Lee Seung Gi Offered Hong Sisters K-drama Hwayugi Alongside Cha Seung Won

Holy three-peat goodness, if this casting comes through I’ll be soooooo happy! Still serving in the military K-star Lee Seung Gi is already fielding comeback offers even though he won’t be discharged until October. As a triple threat of acting, singing, and variety, not to mention always being so dutiful and polite in his behavior, has made this young man the nation’s son-in-law choice for many years running. His pre-enlistment acting works were unfortunately not his best, with movie Love Forecast and drama You’re All Surrounded, but that just leaves the fans even more excited for a home run outing as his discharge at bat.

Now word is out that he may be teaming up with multiple familiar faces – Lee Seung Gi agency confirmed the rumors that he has in fact received the offer to star as the male lead of Hwayugi penned by the Hong Sisters. One male lead in Cha Seung Won is already confirmed and if Lee Seung Gi accepts it will be his third working collaboration with hyung Cha Seung Won. There was the Best Love cameo and later did they YAS together, and also if Lee Seung Gi joins Hwayugi it will also reunite him with the Hong Sisters who wrote his My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Please accept my boy, based on anecdotal data this will be one of the Hong Sisters hits since their last Warm and Cozy was such a snooze dud.

I don’t think YAS did either of the male leads any favors, I didn’t particular like either of their characters and their interactions didn’t really achieve the narrative satisfaction that a collaboration between Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi could and should deliver. Here’s hoping for Hwayugi to happen where Lee Seung Gi would be playing the Monkey King character and Cha Seung Won the elder Bull Demon King of the legendary tale.


Lee Seung Gi Offered Hong Sisters K-drama Hwayugi Alongside Cha Seung Won — 48 Comments

  1. Ohh, this would be so awesome! Nearly all of the actors I like are in/going into the military right now, and LSG is my one hope for someone I know and like coming out soon. It would be awesome if he could dive straight into a new drama. Say yes, please!

  2. I wouldn’t mind, but Hong Sisters are so hit or miss (mostly miss) and LSG could probably do better than this project too and would want to be careful coming back after enlistment. CSW and LSG had great chemistry that wasn’t used well though. They also got along really well, so I could see him taking it.

  3. Now if the rumor female lead is still Park Shin Hye, I would love to see her and Lee Seung-gi together. They match well from the short appearances together in Running Man and LSG’s music videos.

  4. I don’t understand the fascination of Korea to coin term like “Nation’s Little Sister”, “Nation’s Son In Law”, “Nation’s First Love” and so on.
    Anyway, Hong’s sisters writing been pretty meh and doing adaptation on Journey to the West seems to showcase how they are so lacking of fresh ideas and losing the mojo.

  5. Hope he accepts. Though I’m worried about Hong sisters. Their last hit was The Master’s Sun. Also the female lead needs to have chemistry with both. No idols pls.

    • It should be the other way around.

      Seungi is much bigger (and better) than Bogum who is frankly strating to get a bit overrated. I still like him but not as much as I did in Hello Monster (which is still his best drama and performance).

      So happy to see Seungi coming back and a reunion with Cha Seng Won! Really hope Park Shin Hye is the female lead! Have always wanted to see them together!

      • Park Bo Gum is getting so overrated! All this hyping, when he hasn’t even showed enough range. He is really good in emotional scenes and certain types of roles like good boy and the quiet types of roles. But fangirls keep praising him like he is the best thing after bread and butter. I can think of many female actresses who get shunned and hated for ’being too similar in most of their dramas’, but since Bo Gum is a pretty man, he will get praised to heaven.

      • Bogum, talent-wise, is not overrated. He deserves all the accolades he is receiving now for talent alone. And I would daresay that acting wise LSG is not a notch higher than him although LSG has been in KENT for a longer time.
        Both can act.

      • I don’t see anything wrong with my comment though?

        My statement was not even to create a comparison between the both of them. You are taking my words way out of context here.

        I was just simply stating that since Bogum is no longer in the running, it makes sense for them to consider Seunggi because a) he’s a Hong sisters veteran b)he has worked with Cha Seungwon before so they would obviously have a good rapport and c)he will be discharged from army soon and thus will need a comeback project.

