Ha Ji Won is a Pretty Fish Out of Water Among Costars at the Hospital Ship Press Conference

The press conference for premiering this week Wed-Thurs MBC K-drama Hospital Ship went off without a hitch, if one was looking for a very young college professor proudly introducing her graduating class of seniors to enter the real world. I love Ha Ji Won to pieces but she’s looking so fish out of water in real life next to her drama costars Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Seo Won, Kim In Shik, and Minah.

Looks like Wang Ji Won‘s role is even smaller because I don’t even see her at this press conference otherwise the two kickass type Ji Won’s can go off and make their own Thelma and Louise type drama in a better casting option. With that said, real life visuals and chemistry isn’t always a make or break transition to the screen so I’m hoping the noona with all her dongsaeng at sea vibes translates suitably into whatever character relationships are narratively developed and I can also sit back cruising to interesting medical cases.


Ha Ji Won is a Pretty Fish Out of Water Among Costars at the Hospital Ship Press Conference — 24 Comments

  1. She looks so out of place with the rest of the babies. I’m afraid I don’t have any good feelings about this drama.

  2. I love Ha Just Won but she looks older than the whole cast. She is beautiful and has age magnificently but she just looks out of place with this cast.

  3. I don’t understand the casting for main couple lead! Ha Ji Won is 39 years old, while Kang Min Hyuk is only 26! More than a decade different. Hard to believe kdrama trend these day. Definitely is not something to looking forward to ?

    • If ha ji won was a guy would it seem okay to you? Women shouldn’t be viewed by their age… ha ji won is known to create chemistry with any actor she works with so I’m totally rooting for her

  4. Age is a number, we never can know if the actors will have chemistry or not. It’s not about age but characters of people. For me, one of the best couple of 2017 was in Suspicious Partner and there is 8 years between them…

    • Yoo ah in and Kimhee ae chemistry in a secret love affair is explosive though and they have an age gap of almost two decades. I think I should be more worried in the storyline than the age gap and chemistry.

  5. I don’t have a good feeling about this drama. I also don’t understand why my beloved Ha Ji Won decided to do it also. The only reason that I could figured out is medical theme drama is always very popular in Korea. As for me, I dislike medical drama so much but I tuned in and truly enjoying “Live Up To Your Name” because it is refreshing to showcase both sides of scientific and traditional medical practices and Kim Nam Gil’s performance is beyond superb. I think I am going to pass this show despite how much I miss HJW.

  6. if only this drama was more like gokusen in the sense that she becomes their mentor and leads them to the good path, then it might work. she looks so much older than the other actors. not that she looks old for her age, it’s just the rest are so young and looks really young, especially lee seo won who can still pass for a high school student.

  7. ha ji won looks youthful in these pics.there is nothing wrong for her to be older than her male costar ten years plus when it happens for male leads in dramas.

    i am disappointed that these comments are coming from presumably mostly females.what this drama needs is a well written one,competently directed,well acted with chemistry between the leads which is achievable considering the talent of ha ji won.

    wish the team best of luck.

    • Unfortunately women are always judged harsher then men. There wouldn’t be a fraction of these negative comments if the lead was a men surrounded by pretty young girls. I’m not a huge Ha Ji Won fan, and was indifferent to the drama, but now I want it to be rating hit.
      O, and more power to Ha Ji Won for getting her own reversed harem, full of pretty young faces.

      • Exactly and it’s not like she and her last actor costar pulled off chemistry. Not dissing either….chemistry is a funny thing so I’ll wait and see. With more dramas not getting picked up, it’s not like international fans have as many options.

    • Most aren’t slamming this because of the age difference. They’re worried because her co-star is an idol actor with little experience and too little proof of his skills. Besides, I’ve seen plenty slamming ahjusshi-young girl pairings already so this is not solely about the age gap.

  8. I’m actually interested in the drama after watching all the teasers and long previews.
    i don’t get all this negativity even before the drama starts.
    i hope ha ji won and minhyuk can have good chemistry, the drama to be awesome so that people can stop complaining

  9. oh gosh.. this already looks like a shipwreck. What’s happening to Ha Ji Won? I really hope for her sake that Hospital Ship will get decent ratings. Now that she has law suit worries too. She took too many missteps in managing her career…

  10. remember Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae? THey were making out so often and have bigger age gap than this couple. i have faith in Ha Ji Won and i just dont count her last project becoz the actor isnt very good.

  11. I’m rooting for HJW and the drama an hope it’s good! She has the brightest smile out of the whole cast here so she is obviously more than happy with her decision to star in this drama. She has such a genuine smile, love it.

    Anyway I’ll be watching to support, can’t wait!!!

  12. now i wonder how these few people who said the lead’s age gap is pretty alarming..
    HA JI WON slaying chemistry along with physics with her 2 leading men lmao..
    and the drama is freaking dope..

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