Song Hye Kyo Updates Instagram with New Glowing Laneige CF Shot

Any new updates from Song Hye Kyo are inevitably going to get connected to her upcoming marriage to Song Joong Ki but she remains tastefully doing her day job as usual. Her latest Instagram update is a picture from an upcoming skincare brand Laneige CF shoot, all glorious lighting and enviable lineless skin that confirms just how beautiful Song Hye Kyo looks going on 20 years in the industry. She has been the face of Laneige for what seems like forever, all the more impressive in the beauty industry when spokes models are always traded down for a younger version every few years. I don’t particular like Laneige products because it doesn’t work for me but she legit makes me want to buy stuff from the brand whenever I chance upon one of their CFs with Song Hye Kyo’s glowing face tempting me to emulate her results by using the brand. Tastefully done and success achieved!


Song Hye Kyo Updates Instagram with New Glowing Laneige CF Shot — 12 Comments

  1. Really very beautiful.. her face is really ideal and I can definitely see why she is said to be one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea, I loved her in Winter That Wind Blows.. her, Lee Young Ae and Jun Ji Hyun are real beauties in Korean entertainment inndustry. Also, this is my personal opinion but Gong Hyo Jin is really beautiful too.
    Ps. Song Hye Kyo’s eyebrows are the prettiest among Korean actresses, I love it that they are arched instead of that hideous straight brow look.

  2. She is beautiful . I like her pounting lips and also her brows.He has a sexy face. I like her trendy make up also.

  3. You will be more impress seeing her in person. No photos or live cam can give justice how beautiful she is in person.

    • really? guess you have saw her in person, lucky you! can you describe to us, how does she look in person? far from the images we’ve seen in her photos and tv/movies?

  4. she is what we call a perfect face.have a peaceful and happy life my love. lucky you are seeing her in i wish i could too.

  5. Looks like she has lost some weight. All ready to be the October bride.

    Congrats! A woman is most beautiful when in love.

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