Filming Begins on Joseon Zombie Thriller Movie Outbreak with Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun

Filming has commenced for next summer’s sure to be high profile popcorn flick Outbreak (Rage), a zombies in Joseon era movie that one ups Train to Busan by having not just one heartthrob but two. Outbreak stars Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun, with Kim Joo Hyuk even doing a cameo appearance so just pile on the leading men please. Hyun Bin is a Joseon prince being held hostage in Qing dynasty China who also happens to be an expert swordsman so he’s called back to Joseon when the need arises to tackle a dark and dangerous threat as citizens have turned into animalistic monsters. The director and screenwriter both worked with Hyun Bin on his last movie Confidential Assignment which was a major box office hit for both so their repeat collaboration makes total sense. I’d love to see Binnie do a Gong Yoo with full on action rather than his more court themed last period movie Fatal Encounter.


Filming Begins on Joseon Zombie Thriller Movie Outbreak with Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun — 5 Comments

  1. Hyun Bin is looking so fine! More handsome with age haha.

    Besides Jang Dong Gun and Kim Joo Hyuk, notice from the pictures the cast includes two credible actresses as well, Seo Ji Hye and Lee Sun Bin.

    Hope the movie turns out good.

  2. Jang Dong Gun, after all these years he’s still the most handsome korean to me. Nice to know they are doing a movie together, two good friends enjoying working wishes to them.^^ I really like these two guys…no scandals around them so far…very good at taking care of themselves..

  3. Why are the cast so few, is this a period movie or a joke? Dont tell us they are going to CGI all the zombies?, hayys what’s happening with the movie world, it’s all about zombies. Have seen zombies on airplane, zombies on train, have yet to see zombies on Caribbean Cruise lmao.

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