Legend of Fuyao Releases OTP Drama Stills with Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan for Chinese Valentine’s Day

This Monday August 28th is Chinese Valentine’s Day, annually the 7th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar when the weaver girl and the cow herder boy meet in the Milky Way. C-dramas are having a field day sharing new OTP stills either for currently airing dramas or even ones that are still filming. All my attention is on fantasy period drama Legend of Fuyao with Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan and the first official OTP stills dropped today with the lovebirds in royal garb sharing a tender moment. I’m so feeling their chemistry, it radiates from the stills with the way they look at each other, alternately playful and warm. I still love all of Yang Mi’s looks for Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms while this drama has a Tang dynasty vibe in her latest look.

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Legend of Fuyao Releases OTP Drama Stills with Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan for Chinese Valentine’s Day — 7 Comments

    • ROFL…Fuyao & Wuji going to give YH/BQ a runner… it will be Master YuanBao vs A-Li as well hahahaha… Can’t wait to see still of Master YuanBao…

  1. I am reading the novel thanks to a kind person who is translating it. At the moment there is much fun, action and little romance. Wondering how it will be translated in a good drama.

  2. This drama portrait five countries which control by Megrez Empire which is also a powerful country. Yang Mi portrait her role very well as Fuyao. Every country has it own story which is also equivalent to one drama series. Anyway I love this drama so much.

  3. done watching the drama but OMG it was a great piece,fuyao’s beauty is on point all the way,and then wuji’s looks mesmerised me they really looked good with each other,thanx for the great ending cz mist Asian movies end sooooo very baaad like killing the main actors eg princess weiyung,empress ki they were nice but gave me a sad ending which ain’t nice,meanwhile loved the last kiss shared in the last scene while in firmament it was legit compared to the first ones best wishes

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