven Days Queen have been beautifully presented. The top one looks like a sageuk version of a 90’s Calvin Klein ad, but instead of being shot in a basement with barely clad teens you have overly flowered and arrayed nobility all in a funk. And the other poster with just Yoona and Im Shi Wan doesn’t deliver an iota of potential romance despite the stalwart back hug position, these two look so mismatched I may switch my watch reason less for hoping it’ll be good and more for wanting it to be so bad it’s kinda fun.


Upcoming MBC Sageuk A King Loves Releases Unappealing and Awkward Official Drama Posters — 15 Comments

  1. Seven Days Queen has set my bar for all potential future Sageuk involving​ love triangles extremely high. Also, Lee Dong Gun is Killing it as the maniac, delusional, tyrant king by scaring me and breaking my heart simultaneously. MBC on

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      MBC on the other hand is currently winning slot with terribly written Sageuk. This will probably win in ratings. But if posters are any indication, I don’t have high hopes for any of the 3 actors and their chemistry. Yoona being the weakest link. Still, good luck and hopefully the drama can prove my intuition wrong.

      • Ruler is doing well only because of the combination of Yoo Seung Ho-Kim So Hyun. The drama is a mess! Ugh!

        These posters are quite horrid with excessive photoshop but for Siwan’s sake I hope this is actually a good drama. I’ve always found Goreyo to be more interesting than Joseon.

    • So agree with you. Lee Dong Gun breaks my heart in every episode. I just don’t have enough words of how good he is. And it kills me too that the ratings keep on dropping despite how amazing the drama is – from the storyline, directing, acting and the magnificent wardrobe, setting and cinematography.

  2. I’m kinda sad because Song Jina is actually the main writer of A King Loves and I just want to hype this drama up. However, how can I do it when the posters are indeed unappealing and awkward? Lol

    • Song Ji Na is one of the few writers that I like because she is versatile but tbh, she does not has great track record when comes to sageuk. If “The Legend” and “Faith” is any indicator, I don’t dare to put high hope on this one, coupled some more with the less stellar leads.

  3. I think this is making a fuss about nothing, posters have no relation to the quality of a drama.

    Ruler had really nice posters but turned out really underwhelming, while Rebel had hasty photoshop posters and turned out great. I would rather look at the teasers to see what it’s like. That said, I’m apprehensive about this drama.

  4. Yoona is bland. She is gorgeous to look on photos but acting she is meh, tad better than Suzy. Seven day queen is a good drama. Three leads are amazing.

  5. The back hug poster is the worse of the two I must say. Yoona looks horribly blank next to the anguish (?) look on Im Shi Wan’s face.

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