Yoon Eun Hye Posts Wind Swept and Happy Instagram Video Update

Summer is more than halfway done and soon the kids will be back to school and the final batch of 2017 K-dramas scheduled and cast. I’m still waiting patiently for K-actress Yoon Eun Hye‘s promised 2017 K-ent return, and if she ends up picking a movie then it’ll be at least 2018 until it hits the big screen. I still hope she does a drama because that’s her bread and butter, the one-two hit of Goong and Coffee Prince kick started many a K-drama addiction and remains worthy projects to keep on her forever resume. With that said, she has so much more to give, an indelible charisma and connection with the camera that hasn’t been duplicated since. She posted an instagram video update last week which is the first many have seen of her in action rather than stills, and aside from loving beautiful as ever it makes me miss the halcyon days.

Yoon Eun Hye:


Yoon Eun Hye Posts Wind Swept and Happy Instagram Video Update — 48 Comments

      • Not a problem. There are other celebrities who have worse image than hers and they are still working.

        Her not taking any dramas until she’s ready is a choice. She’s busy with church and managing her other businesses in Korea and Thailand.

        Willing to wait until she’s comfortable to go back.

  1. Most of the dramas to air in 2017 have pretty much been set with casting offers going around and some already confirmed. Still no news of her. I am not a fan of her but I enjoyed Lie To Me, so here’s hoping she will do another drama with Kang Ji Hwan.

    • i am one of yoon eun hye and kang ji hwan’s fan. yoon eun’s all lading man has chemistry with her. but one thing i notice kang ji hwan is the most has chistry with her. and except of that they really look a like their so very ok to do some kdrama together again pls. yoon eun’s favorite kdrama is the Lie to me its so very pretty story and very nices artist and characters. im begging please yoon eun hye and kang ji hwan do kdramas together again please. and i think Lie to me needs a part 2. thier wedding and family is not seen in the part1. i love them both. except to me here in my country has people wanted a lie to me kdrama. and they want a part2 too. so im begging please. -ArmieSario

  2. “Goong” was one of the first k-dramas I saw and whilst it was cheesy and had some questionable production values, it was quite good fun. I tried recently to watch the Thai re-mail and gave up after one episode.

    • I dont think Goong and Coffee Prince are the only hits on her list, actually all her drama that was aired in Korea, the tv station in my country got all of them and they have been aired no matter what those Korean ratings says. its only the Korean media who have been harsh on her, why is that country so rude on their own actors who help made their KEnt industry known all over the world, aisssh!

      • @PSophie, totally agree, My fair lady had very good ratings and was very famous in Mexico . Lie to me was one of the dramas wich toped streaming sites, and I MISS YOU was even released in Greece !

  3. She did say during one of her events that she had to decline offers for this year for that event, which was for her church.

    She found it more important.

    • Yup she said so during her church activity in Indonesia, that she declined some pretty big projects offered to her this year for her comeback, because she didn’t want to miss the church seminars in which she is invited to give her testimony especially since she was close to the Pastor.

      In her testimony, she also revealed some interesting facts about herself, that growing up, her family had financial troubles to the point that they all slept in one room, but though they used to be poor, she was happier then…she said that after her success it was hard finding true friends that she could fully trust. She also revealed that there was a time when she started drinking cause she felt so lonely, then one day she heard a voice telling her to go to church. After that incident, she found comfort in God and the church and that’s how she met Pastor John Kim and how she became a devout Christian.

      • @drewbee, if I recall correctly, there were some pepole who attended the seminar that uploaded in youtube. The Christian seminar’s name is The Kairos Movement.

      • @Mavy, I understand why she said that it’s hard to find a true friend that she can trusted since she’s being betrayed by her close friend before (that’s what I heard). Maybe that’s why she’s rarely being open to new friends.
        But all in all, reaching popularity and being famous don’t always good. Especially when it’s accomplished in such a young age (like her). It’s affected your way of life, your circle of friends, your way of thinking and your peace of mind. Following her “rocky” career all this time I’m not surprised she’s turned to religion as a comfort. It’s way better than doing drugs IMHO.

      • @Lal you are right, she said on her testimony that religion gave her the peace of mind that she’s always longed for.

      • I’m still praying that she returns. She already did some photo shoots this year. That can be a sign that she’s still interested in show business. However if in the end she does end up retiring, she will always be a legend in my book. Most of us will never achieve even half of her accomplishments. I will just have to keep re-watching goong & coffee prince until I die lol.

