Jaejoong and UEE Lead Script Reading for KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Manhole: Wonderland’s Feels


Iโ€™ve seen my share of cringe-worthy English versions of K-drama titles due to the translation bloop of language terms but this one takes the punny cake. Upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama Manhole: Wonderland’s Feels (or Manhole: Feels So Good) has got to undergo a title change, please KBS! I know tittering over manhole is so juvenile since it’s a perfectly fine definition of an opening into an underground utility access point but it’s mostly used when appended with cover, as in I tripped over the manhole cover, and solo should be used when things or oneself falls into an open one. Otherwise manhole sounds funny and now sounds even funnier and dirtier when Wonderland’s Feels or Feels So Good is added to it. Tee hee. On the upside the drama sounds fun, with a group of five neighborhood friends traveling through a manhole from past to present to stop a wedding taking place next week. Script reading took place this week with leads Jaejoong, UEE, Baro, and Jung Hye Sung.

The drama takes over the time slot from melo romance sageuk Seven Days Queen.


Jaejoong and UEE Lead Script Reading for KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Manhole: Wonderland’s Feels — 13 Comments

  1. They really should change the name of this drama, just saying. Manhole brings different connotations to native english speakers ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh my goodness, that title. But honestly, even if they remove Manhole, the other titles are still kind of questionable. Feels So Good…Wonderland Feels…

  3. That name, LOL!
    Looking forward to this drama – Jaejoong’s first since returning from the military, right?

    On a side note, UEE looks like she’s lost even more weight. ๐Ÿ™

    • The two leads look thin to an unhealthy point, what happened to them?
      Jung Hye Sung looks pretty though,…I like her a lot (she was so fun in Chief Kim) but not so much the leads, so I think I’m passing on this drama.

  4. Idol leads and a title that seems taken out of google translate SMH
    KBS already had 3 successful dramas this year, I guess they’re just having fun now lmao

  5. I’ve become so fascinated with Baro after watching Reply 1994 lately so this one’s something I’m definitely looking forward to. Hopefully they’ll still change the title because it really sounds odd and we can’t help but laugh everytime we hear it.

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