First Teaser Brings the Airy Romance for Upcoming SBS Drama Temperature of Love

I’m so super duper excited for upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Temperature of Love, the first time in a long time for the network to do a straight up modern rom-com in that time slot since Lie to Me. Plus Falsify is so dark and SBS has been alternating dark tense dramas this year with Defendant and Whisper I’m so ready for something bright and warm to transition into fall on an uplifting note. Temperature of Love stars Seo Hyun Jin with rising young actor Yang Se Jong, with Kim Jae Wook and Jo Boa rounding out the main cast as the second leads. Screenwriter Ha Myung Hee of High Society managed to write a drama where the second leads stole the show so I as long as Kim Jae Wook plays an interesting and likable character that’s all I’ll need to devour this drama alongside whatever main stage romance unfolds with the two leads. The first teaser is out and the mood is so gloriously cafe romance-esque, with the incredibly lighting and the looks shooting every which way.

Teaser for Temperature of Love:


First Teaser Brings the Airy Romance for Upcoming SBS Drama Temperature of Love — 11 Comments

  1. SBS logic is pretty simple. Seo Hyun Jin last drama in that time slot is a hit. Seo Hyun Jin last rom com is a hit. That writer last drama in that time slot is a hit.

    Hit + Hit + Hit = Mega Hit

    • SBS really doesn’t take chances. They could go wrong too. They invested so much in Legend of The Blue Sea, hit writer + hit actress coming back after My Love From The Star mega hit + hit actor comeback after super hit Heirs. Turns out, they didn’t get that back from ratings and even non promoted, less invested dramas took a major lead. At least Temperature of Love seems like a drama with less investments, albeit with quality actors.

  2. I like Kim Jae Wook. Excited to watch him after that stellar turn in “Voice” But Seo Hyun Jin annoyed me to the core. Her turn in “Another Oh Hae Young” really gave me a nightmare.

  3. Both Kim jae Wook ang Jo Bo Ah deserve to be first leads in a drama. Both of them are extremely good looking and good at acting.

  4. Oh dear Kim Jae Wook second lead! How can such a good looking actor with good acting chops and experience be casted as second lead??!! Its cruel.

    Not sure he will even find some love and comfort from the second leading lady. Arghhhhhhh.

  5. If anyone here has seen this writers previous projects you will know she writes better second male lead roles than her first male lead so I am pretty sure KJW’s character is gonna shine.

  6. Everyone’s swooning over guys here, but for me I’m anticipating Seo Hyun Jin the most and idgaf about the male leads >_>

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