Weightlifting Fairy Dating Costars Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung Confirm Breakup

Sigh, it sucks to have one happy dating news followed by one sad breakup news in the same week, especially since both sets of romances were the on set reel to real drama fan shipping types. Cult favorite K-drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo leads Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung have confirmed their breakup after about 6 months of dating, not terribly surprising since they are both still quite young and also quite busy with their acting careers to juggle an early stage relationship that requires a lot of nurturing to maintain.

I’m sure both will be just fine and their mutual agency YG Entertainment announced that the couple will go back to being senior-junior at work. Since their drama had so many ardent fans who loved their onscreen romance that will always remain to rewatch and it’s okay their real life relationship didn’t work out since they were never their Weightlifting Fairy characters to begin with. Good luck to both in future endeavors whether love or work, it’s hard to grow up in the limelight.


Weightlifting Fairy Dating Costars Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung Confirm Breakup — 21 Comments

  1. wow that was fast,what could have happened to break them apart considering they know each other well since they were friends first before dating each other.

    i was expecting it but not this fast,i am surprised.wish them better luck next time.

  2. Reminds me of a blind item someone posted in a forum, that says a couple has not really confirmed their dating status but admitted to the rumors after they were discovered by dispatch. Hopefully both can remain good friends.

  3. Public relationships always break up with the same excuses; too busy to meet up. I’m sad they didn’t last longer but I knew it was bound to happen. Public scrutiny is really bad for any relationship and it needs a very strong foundation to withstand it. Hope the new Reply 1988 couple can last.

  4. I will just qute what someone said elsewhere earlier. Because I think she summarised it best;

    Its not surprising.Nothing wrong with either of them or both as a pair.They made a good couple.But the shippers took things too far with their shipping.They harassed the pair on their instagram accounts.You guys should have seen how they were nagging both lee sung kyung and nam joo hyuk on their insa accounts.

    Moon Chae Won was insulted when she was first cast in botwg.They said she was not good enough for Nam Joo Hyuk.Shin Se Kyung was shredded to pieces as soon as she was cast with NJH.Of course parrtly due to her past acting controversies.But even before the drama aired.The hype for the drama on international social media platforms like facebook, instagram, etc was overshadowed with comments and memes of LSK.So childish and disrespectful.If you ask me.No wonder they (NJH-SSK) didnt click chemistry wise.Imagine how sorry he must have felt towards her even during the fist few rehearsals.

    If this continued for too long.Actresses around NJH’s age would have been reluctant to work with him in the near future.Because aint nobody have time to be dealing with insecure petty shippers.No amount of money is worth peace of mind.

    • Actually Moon Chae Won was harassed by songx2 shippers when she was casted for botwg first. They went as far as to Photoshop her photos to poke fun at her looks, said she has strabismus (crossed eyes) and is too ugly for the role so they tagged tvN to cast someone else for Nam Joo Hyuk. I heard Shin Se Kyung just lost her grandmother the poor girl is probably going through so much right now but these psychopaths are harassing her with hate comments on her instagram man I hope she disables the comments so she doesn’t have to read them anymore but I don’t want her to shut down her instagram like what happened with Moon Chae Won !

      • By all accounts, we can say moon chae won dodged a bullet.She is much better acting with fellow elite actors and production like she is doing in ‘criminal minds’.She looks so pretty in there too even with minimal makeup.

        People can be really nasty..yikes.poor shin se kyung.

      • Why would Song song shippers care about MCW and Bride of the Water God? Don’t be so delusional. These NamLee Shippers need to grow up. They are going wild around the internet.

      • @me

        Vang isn’t delusional as those who posted those toxic stuffs were indeed songs shippers. Always same group of people. Maybe should instead ask why they care? As it got nothing to do with song2. Basically, in general obsessed shippers are toxic.

    • The craziest part is that all three actresses MCW, SSK and JHB are all from Namoo Actors. The MC must have a big headache dealing with crazy shippers. Just check Namoo Actors’ IG’s posts..some of those crazy songsong shippers went there to post craps. Like??? And don’t start with JHB and SSK.

    • Overrated drama by i-fans, nothing special. It had many, many things that I consider iffy. The only reason why people loved it was the otp lol.

      • Lol the first episode I found the actress not convincing at all as a weight lifter. I mean really ? They just cut her hair in a weird Remi-sans-famille way to “uglyfy” her, puleasee ! The drama relied a lot on fanservice. I give them that

      • @Sirey, Exactly. The script writer was probably on crack. That writer made Joon Hyung call Bok Joo fatty and ugly and that her eyes were weird ugly (Come on! We all know how beautiful LSK’s eyes are). Bok Joo was supposed to have self esteem issues and battle with her body image and femininity. I couldn’t take that shitz seriously because of the casting. They made LSK wear lumpy paddings under her trousers and wear baggier clothes, but it was all too obvious. They couldn’t actually cast a heavy framed and non-conventionally beautiful actress but they cast a model who conforms to all beauty standards. And she was called fatty and ugly all the time lol.