        It is not necessary to get defensive because while I get that you may be a bigger fan of Seunggi and thinks that he’s may be better than Bogum in terms of star power and skills but there will be others who may think otherwise. It is an opinion and a personal taste. You may think he’s overrated while there will be others who think that his fame is very much deserved.

        I, for one, don’t like having my words being taken out of context here because it will only create fan wars among people and I hate that. Because I’m a fan of both and I think that they are both talented and can be seen at the same pedestal. Why the need to make one be on a higher pedestal than the other? It is definitely not necessary. Seunggi definitely has more experience but that shouldn’t be a reason to disregard Bogum’s skills(further verified by the accolades he have received for his works for the past year). No one is better than the other for me. Let’s just appreciate that they are both great actors, can’t we?

      • PBG is definitely getting over hyped and over rated! And his fandom is rabid and insanely annoying.

        For those who think accolades equal talent then I would like to remind you that Kim Soo Hyun won a daesang for Producers in which he did almost no acting whatsover. Accolades are a popularity marker not a talent marker. Which is why Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun have more awards than any drama actor in the industry past or present. Most of which they don’t really deserve.

      • Funny how people argue who is better, because I find the two of them really similar in terms of image and acting skills wise.
        Bogum is frankly speaking, quite overrated. That happens to every it-boy or popular actor of the moment – their fanbase is going to be annoyingly loud. But this doesn’t mean he’s not a good actor. I’ve watched him in several dramas as supporting roles and he has shown good range. Funny how after his breakthrough he kind of disappeared from the screen already.
        As for LSG, this feels like a role he could do very well in because it kind of resembles his variety persona.

      • Park Bo Gum “hasn’t shown enough range”?

        I would say going from playing a literal serial killer to the childlike boy next door to a mischievous prince is a LOT of range to show in a span of a year, especially when most actors in his age range don’t have anything close to it.

      • Yoo Seung Ho and Kyungsoo don’t have enough range?? Are we watching the same dramas?
        Bogum is good and I haven’t heard anyone say otherwise. But he’s not as good as his fandom makes him out to be.

      • @teacakes
        PBG is good at picking excellent project. He is talented in certain types of roles and he has shown variety in a relatively short span of time. However, his fans are putting him up to pedestal. They are so loud and annoying. I can think of many actors of his age range who are more versatile and adventurous with their roles.
        @Momon and @katy, I agree with you 100%

      • Sigh. Here it is. The typical ______ is overrated arguments. Honestly, if we were to look at things that way, then i guess pretty much everyone is overrated, no?
        Song Joongki is overrated. Kim Soohyun is overrated. Lee Minho is overrated. Lee Jongsuk is overrated.
        If for girls, i guess Park Shinhye is overrated too, no? Atleast that is what some would argue.

        People are using the term overrated too easily nowadays. Like if you think the person is too popular and you happen to think they’re so-so, that automatically drops them into the ‘overrated’ category.

        You know who I think is overrated? Its Nam Joohyuk. For his ability to grab lead roles even with having minimal skills but still have buttloads of fans defending his skills. As for the girl counterpart? That would definitely be Suzy. Basically my definition of overratedness is when their skills and fame have an imbalanced ratio and are not on par.

        But of course, different people have got different tastes. And opinions are opinions.

      • PSH is absolutely NOT overrated! She’s spent 10+ years to get to this position and has STILL not one any major awards to date. She still only does minor roles in films and has only just started to have any major brand endorsements. She’s definitely earned her place amongst the oppa hallyu stars. Neither is SJK who has also struggled for a decade before getting hallyu fame from DoTS though he now has to be careful with his follow up projects.

        The rest are all definitely over rated. Even as a LMH fan I agree he has no range whatsoever and LJS did better in Pinocchio than W.

        NJH and Suzy can’t act but that doesn’t matter because they are the best looking stars of their generation and people love watching them on screen even if they can’t stand their acting. Which is why BOTWG has better ratings than Circle or Chicago Typewriter.

        PBG is definitely over hyped by a crazy fandom that’s trying to make him out to be bigger than he really is.

      • to those who replied me.

        Like I mentioned. The term ‘overrated’ is being used too easily (in fact, it has become some sort of slang to justify an unpopular opinion) and is now used to describe something that is really popular among majority of people but which you are not a fan of personally(thus my mention of all those well-loved celebrities because they are actually commonly tagged as being overrated by several people and I’m not making this up. You can search it up). All I see are just personal opinions though such as ‘A is better than B’ or ‘A’s fans are delusional’ etc and are not valid points to prove one’s ‘overratedness’.

