Song Joong Ki Overtakes Gong Yoo in August Advertising Poll Results with Ji Chang Wook in Third Place

Oh what a heavily promoted movie and a stunning engagement surprise can do for a career, but luckily the star in question has the acting chops to back up the resurgent popularity. The tally is out by the Korean Advertising Association and the most popular male CF stars for this August result shows Song Joong Ki back on top in the number 1 spot, while long running number 1 placeholder Gong Yoo drops to number 2 after a long defense, and coming in third as a perfect going away to the military sendoff is Ji Chang Wook.  That Gong Yoo is still in the top three is a testament to how popular his 2016 acting projects Train to Busan and Goblin were, whereas Song Joong Ki had hit movie Battleship Island premiere last month in July and Ji Chang Wook recently finished decently rated K-drama Suspicious Partner

After the Song Joong Ki, Gong Yoo, and Ji Chang Wook top three trifecta, coming in #4 is Ryu Jun Yeol also with hit movie A Taxi Driver, Park Seo Joon in #5 after cute rom-com drama Fight My Way and movie Midnight Runners, veteran actor Lee Sung Min in 6th and Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun in 7th with both in the wide-panned movie Real, Kang Ha Neul with Midnight Runners in the 8th spot, and rounding out the top ten is Namgong Min currently in drama Falsify at 9 and entertainer Baek Jung Won in 10th place.


Song Joong Ki Overtakes Gong Yoo in August Advertising Poll Results with Ji Chang Wook in Third Place — 13 Comments

    • Lee Min Ho isn ‘t hot stuff in Korea. He even below Eric’s rank in this list.
      His last drama had good ratings but less vibe too.

    • Lee Min Hoo’s acting is mediocre. Even K-netz write that he is Gu Jun Pyo again. He is not bad at acting per se, but not great either. Also, he might be good looking but the industry is full of good looking actors. LOTBS did well because months of promotions, star writer and Jun Ji Hyun working with MLFAS writer. It had a really high budget but ended up getting less viewer ratings and popularity than Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim or Doctors. Even Jealousy Incarnate, which had less ratings, got praised more than LOTBS. Lee Min Hoo’s Bounty Hunter was a flop, and even when he was the lead in Gangnam Blues, Kim Rae Won once again proved why he is such an excellent actor. Lee Min Who’s bad acting only got highlighted. Lee Min Who is so irrelevant nowadays, the highlight of his career was City Hunter, but everybody remembers him as Gu Jun Pyo or Kim Tan. He even got overshadowed by Kim Woo Bin in Heirs and nowadays Park Hyung Sik is visually and acting-wise better than LMH. Only his Chinese, South-American, or Arab fans think he is relevant. Suzy’s boyfriend lost his momentum and unless his acting skills magically get better and he starts choosing actually demanding characters and better dramas or movies, I don’t think he can rise anymore…

      • well LMH is quite bad in LOTBS. i can’t believe this is the same actor who make a good performances in gangnam blues. might be it’s about taking a decent project to arise your potential.

      • Lol the hate is intense for idiot prettyautumn.
        Lee Min Ho is the greatest… unlike Pussy Suzy.
        Eat your heart out, Lee Min Ho will always be Hallyu King.

      • As expected comment from a Stan of soft porn king Kim Soo Hyun.
        Shameless movie Real, shameless soft prince scenes, and a shameless Stan.

  1. I have watch battleship Island today and really abit dissapointed with the first half of the movie, what with too much out of place humor in which distracting to the whole athmosphere? I think they rely on too much exposition to drive the story which take me out of the movie to feel each character. though the second half they pick it up abit. but overall but the acting is quite solid with Hwang Jung Min become a star. it’s amusing though Song Jong Ki is gaining popularity even more through Battleship Island because his role is really small. So Ji Sub has more real char in that movie than him. but overall he brought his character. well it’s just my impression, excuse me if some watch ers don’t agree with me. can’t wait to watch a taxi driver which hit the box office exceed battleship island.

  2. Surprised that Kim Soo Hyun’s even on that list after his Real flop. I guess his fame from MLFAS and Secretly, Greatly are hard carrying him. I’m delighted to see Kang Ha Neul on that list. His acting is good, he is good looking and totally deserves to be a lead in drama. He has already made a name in the movies.

  3. This is off topic. I love JCW as an actor. But dude, please wear less BB cream. JCW looks fantastic and his face glows more naturally in the Healer than all the other dramas or CFs since then.

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