Han Ye Seul Modern Sexy for High Cut Magazine and Confirms K-drama 20th Century Boy and Girl

K-actress Han Ye Seul has always stood out as an outlier in the highly structured and insular South Korean acting community, from growing up in the US to her striking features that works either playing sultry or clueless. Her major breakout role in K-drama Fantasy Couple remains the pinnacle of using her aura perfectly, but I have a feeling her next role might also tap into the same mixture of innocence and sexy. She’s confirmed opposite Kim Ji Suk for 20th Century Boy and Girl, formerly known as No Sex and the City which is a fantastic albeit too raunchy for the K-audiences title. She’s in the current issue of High Cut magazine absolutely embodying a vision of the 20th century grown up girl, with chic voluminous bob and an envious figure draped in an array of the latest styles.

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Han Ye Seul Modern Sexy for High Cut Magazine and Confirms K-drama 20th Century Boy and Girl — 7 Comments

  1. Gorgeous pictorial and you nailed the description of her looks. She plays clueless so well yet she is also sultry. I haven’t actually watched any dramas with her, but I have heard good things about acting. What I really need to do though, is get a subscription to High Cut.

  2. Her last 2 dramas “Birth of a beauty” and “Madame antoine” were a mess in my own opinion. I liked her in “Myung Wol the spy”.

    • Well, apparently the drama’s name is ’20th century boy and girl’ hence ms Koala refering her as a ’20th century grown up girl’.

      • Well, if they are copying Sex in the City then yes, it started in 20th century (1998 apparently).

      • yup its the title of the drama. the title actually improved after a name change from no sex and the city

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