      • Do you really think it’s the reason. She can do both. It’s not like the church activities would last 4 months like the dramas… But what do I know?
        Personally I believe she still have offers but they might not be good enough for her or she isn’t comfortable to return yet… Using church to be an excuse isn’t really a good move though…

      • @Yen, how do you know that doing church activities is an excuse for her ? Do you know YEH personally to say that ??
        Just FYI, noone know why YEH didn’t take any acting project yet despite having said that she would making comeback this year, not even her loyal fans. Actually most of her fans disheartened by the possibility that she can’t make it this year. So seeing/reading some (non-fans) comments making “wild” assumptions upset us. You know, it’s funny that it’s the non-fans who’re making “demand” that she should taking project ASAP for whatever reason lol

      • what Christian church is Miss Yoon Eun Hye a member of?? Coz there are over 20,000 Christian denominations in the world today fyi. dont worry, Im not a heavy fantard that I should follow her Church because of her, my brains is still working to know what’s right.

      • @Yen sorry but I’ll have to disagree with you on that. YEH does not use church as an excuse she is REALLY that devoted to her faith! Some fans who went to her fanmeeting even said that at the lower part of her Cafe in korea she’s had a stage, plus chapel hall built in there where the Sunday services take place every week.
        And yes, her church events doesn’t last for months like dramas do, however, they last 1-2 weeks at a time and those events are scattered in different months. Saying that she is using church as an excuse doesn’t sit right.

        @Mavy Yes YEH did say that she gave up 2 good projects offered to her so that she could attend that seminar (i have a feeling that i know which drama project it was) but church was not the only reason why she hasn’t come back yet, she mentioned that she’s also busy managing her businesses (2 Cafe’s 1 in korea and the other in Thailand which just opened), she also teaches art to young kids on a weekly basis and is studying film directing.

        YEH also said that she is perfectly content with her life now and wouldn’t mind portraying smaller roles, if she really likes the character or can connect to it, she’d take the part in a heartbeat without a care in the world if it’s a lead part or just a small role.

    • It was a one-time event not a recurring one. Unless she wants to be a missionary or receive no other offers, I don’t think that is the reason. I wish she’d be able to keep her promise to have a comeback this year.

      • @bae, she is also a member of the Agapao ministry, that one is frequent unlike the Kairos Movement, where they tour to other countries like just recently she went to New York and Canada for that. Also every weekend she teaches kids from that ministry art.

        Some of her fans are actually sad because she’s become really obsessed with church activities, most of her friends are married to Pastors so I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up marrying one.

  4. Lol Ockoala your love for YEH is never-ending. I hope for your sake she comes back with a successful drama. Because her last hit dramas Coffee Prince and Goong were like decade ago.

    • A lot of actresses still doing dramas without any big hit under their belt . If not, we only be able to see dramas with Park Shin Hye, Song Hye Kyo, and a few of others !

  5. It does not really matter if the project a success or not but going MIA for too long is definitely not good for her career. If she expect a comeback, at least she needs to start with something. Having a memorable role even in a low-rated drama just like Lee Dong Gun in 7DQ is also a good way to kick off something. Or like Han Ye Seul who did a comeback in daytime drama.

    • I don’t remember Han Ye Seul doing a daytime drama. I may be wrong but didn’t she return with ” Birth of a beauty” ?

      • Birth of Beauty is not a prime time drama.
        I don’t have ill-feeling on YEH but it would be good if she tried branching to daytime drama or cable tv.
        She is no longer young and we know how this fickle industry works and she’s been gone for too long. She should take a leap of faith by now.

      • @ Nifffty so in wich daytime drama did she make a comeback ??? I know that a lot of people think that she ‘s blacklisted but a daytime drama ! It’s a bit harsh ! And a cable tv drama is great . Gong Yoo, Kim Sun Ah, Han Ji Min,… all did a cable drama !. I think she’s just taking her time. Acting for her is not a breadwinner since she’s a business woman ! She’ll comeback when she will feel it. And to be honest , the female roles lately are not meaty.

      • Wow…your reaction is totally OTT. Han Ye Seul did “Birth of Beauty” 3 years after her “Spy Myungwol” scandal.
        And what’s wrong with doing daytime drama? A lot of great actresses doing daytime dramas like Kim Hyun Joo, Sung Yuri, Lee Bo Young and Kim So Yun. So you think YEH is too high status to do this kind of dramas?
        The suggestion was truly well-meant and not to undermine her at all. Tbh, I couldn’t care if she is to act again or not (like you said she’s a busy businesswoman) but since she announced that she’s making a comeback this year, that is the reason tht I chip in some obviously unwelcoming suggestions as a drama fan.

