Signs of Closeness Evident Between Dating Stars Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol Since Answer Me 1988 Filming Days

This new K-ent dating couple allows a fan favorite alternate drama ship to sail and plenty of “I told you so” from their fans. I think Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol were adorable together in Answer Me 1988 even though narratively I was a hundred billion percent on the Park Bo Gum ship. Everyone has their preferences and since it’s a fictional tale that’s fine and dandy, but in real life I’m thrilled this young couple has found each other in the wild world of Korean entertainment and seem to be quite happy together judging from their bundled up Han River date from back in March snapped by Dispatch. A look back at their interactions from the filming of AM1988 onward confirm that they’ve always been quite comfortable and closer than usual costars, and in hind sight perhaps all the signs were there in bold flashing neon that most just glossed over. If Ryu Jun Yeol is anything like his AM1988 character then holy moly Hyeri is one lucky girl, and frankly so is he because from all accounts she’s quite sweet in real life.


Signs of Closeness Evident Between Dating Stars Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol Since Answer Me 1988 Filming Days — 18 Comments

  1. As somebody who watched Answer Me 1988 way after it aired I never experienced the fanwars and I always considered the on screen developement of the Deok Soo and Taek and therefore her moving on from the unrequited crush as organic.

    As for the real couple: I’m very happy for them and I hope they can date without any shippers – from either side – of the past making it difficult for them. 🙂

  2. All these drama couples that became real this year will make me so suspicious towards future onscreen couples. Usually I rewatch a drama when I love it, but now I might have to do that to look at ”evidence” lol. I might have to stop judging shippers too. Some of them are beyond delusional, but others are obviously quite right.

    • You can judge those shippers who go wayyyy overboard even if the ship seems legit. Like those shippers who keep making edits and tagging the stars instagrams so non-shippers when they search for those tags, have to see silly shipping…

      • Ugh whenever I see shippers tag celebrities on instagram I feel the urge to cut off their internet. You can ship without being rude and invasive, when will these people learn basic manners? And the edits are just embarrassing. I already gave up looking at my favorites’ tags.

  3. Sorry for being the spoilsport, but I can see they are eventually going to break up considering Hyeri is so young. If anything, this is going to be hard for the people who liked the original otp from the drama, like for now. But after for example 10 years maybe everyone can watch it on a clean slate. Speaking for only myself though.

  4. *For me* it seems like Hyeri was aiming for Bogum at first you can see a lot of videos where u can see hyeri try to get flirty with Bogum (or maybe JH too) but Bogum not interested in her that way at some videos you can see he try to not skinship with her. But they all still hang as friends and I gues JH was interested in her after the drama and eventually win her heart. But seriously if Bogum was interested in hyeri, hyeri would have hook up with BG instead initially. I just say in my opinion no bashing pls. Lol or maybe I was wrong all along maybe hyeri only interested in older guys.

    • Hyeri only interested in older guys. She isn’t interested in younger, boyish looking flower boys most likely. She was chummy with Bogum because she can show friendship publicly, but not dating. If she was interested in Bogum, she wouldn’t have showed her chumminess so publicly.

    • no offense but you really sound like one of those PBG/KYJ shippers. mostly are really annoying. I hope im very much wrong thou.

      • Ewww who on earth is a Bo Gum-Yoo Jung shipper? That girl was literally a minor when filming Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Now that you said that, this Taro really does sound like a delulu Bogum fan or a Moonlight shipper lol

      • There are tons of Bogum/Yoo Jung shippers sadly. It’s honestly really gross. She’s a child.

    • I think Bogum and Hyeri are super close friends for sure. Though Hyeri isn’t interested in cute young guys like prettautumn said lol. And no, in most videos he was the one hugging her or trying to do skinship. But they were just friends. She was never interested in him like that.

  5. I give this couple at most 1 year of the relationship…pressure is too high as a celebrity couple in korea… you lose fans, cf , endorsements and many more

    • hmmm… but RJY is not a pretty face who gets lots of CF offers… His fans admire his acting not his looks… I think you are in the wrong field pal… If you worry about Hyeri, she is not that hot… I think RJY is a keeper! He’s got talent 🙂 chill…

      • I hope you right shipper so pray hard!…I just read about Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk break up. too bad as they started off as good friends..

      • I am not a shipper, not even their fans…. hahaha… I just think normal dating is great. They are just regular people… NJH & LSK are more attractive than “regular people”, so they can attract more “flies” definitely ??

  6. OMG YESSSS! I shipped them so hard in AM1998. Super sad she went for Taek (but I could totally understand it from a narrative perspective)

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