        & to the person who mentioned about me singling Park Shinhye out, sorry if seems like I was saying that she was overrated. Unfortunately the only actress that pops into my head at the time of writing is her because people are constantly saying how overrated she is which, I would say, could be attributed to haters.

        I would argue that sometimes it’s just the part and parcel of fame. If a person were to get a lot of attention and his/her work experience is seen to be imbalanced with the attention he/she is getting, it is very easy to perceive them as being overrated. It is honestly a psychological thing. It is very natural for a person to feel more obligated to support someone who is successful enough to be widely recognized but not necessarily well-known among others. And as for those who are really successful and for their achievements to be plastered all over, there is tendency for people to somehow discredit that especially if you’re not a fan in the first place because you felt that their popularity is too ‘in-your-face’ and the feeling of being ‘shoved down your throat’ is hard to ignore as the majority are constantly trying to remind you how good the person is. Totally understandable. Especially if they have a fanbase that is very outspoken and can at times be obnoxious. Therefore highlighting that external factors (such as fans) too can be a cause for indifference and not necessarily because the actors’ skills are not up to your standards. But somehow some tend to make that as a justification to call out on a person’s ‘overratedness’.

        Personally I feel that the term ‘overrated’ is overrated. Pun is totally intentional. It is too overused and being used too loosely without much thought just because it suits the opinion a person may have on the person they are commenting on. Sorry to say, but I believe no one well-loved is overrated. Especially if they have been receiving positive feedbacks for their craft. It doesn’t make sense. It’s either you like them or you don’t. An opinion is not a verification of them being overrated. You can prove if you don’t like something but you can’t prove something to be overrated.

        I feel like the term is slowly losing it’s meaning. It is not like his skills are absolutely terrible that he don’t deserve the attention. Sure we all have differing opinions on what is good and what is bad but I think the general consensus here is that he’s definitely not a terrible actor. So why can’t he get praised for a job well-done when he is deserving of it especially for someone who hasn’t been in the industry for long? So what makes a person be over-praised? Why should there be limitations on how you are being valued and complimented?

        BUT if you were to use the term ‘overhyped’ though, then I would definitely agree. He’s being publicized too much by the media and in the danger of being too overexposed. However, his overexposure is not solely based on his acting skills alone though(though it does take up a percentage), there are other factors to consider in regards to his fame which includes his real-life personality as well as, of course, those who are into his good looks. Is he deserving of the hype though? I don’t know. For some yes but for some no. I would say though that he is definitely overhyped but that shouldn’t be a cause to discredit his skills as an actor.

    • Lol nobody thinks NJH and Suzy are good though. People only acknowledge them for their visuals and bash them to death for their acting; and rightfully so.

      • @SYR Kim Soo Hyun is overrated, he got a daesang from Producers only because of popularity. Laughable. Lee Min Ho is overrated too, he started snatching all those top excellence award since BOF when his acting has remained the same throughout. Ridiculous. Lee Jong Suk is super overrated, he got a daesang for W (mbc) and his fangirls keep putting him up to pedestal when he is okay at acting at his best, not to even mention his plasticky looks. Not even funny. Nam Joo Hyuk is suuuuuper~ overrated by I-FANS, yes all those WFKBJ shipper fans, thinking he is the hottest actor, while sensible i-fans and most Korean drama viewers call him out for his atrocious acting.
        Song Joong Ki is good, he is versatile and has taken different roles over the year, but he needs to be careful in the future to avoid Battleship Island -like situations.Anyone who has watched his performance in Werewolf Boy and Nice Guy wouldn’t say his acting is overrated.
        It’s funny how you mention only Park Shin Hye from actresses. So is she the only popular actress that has reached the same kind of fame and following as most of these male stars you mentioned? That’s quite a feat I have to admit. To me she isn’t diverse enough, but the way I see it, she hasn’t won daesangs or major acting awards (not popularity awards, I don’t give damn about them anyway) to be compared to Kim Soo Hyun level of overratedness.
        Suzy gets shit on for her acting all the time by many Korean viewers and i-fans but she is ’pretty’ and idol and ’nation’s first love’ and those have carried her. She is overrated though, for winning that excellent actress award for her role in Gu Family Book.

