Marie Claire Korea Frames Pregnant Jeon Ji Hyun in Fabulous Fall Close-ups

To remain one of Korea’s top actresses and popular stars for two decades is quite a feat and while Jeon Ji Hyun is not the only one to do so she has pulled it off with seemingly effortless success. But digging into her interviews in the past shows a self-aware and quietly confident star who shares the hard work it takes to keep herself in top shape and continue to churn out successful projects along with getting married at the right time and starting a family that will soon expand to four. Summer pictorials are typically bright and airy but with fall right around the corner it’s nice for a preview to set the mood with Jeon Ji Hyun’s latest Marie Claire Korea jewelry pictorial, all close ups to hide her pregnancy and focusing on her ability to model delicate accessory pieces like she woke up and everything falls into place. She keeps being goals as a reminder that if we want to be the best version of ourselves it requires hard work behind the scenes to look effortless in front of it.


Marie Claire Korea Frames Pregnant Jeon Ji Hyun in Fabulous Fall Close-ups — 8 Comments

  1. Pregnant women are the most beautiful in my opinion.. I hope she’ll do a magazine cover featuring her pregnancy….

  2. Why do many korean actresses have mole on their nose? Like jeon ji hyun, ha ga in, go so young, kim hee sun, park soo jin… . all of them were considered beautiful… at first when I noticed it on jjh during my sassy girl days, I thought she would be really beautiful if she doesn’t have the mole on her nose haha… but now, I find it quite charming and can’ t imagine her without the mole haha…. its just that why many of them have it… are they natural??? Haha…

  3. as you said she remained long in the ent business, but not just because of hardwork also because she has the thick face with all the fakery, gossips and intrigue, and also network connections, duh anybody knows that. also, most of her leading men were hot popular idol actors, try pair her with less popular actors then we can all come back to tell if her magic is really at works, picking sure win projects, not up for the challenge, see connections again. that’s not admirable I think.

    • ….are you trying to say Cha Tae Hyun was a ‘hot popular idol actor’ when they did My Sassy Girl?

      She’s had smash hit projects from her late teens through to her thirties and is one of the few women to ever headline a movie that pulled in 10 million viewers in Korea, you just sound drunk and stupid. Go sleep it off.

  4. @PDiana it seems you hated JJH that much. What do you mean gossips and intrigue, are sure you’re talking about her? What, network connections, do you have any proof/evidence? I’m a big fan of her and I don’t even know that.Really???? If you don’t like her, it’s ok, but you don’t have any right to talk nonsense about her.

    • @Erika seems like a jealous fan of another actress ahahahhaha…so bitter about our Bias, @PDiana, if u dont know… jjh have many failed projects too haha…

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