Netizens Dig Up Ryu Jun Yeol’s Adorable Grousing During Youth Over Flowers that Park Bo Gum Stole His Wife in Answer Me 1988

I loved Answer Me 1988 but was never in the shipping wars, nor did I become a rabid Ryu Jun Yeol fan afterwards as many folks I know did. He did a fantastic job playing a truly well written role but I didn’t parlay that beyond the drama, but many of his fans got to continue getting to know him as he segued from AM1988 into reality show Youth Over Flowers. The cast had three AM1988 male leads including Park Bo Gum and Go Kyung Pyo, and one particular off hand remark has additional subtext now in light of Ryu Jun Yeol’s confirmation that he’s dating AM1988 female lead Hyeri. When the cast landed in Africa, Ryu Jun Yeol went to buy sim cards for Go Kyung Pyo and Ahn Jae Hong, and when asked if he shouldn’t also buy one for Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol replied “He even stole my wife, so I have to also buy his sim card for him?” That comment might have seemed like rubbing salt in the wounds of Ryu Jun Yeol fans who shipped him with Hyeri’s character in the drama but now feels like he lost the battle but won the war. So happy for the young lovebirds!

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Netizens Dig Up Ryu Jun Yeol’s Adorable Grousing During Youth Over Flowers that Park Bo Gum Stole His Wife in Answer Me 1988 — 7 Comments

  1. I still haven’t watched AM88 (keep forgetting) but I’m a bit more inspired to after seeing these pics and hearing about the real life romance. I especially adore that second picture, they are so cute and look like they are genuinely good friends. I need to check out this reality show from these pics too!

  2. I really like to watch Ryu Jun Yeol in Youth Over Flowers. He’s very interesting ! When Park Bo Gum is cute but so… clumsy. I mean he missed his plane, was arrested by the police, broke the car…

  3. I’m glad I watched R88 just recently. In fact I was right in the middle of the series, all prepared for the coming angst already knowing RYJ wouldn’t be the husband, when news broke that they’re dating! Talk about perfect timing.. Although I was still scarred during his confession scene in Episode 18..

    • I forgot to mention, thanks for posting about him, Koala. There’s not very much to read about him lately other than the dating news and the awesome box office for ATD. I wish he signs up for a new drama soon.

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