  5. 🙂
    They are both young in their twenties, career oriented and at their prime. People date and break up all the time. I’m kinda happy they broke up because namlee shippers are annoying, delusional and pathetic. They have harassed LSK and NJH since wfkbj aired, always commenting their damned swag and Messi and then hordes of them kept commenting about their partners when their posts had nothing to do with them. That’s already a lot of annoying factors for a break up. Busy schedule is a just a common phrase they use when releasing break up news. Obviously they don’t owe the public any explanation about THEIR relationship, but shippers are already acting entitled and acting like world has ended. The worst is, how they kept mentioning LSK in botwg videos snd how they kept attacking SSK. Quite frankly, shippers might have put too much pressure on them. The outcome was predictable too. I didn’t see them getting married and having kids but their delusional shippers kept pushing it way too far by their ‘You better stay together’ bullshit. I bet half of their insta followers are those dumb wfkbj shippers anyway. This is why many celebrities prefer to keep their dating life private.

  6. lately, shippers have been really shaddy. it makes me wonder if they’ve been like this before? ofc there has been a few ones but its too bold lately. especially on IG. first songsong shippers made MCW to close her IG. namlee keeps harassing SSK. hhj/ljs shippers calling PSH bad names. not to mention moonlovers shippers and poor JHB. its getting out of hands really. so painfull to witness. I feel bad for actresses 🙁

    • I feel bad for the actresses too and every time the victim is a female. I truly hope those delusional attackers are not just females themselves but, it is most likely so. Why do they think they have the right to demand how someone live their life is beyond me however, there is also the mentality that these actresses are privileged and famous so they have to take this burden. They are all hiding behind a hidden name on the internet so they attack like a bunch of crazy deluded hyenas.

      • Not only that those shippers are female. But half of them are ahjummas with kids. It’s beyond me when reading their nasty posts. It makes me feels so depressed thinking that there are too many toxic people exist in this world.

    • NamLee shippers are the worst shippers on this entire k-drama fandom. They have no regard of LSK or NJH. They have no consideration for SSK or, in fact, any other NJH’s co-stars. They just want LSK and NJH to fulfill their sick fantasies, as if these people were not human beings with emotions at all. For long, I used to think that Moonlover shippers were the absolute worst, because they kept harassing IU after she broke up and then they started name calling and hating on Jeon Hye Bin. But NamLee shippers are really something else. SongSong shippers were the most annoying, not because their ship was wrong or, but because of their nasty behavior to others. HHJ-LJS shippers have indeed attacked PSH and so has We Got Married couple Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun ’’Goguma’’ shippers. To be fair, many MinShiners have been really terrible to Suzy and many YongShiners have been terrible to Lee Min Hoe and Lee Jongsuk ( no complains here whatsoever 🙂 ). Seo Hyun Jin and Eric shippers were attacking Eric’s girlfriend (now wife) too. As conclusion, delusional and entitled shippers, who have no regard of these people and only want to have their borderline disturbed fantasies for them, should be avoided by any cost. They are the worse. I was maddened when I read on SSK’s instagram how some delusional idiot wrote that SSK is a slut because she had a sex role in couple of movies (Five Senses of Eros, Tazza: God’s hand) and that LSK is better because of that. And that comment had actually multiple likes. The biggest victims have always been female actresses. This is why I perfectly understand why some celebrities much rather keep their love lives private, because these rabid shippers would start hating their significant others and then hate them.

    • You guys really need to stop blaming MCW closing her IG on SS shippers. Yes, both sides were nasty to each other (with MCW fans demanding SHK delete SJK pictures from her IG as well), but she was obviously going through a tough time and posted all sorts of weird lost love poems before deleting her IG. Had nothing to do with shippers. They get thousands of comments for every post. Those shipper comments were not that huge in the long run.

      • I have a feeling that you are ‘mel’ who posted a similar comment here on KPG last year and calling MCW for being ‘weird’ for posting some philosophical quotes/poems and people already replied that it’s not about her being ‘weird’ or that she had a ‘tough’ time (as she always known to shared many philosophy thoughts for years and bet you know nothing about this?) but it reflects on your own character. From here, we already can see the shippers’ mindset, one of the examples here and that’s not pretty one.

      • And let me add about closing the IG. It’s due to delusional shippers who posted rubbish on her IG esp those who had never paid attentions to her IG in the past until the shippers fiasco and jumping on the conclusion just exactly like you did that made people believe that she closed her IG.

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