Pensive Kang Ha Neul for Grazia Magazine on Cusp of Military Enlistment

It’s a little over a month away for actor Kang Ha Neul‘s upcoming military enlistment on September 11, 2017, giving him time to promote his cop caper movie Midnight Runners with costar Park Seo Joon but having him drop out of upcoming drama sequel Bad Guys 2. He’s been such a hard working acting presence since his breakout role in Monstar four years ago and capitalizing on that to cement his acting presence in Misaeng as the second male lead. Even the hot mess that was Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo didn’t stop his ascendance because he’s been acting in an equal number of movies during these past four years and all have added positively to his resume and built up good will. So off to the army he’s going and with it fans will have to wait for his return in June of 2019 to see what phase 2 of his acting career will bring. For now just savor his quiet intensity in this August Grazia Magazine pictorial that brings to mind a lazy summer hanging out with a laconic good guy.


Pensive Kang Ha Neul for Grazia Magazine on Cusp of Military Enlistment — 6 Comments

  1. He is good at acting and really handsome, manly and charismatic on top of that. He’s got the whole package and his range is good too. Misaeng remains as one of the best Korean drama adaptations too. It’s a wise decision of him to enlist this year and his since he is conscripted to active duty, he will comeback two years later. So much better than a certain someone with so-so acting, unmanly plasticky looks (really, check kkuljaem 9th August 2017 post, he doesn’t even need filters to look feminine) and whatever character…

    Hopefully he will have a lead role in a drama and that drama will be a success, like Choi Jin Hyuk’s Tunnel (OCN). I’m quite surprised he hasn’t lead a drama yet, despite being good at acting, capable of showing sizzling chemistry and good looking and natural (both looks and acting).

    • LOL. Since I’ve read plenty of your comments, I know exactly whom you meant as that ‘certain someone’.

      I am quite surprised too that he has yet to be elevated to leading man status. But he has been quite prolific, juggling both dramas and movies and working with one of the best film directors in town, Lee Joon Ik and he is versatile too.

      Putting aside the always charismatic LJK, he along with HJH and KHN are the ones who gave the best performance in Moon Lovers. I wish him all the best and hoping he will return to dramaland with a newfound glory. Going to miss you, Wookie.

      • LJK and KHN are the biggest reasons alongside with HJH, who was surprisingly good (one of the better model turned actors) in Moon Lovers that I watched the Korean adaptation till the end. Otherwise I would have lost my patience ages ago. But KHN needs a leading role in a great drama asap he finishes his duty. Something like a thriller. Or pairing with Kang Sora because they had good chemistry in Misaeng. I wouldn’t mind a drama with Lim Joo Eun either.

  2. I wish him the best for the next two years. Come back and do many good dramas and movies for me to watch. KHN has lots of potential as yet unleashed.

  3. A very talented actor in my opinion…but often overshadowed. Second lead syndrome??? I have yet to see his most defining role that will elevate him to the superstardom…hopefully soon…after his military stint?

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