Han Hyo Joo Pretty in Pink and Blacks for Hong Kong Fashion Magazine Jessica

I’ve got a new color combo in mind for this holiday season, forget the gold and silver imma all about black and dark pink as beautifully worn by Han Hyo Joo in the latest issue of Hong Kong’s Jessica Magazine. It’s definitely a party look combo, especially the luxe dress and high patent combat boots creating the feminine and tough contrast. Not much is going on with Han Hyo Joo this year after she got a lot of screen time in last year’s uneven fantasy tinged drama W: Two Worlds. Earlier this year she filmed the movie Golden Slumber with Kang Dong Won and Yoon Kye Sang, talk about a continuing hit streak working with K-ents top male actors. The movie is slated to air later this year so maybe she’ll get more success on the big screen as she does in always delivering beautiful fashion pictorials.


Han Hyo Joo Pretty in Pink and Blacks for Hong Kong Fashion Magazine Jessica — 3 Comments

  1. She is beautiful.She looks good in this shoot.Well she always does in her fashion shoots.Sometimes she resembles song hye kyo or like they could be siblings.Their beauty gives similar auras.Now if she can only get rid of her O.O expression when she acts in dramas, or its not really O.O I cant really describe it.But like she needs to bring life to her eyes.

    SHK has the same problem too.Both are good actresses, very beautiful and their pictorials are always on point. But sometimes when you watch them act, you have to slap yourself, to remind your brain that you are not watching the blind characters in their previous roles.Its not a serious issue but i just thought i should say it.

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