      • @Nefffty , you didn’t answer . When did Han Ye Seul made a daytime drama for her comeback ? You were suggesting that if Han Ye SEul did it why not Yoon Eun Hye ? Agree with you but give me the name of this drama ? Or are you speaking about week end dramas. It’s not the same thing . I have nothing against the fact of watching YEH during 25 weeks ! I’m currently watching “my father is weird” for Jun So Min and Lee joon

    • @Niffty seeing of how happy she is on the video above I think her current situation suits her well, meaning she doesn’t need any of her comeback project being a hit or not since she’s already tasted a huge popularity before. So taking an acting project isn’t a “must” for her. IF she’s indeed taking project in the future it’s because she’s missing it (acting) or for the sake of her fans.

  6. Hope she comes back soon. Or else people are going to forget about her soon and also she is aging forward not backward. I loved her Coffee prince& Vineyard man.

  7. I believe YEH has been praying hard about God’s leading regarding her showbiz career comeback… She loves her fans and she knows she can be an inspiration to them..?

  8. Txs, ockoala, you and I and some of us on this thread, adore this woman, and realize that she’s a gift to us and does not belong to anyone, so we know that she will do whatever is best for her and her beliefs, and that we have to patiently wait for her decisions. @cahill, I too, am watching My Father is Strange for the weirdest reason… Jung So Min has always reminded me a bit of YEH, so I decided to see what JSM was in now, so enjoy Father is Strange, and I agree with you and @Lal, YEH obviously does NOT need the money, fame of attention so that she HAS to do a drama, she made a lot from her work and endorsements before and still. Bee, you are so right, no matter what she decides, she will always be a legend to me as well, none other.

    While we miss her, she needs to do what is right for her, look at Justin Bieber, so talented, so famous and rich at such a young age that he was just out of control, he recently started going to church b/c he realized LUCKILY how he would probably end up, look at Whitney Houston, called THE VOICE by the very best in the industry, she said she never wanted to be famous, it was thrust upon her and drugs took control of her, she could not handle it all. Michael Jackson, Prince etc. Money and power do not bring happiness.

    So let’s be happy for Yoon Eun Hye that she’s finding her path and guarding her soul and her beliefs. I would much rather know that she’s very happy than for her to think she needs the entertainment industry!!!

    • @emchi, @Lal don’t you find it funny that we are patiently waiting for her when those who don’t care about her are SO Worried about her comeback !

      • IKR..I think that’s because we truly like/respect her and love her work, I think some just still want to see if she’s either capable or will fail and then drag her down. Like I mentioned in a previous post here, I don’t think we have seen her best work yet…and she’s now so much more mature!!! Keeping fingers AND toes crossed for After Love release and her accepting a script anytime.

    • I agree. Lets be happy for her? i miss her but i want her to ne happy and have a peaceful life becoz i love yoon eun hye??

  9. Oh good grief, leave the woman alone…let her have a life. I just hope she succeeds and has a good life…she seems to share herself with other’s in positive ways. If she wants to act, I hope she finds a good role and knocks it outa the park.

    • I think her reputation is the least of her worries, she’s obviously contented and happy with her life right now, she doesn’t need any validation of her acting prowess since she’s the youngest recipient of Baeksang and Grimae awards and her subsequent success in Goong and Coffee Prince established her as an A lister. Only those who are envious of her success and achievements are eager for her to fall on flat on her face and are still sour graping on issues that aren’t even significant to begin with, albeit makes it a recurrent alibi to defame and troll her. Well she’s obviously contented w/ her lot in life. Good for her! you do you YEH!

  10. In my opinion, she is the greatest Korean actress. She’s very versatile in her acting. She can play any roles. Most importantly, she’s cute. Korean netizens are so harsh on her. Just a slip of the tongue, it becomes the scandal for her. Her scandal is minor but they try to make a big deal out of nothing. I’m glad that she can find her comfort in God’s hands and I totally support her decesion. Korean people don’t seem to love her. Her comeback I guess will be mostly loved by International fans. Besides, all of her projects are great but I don’t know why people just look at her 2 legendary dramas (Goong and Coffee Prince). To me, Vineyard Man, Take care of the young lady, Lie to me should deserve the same status. Maybe she could retire because she has had enough with the netizen. But to me, she is still the best.

  11. I always come here, or dramabeans, and soompi thread to know her updates. I miss this unnie so bad. I want her to be happy, but if she gonna retired, I want to watch her last project. That would be enough for me.

    It has already such a long time for me not watching kdrama bcz dramas nowadays are less interesting.

  12. Aaahhh pretty as always. I really like her, she’s my favorite korean actress, and all her kdramas are so good. I hope she gets married soon. I want her to be happy. I’m wishing her all the happiness that life has to offer. Goodluck to your future endeavors, YEH! ^^ I’ll always be your fan. :)))

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