Fan Bing Bing Earns C-netizens Ire for Being Fully Covered From Sun During Variety Show Outdoor Segments

This is one amusing kerfluffle involving China’s top movie actress Fan Bing Bing and C-netizens with nothing better to do. Fan Bing Bing was a guest on a variety show this week similar to Infinity Challenge and for the outdoor events she hilariously participated while completely covered up head to toe, at one point only her forehead was showing. C-netizens were annoyed at her sun-blocking ensemble and groused that the producers invited her on for her star power but being so wrapped up to the point of incognito they might as well have substituted her with a rando on the street. Point taken, but then again Fan Bing Bing’s most famous beauty attribute is her porcelain white flawless skin so for her to be covered from the sun’s UV rays while doing outdoor activities is totally expected and frankly this made the news more than if she were dressed normally for the outdoors, so win for Ms. Fan once again. And thanks for the added entertainment value.


Fan Bing Bing Earns C-netizens Ire for Being Fully Covered From Sun During Variety Show Outdoor Segments — 34 Comments

  1. The obsession with white skin is so out of hand that it’s looking ridiculous. Don’t tell me it’s about anti-aging or whatever, this is about class and aspiring to look “high born”. So embarrasing.

    • Its called Western colonial mentality. Some of these Asians cant accept their real skin color and look up to their foreign colonial masters that they had to bleached their skin so they can look Caucasians, tsk,tsk, poor mentality, still in bondage and slavery, no freedom!

      • It’s not called the Western colonial mentality >.>
        Asians have a variety of skin colors. They don’t have to “look like Caucasians” when some of them are naturally born pale. If you go back to the history annals of China you would see that the ideal beauty back then was fair skin or porcelain skin, which often connote paler looking skin. Got nothing to do with Western or foreign stuff.

  2. This is too ridiculous. Not cool Fan Bing Bing, not cool at all. Sunscreen is just enough, she went way overboard.

  3. Absolutely ridiculous… so turned off by her how could someone go overboard like that all in the name of maintaining white skin… I’m in disbelief… unbelievable…

  4. Most Asians love the super white skin look. What is wrong with a tan in the sunlight with good sunblock…. Lack of Vitamin D.

  5. Never liked pale looking faces, too transparent. I will never understand why Asians dislike the sun kissed tan skin, it’s so beautiful. Pale skin..too haunting.

      • tan skin and skin pigmentation are two different things, right?
        Why do someone has to hate tan skin? tan skin is good…skin pigmentation is bad.

  6. How does she even film movies if she can’t go outside? lol I know pretty people are vain but this is over the top. Does she never go out? That kind of life is really no fun.

    • Agreed. So many people in China and around the world are living in poverty and struggling to just put food on the table and survive, to see a celebrity get so fussy with blocking the sun from their skin is ridiculous.

  7. Never commented here before but thought I will once. It looks funny really but who we are to judge without full knowing the reason. I myself developed sun sensitivity mid 30 after having children. Despite liking being tanned my face turn leopard like with dark patches all over my face which I try to “fix” by going to facials for acid peels throught the year. It is quite strong and concealers wont conceal it.And believe me I wear SPF50 all the time! There is no way for me to stay away from sun due to going to park with kids and other commitments but sometimes I think I would not mind wearing a face cover as it frustrates me a lot and more so people always commenting and asking whether I have liver problems or other health issues.

  8. Yoo Jae Seok has done the same thing although not as extreme. Some people have (more) concerns for the effects of UV. I get that she doesn’t look attractive wearing all those protective gears, but this isn’t something important.

      • I know of his skin issue, but even if we don’t know Fan Bing Bing’s reasons for covering herself like that, I still don’t agree with the criticism. From the pictures, she looked like she did part in the show.

  9. Wow, I can’t believe some of the comments here. We don’t even know the real reason why she covered up, just that she did for whatever reason (maybe she just doesn’t like to be exposed to the sun) and that she has paler skin than most, yet people here started reaching already. As long as she did her part in the show, it shouldn’t even matter how she dressed as long as she’s not hurting anybody. I don’t even get the uproar over her covering up. I will still watch my faves dressed in a mascot costume geeking out or pranking strangers as long as I know it’s them in that costume, because you know, it’s still them. Whatever’s on the outside shouldn’t even matter that much.

  10. As some prefer to look tanned or even obsess with it then there are those who prefer white skin like her. Its not a matter of her aspiring to look more high born or anything. If she is comfortable in her own skin then who are we to judge her and said anything. It’s not like she ridiculed those who have darker skin color and uplifting herself as the better one for having white skin. But what I can see definitely is people ridiculing her for being white skin and trying to keep it that way. Sigh people really got nothing better to do than judging people for no apparent reason -_-

  11. What’s wrong with covering up and avoiding the sun? There are many circumstances where people cannot be exposed to too much sun. I myself had taken medications before which require me to avoid the sun like plague. And stop shaming white skin, otherwise you are no different from those who look down on black and tan skin. People should be allowed to prefer whatever skin color they want as long as they don’t enforce the idea that the other colors are negative.

    • I’ve tried posting this comment a few times but it doesn’t show up (so sorry for the spam if it does!)

      I agree, I don’t really see anything wrong. I have pale skin too and after years of not protecting my skin well enough, my cheeks + some other areas are completely blotchy and discoloured. (If you’re white af like me, you don’t go tan, you get sunburnt)
      I mean she is going to extreme lengths to protect herself from the sun compared to others but it’s her body, so it’s her choice after all? Or does that not apply to Fan Bing Bing?

    • In that case she shouldn’t do an outdoor programme. If this was a woman in a hijab people would be yelling oppression and talking about the health damages due to lack of sun etc. Some amount of sun is needed which in modern society is lacking giving rise to all the Vitamin D pill popping. And no one cares if you have white or black skin, its when you start becoming too precious about it that people comment.

      • Lorh why shouldn she done any outdoor program? As long as she is covered enough to protect herself from sun then there’s nothing wrong to enjoy any outdoor program as long as she didnt feel inconvenient with that kind of activity. Stop dragging hijab issue over here its not worth it. For me as woman who wears hijab as long as we do it honestly and for the right reason then there’s no need to care so much about others condemning about it. We do it because we want so no need to feel downgraded when others said otherwise.

  12. Totally expected from Fan Bing Bing to do this. A bit annoyed but funny like hell. For those who is feeling “outrageous” and “not cool”, BE REAL. An artist to protect their appearance is the same as protecting their “pot of rice”, those who don’t is never gonna make as much dough as Fan Bing Bing.Btw, I am a Zhao Wei ‘ fan.

  13. For those saying that she might fave some skin condition, sunscreen is actually enough. If she has a rare disease, such as porphyria, then she shouldn’t be able to participate outdoor activities. It’s obvious that she is trying to avoid tanning. Sunscreen only blocks UV rays, but it does NOT prevent tanning.

    As a female celebrity in China, worshiped for her looks (particularly her porcelain milky skin), it’s understandable that she wants to protect her looks and that she doesn’t want to get ridiculed by the media and spectators for changing in appearance.

    I just don’t find it cool at all. As if shunning the signs of living and strict beauty standards don’t already affect regular people, those young girls and women who may look up to her. I still like her, but she lost some points in my eyes for doing this. I just prefer the cool types of celebs, who don’t care too much for these trivial matters and know how to enjoy life without all the fuss.

  14. She looks freaking ridiculous, I’m getting second hand embarassment and can understand why the netizens thought the same.

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