      • Sorry for chipping in but it really isn’t the actor/actresses fault that they have many fans. Maybe, it’s their respective fandoms that you don’t like but I am happy for them for being so popular. They are all gorgeous looking stars. Some are more lucky than others but me being a fan of PSH has seen how hard she has worked throughout these years and she hasn’t won any major acting awards as yet such as ‘Baeksang’ awards. I think as audiences we can easily brush aside the hard work these stars initially put in.

      • PSH has slogged for her success and it took her over a decade to reach here same with SJK. Can’t say the same for PBG. He got too famous too fast and is now on the verge of pulling a Real like Kim Soo Hyun did by constantly rejecting projects.

      • @Abc, that’s why I wouldn’t say that PSH is overrated as SYR suggested. I don’t follow her closely but it seems she wants to slowly try different roles and in a way she is clever in her career moves. All popular actors have certain amount of annoying fans but right now I’m suffering from Park Bo Gum fatigue solely because of his fans and overexposure on the media.
        @some, I really do hope PBG won’t pull a Real because the reviews have been dismal…

      • Some I-netz think they know best. PSH debut 14 years ago and out of all those examples @SYR listed PSH has debut the longest. She also had a blip in her career, pre-YAB days when everyone else in her uni year (such as Go Ara, Kim Bum, Kim So-run) was getting contracts left right and centre she was doubting whether she would ever act again. However, all those male actors listed maybe apart from LMH (when he had his car crash) and now KSH (with ‘Real’), has had a straight line surge in their careers. I’m not saying their ‘over-rated’ but their careers are much more smoother compared to PSH.

      • PSH really had a difficult time and even when she peaks it’s not without endless criticism. And there are plenty of actors in the 93 line who are deserving of the popularity like YSH who is the best actor of his generation but never seem to attract the attention of rabid fans who exist to boost popularity which is why they don’t get better opportunities.

    • @SYR thank you for explaining. Now that you opened up the phenomenon of considering something or someone overrated, I kind of agree. My problem is with their loud fangirls most likely…

  6. I’ll watch any drama when Lee seung gi is in it ??? what an amazing actor.. And there’s Cha seung won. Hope this time the writers will not waste the amazing chemistry of CSW AND LSG.

  7. Man, I want him in a good drama and Hong sisters have been meh lately, but I want Seung Gi/Seung Won reunion because their chemistry is great and Hong sisters dramas are fun so we’re bound to have a lot of fun bts.
    I just wish Seung Gi will star in a good scripted and successful drama be it this one or another one. That’s the only wish a fan who waited since 2014 has.

  8. I knew it! But after PBG refused this, I’m pretty apprehensive about this drama. Maybe it’s badly written and I don’t want him to return in a bad project after the compliments he got for choosing active duty. The female lead is also rumored to be Park Shin Hye and that girl, even though she’s talented, is a hit and miss chemistry-wise, so I think it’s better for him not to rush.

    • Seung gi and Shin Hye have a great chemistry, if you just see his mv for his japanese singles “Alone in Love” and “Because we’re friends”.
      I also have doubts about the script seeing PBG rejecting it, but a lot of actors rejected King 2 Hearts and it’s one of the best dramas out there.
      For my opinion, I want to see him with Moon Geun Young. *-*

      • Me too! I’ve been shipping them since their MV and am seriously hoping they take it on!

        Hong Sisters still write good drama’s from time to time but I have a feeling in this drama the cast is what will make the script come alive and not vice versa. Please PSH & LSG for this drama!

    • PBG might have rejected it because the role feels similar to his previous dramas.
      Although I still have doubts about the Hong sisters… they have written many of my fave rom-coms. I shall pray to God they don’t waste a stellar cast.

  9. PURE AWESOME! This is the kind of happy Kdrama news that can sustain me for a week! Please let this happen, pretty please!

  10. I loved You’re all Surrounded, and I thought it was LSG best acting to date, but I know I’m in the minority with that one. I’m not a fan of the Hong Sisters so not feeling so sure about this.

  11. Like the way he acts, like the way he looks, and I have a suspicion that if I ever got to know him, I would like him as a friend. Any drama will do as a welcome home gift to his fans!

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