Ethan Ruan and Yang Mi Exhibit Smoldering Chemistry in First Drama Stills for Legend of Fuyao

I can’t believe I’m already perched to jump ship from the Ye Hua-Bai Qian forever sailing into happily ever after barge. But while Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms remains perfection life goes on and one needs to look forward to new projects to come and none are more visually enticing than period C-drama Legend of Fuyao (Empress Fuyao) thanks to the casting of leads Yang Mi with Ethan Ruan. I feel like I’m cheating on Mark to ship MiMi with Ethan but I can’t help it when they look so intense and gorgeous in the first drama stills alone, and Ethan is someone who always brings it onscreen when he’s paired with the right leading lady to elicit all his burning intensity. Fuyao won’t air until early 2018 which is fine by me, giving me a long lead time to savor all the goodies coming from the production set.


Ethan Ruan and Yang Mi Exhibit Smoldering Chemistry in First Drama Stills for Legend of Fuyao — 16 Comments

  1. Can’t wait for the drama to see YM/Ethan banter ?His wuji character is so shameless and charming lolz and I hope they keep Master Yuanbao his white furball pet but I doubt it..

    • I think we will have Master Yuanbao. He even has his own weibo account LOL
      And I read some parts of the novel. He is indeed shameless. It will be fun haha

      • oh Master Yuanboa has his on weibo that’s funny lolz. I want to see YM/fuyao first meeting with him they are hilarious together in the book. If they do have him YM is moving from snake to white rodent furball…haha…

    • YH and BQ is my untouchable ship.
      But I’m excited for this next ship too LOL
      Sorry Mark, but you better jump to another drama with YM soon. Stop being picky! You are the best together 😛

    • Mark is very picky in dramas. It has to be very good script or role for him.
      But I do wish he and YM will have another drama together. They have the best chemistry out of all their partners

  2. I can root for YM for the role of heroine. The third still down of her in blue-red mixed dress really fits the description in the novel. I can expect her to make Queen FuYao alive on screen. But to be frank, the actor doesn’t look irresistibly handsome as the writer describes. Perhaps he is a good actor so that he will make up with his performance in the drama.

    • @ Drama2017:

      Ethan Ruan is not that handsome, but he is a very good actor. He won Taiwan’s Golden Horse award in 2010. He was very good in “Faded To Love You” drama. It’s one of Taiwan’s top rating dramas of all time.

    • I think he is good looking though he isn’t a pretty face. More importantly he can act.
      YM has been good at picking her costars recently from HX, Mark to Ethan.
      I’m not counting Tao since I heard that project is a trade-off for Hunan and Tao just has lucky ride to pair with YM

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