Park Min Young Still Pretty Despite Queen-sized Fashion Misfire at Drama Wrap Party for Seven Days Queen

Park Min Young just wrapped melodrama sageuk Seven Days Queen and looks remarkably rested and beautifully fresh-faced at the drama wrap party this week. On the flip side she’s dressed like she time-traveled forward to the modern era and is really the queen from Joseon because once she arrived she had no clue how to dress and put on an outfit she pulled from the neighborhood recycling box. How else to explain the pale peach top with shoulder cutouts and ruffles along the arm paired with white polyester bell bottom pants with side slits. That she still looks gorgeous in close up shots is a testament to her beaming smile and simply styled hair once the outfit is cropped from view. Seven Days Queen wasn’t a drama success but has received positive feedback for the acting so I hope Park Min Young has tacked on another successful outing to her resume.


Park Min Young Still Pretty Despite Queen-sized Fashion Misfire at Drama Wrap Party for Seven Days Queen — 25 Comments

  1. Queen for seven days is an unforgettable experience as a viewer ! It will linger in my memory for a very long time ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Watched the drama because I couldn’t find anything else to watch and I loved it. Was never a fan of Lee Dong Gun but grew to love him as an actor and his character throughout the drama.

  3. Her outfit is nice but bit too frumpy to the occasion. I mean, theyโ€™re gonna drink a lot and eat chicken drumsticks or so. Also, PMY is a case of successful plastic surgery case, she looks pretty even in these candid shots

  4. The outfit looks great! No offense koala but almost everytime you describe something as bad (clothewise) i am positive that i will think the opposite. Sometimes I feel like you only approve styles that are mainstream and safe.don’t know how to explain it, but anyways to each his own

  5. She looks so incredibly lovely, I barely noticed the outfit!

    Seven Day Queen was more low key but it was quite captivating. I’m not finished so I will just be zooming out of here before someone posts spoilers about the ending!

    • LOL, and here i am who still haven’t watch the last 2 episodes – on purpose.

      she looked lovely.

      i am one of the viewers who love the drama are disappointed with the rating but hey, it will go down as one of the best sageuks i recent time.

  6. Usually I agree with u abt attire, Ms koala. But this time I thot she dressed really nice. And she looks gorgeous.
    I made up my mind NOT to watch Seven Days Queen bcos I didn’t like the theme. Then I saw a lot of ppl praising it at Dramabeans and decided to give it a try.
    It has now become my favourite Sageuk. The character and story development is amazing. The cast and acting are amazing.

  7. pretty outfit! pretty, she is pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ her PS is so natural and her acting is so good that most viewers have accepted her looks. I like her dearly.

  8. I expected something really terrible but I think she looks fine.

    As for 7 Days Queen… this is another drama which proves to be perfect in every aspect but couldn’t bring in high ratings. It’s a gem and everyone who hasn’t watched it yet is definitely missing out.

  9. I actually quite like the top. Though pairing it up with that pants, I can see why it’s a problem. Would’ve looked nicer with jeans on instead.

  10. She looks really pretty. The outfit looks fresh and perfect for summer.
    As for Seven Day Queen, it is a lovely lovely show. Perfect in execution, writing and visuals. The main leads were all superb. Its my fave saguek atm and miss it terribly.

  11. I still cannot move on from Seven Day Queen. It was a MASTERPIECE and wonderful experience to be one of the viewers. I’m hoping that I can see her with Yeon Woo Jin next time in romcom with top notch scrip and director. If possible this year.

  12. I enjoyed seven day Queen. All 3 actors were really great. I’m glad I watched it. I didnt it wasn’t doing well? Cuz I thoroughly enjoyed it considering that I do not enjoy watching period dramas at all.

  13. Seven Day Queen was a masterpiece. Sad it wasn’t the ratings success it deserved to be but it is one of the best Korean dramas this year and my favourite sageuk. All the cast received great reviews for the performance. I think it’s the best reviews Park Min Young has ever received so I’m sure she’s happy her acting was appreciated.

    Her outfit would have been OK with either the top or the trousers but the two together are too fussy. She still looks beautiful though!

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