Yoona Lovely in Three Fall Looks for September Issue of Allure Korea

I wouldn’t chalk up the lackluster ratings of sageuk drama A King’s Love to leading lady Yoona but for me she definitely didn’t help bolster more reasons to keep watching. She hasn’t dispelled the general opinion that she’s not suited for period dramas whether Korean sageuk or Chinese wuxia, her lanky modern feminine beauty makes her look easy to break onscreen and oftentimes the flowing period attire wears her rather than the other way around. But in the same vein she really pulls off modern wear when the outfit drapes beautifully rather than overly emphasizing her lithe frame. Her latest pictorial for Allure Korea contrasts three very different fall outfits – casual chic, trench coat cool and structured uniform edgy. I love it all and hope she finds a way to harness her best qualities rather than stretching beyond her comfort zone.


Yoona Lovely in Three Fall Looks for September Issue of Allure Korea — 34 Comments

  1. Have you even watced the drama Ms.Koala? Please take some time to see it first before making a comment on her. I myself didn’t like her on k2, but she’s quite promising here. Also rating success doesn’t always mean the drama is good, quality wise, I’m sure you know that too. TKL is nothing like conventional sageuks and it keeps breaking the norms for KDramas. I do think yoona is lot better than Suzy, so please don’t just write her off, because of how you feel about her, or the rating. It has been getting 6.5-7% which isn’t that bad if you see the rating numbers these days. Seven day queen also had same numbers, and still people praised it. So why discriminate here.

    • Judging by the article content, Ms. Koala hasn’t watched The King Loves. Even I thought she was pretty bad in The K2 but surprisingly she is quite good in The King Loves. While it isn’t comparable to Seven Days Queen in terms of quality, the lackluster numbers clearly aren’t Yoona’s fault.

    • 👍🏾 for this comment. A lot of people who are blasting Yoona for her acting in The King Loves clearly have not even bothered to watch the drama and are basing it on her past work or the extremely painful to watch, K2. I myself had no expectations whatsoever when I started to watch the drama, since I’d been burnt badly by K2.

      But Yoona shines brightly in this drama and is by no means a weak link. Her subtle acting is on point while the plot defies the conventional love triangle many are used to, which, I suspect is another reason for its middling ratings. I liked Seven Day Queen well enough, but I am infinitely fascinated by this drama and want to see where the writers will take the characters as at this point, it is still unpredictable.

      On another note, she looks elegant in the period costumes of the drama, I don’t care for her looks in this photoshoot, though. I think the outfits don’t suit her.

      • Koala is loosing credibility day by day. Even though I’m not fan of Yoona but I think she was quiet good and I think her features are not that modern. Her face fits with korean traditional standards of beauty. Surprising thing is koala never criticize Suzy and some other idols in similiar vein.

  2. The King Loves is so meh. There’s nothing standout in the drama except Hong Jong Hyun who by far given the most impressive performance. Both Yoona and ISW are so lackluster and forgettable.

    • I agree, HJH is the scene stealer in this drama and I am glad he is getting a chance in the spotlight. I expected a more from ISW, but maybe it’s just his character in this drama. I think Yoona has improved, but her acting is still meh… Not bad, but not standout either. As for the story, I really don’t like this ambiguous love line – especially when this drama is half over. Depending on what ship you’re on, things can be interpreted differently. But I wish it was clearly spelled out for viewers.

  3. I don’t think I’ve written anything nice about Yoona before and certainly not a fan. My comments on her probably made me look more like an anti-fan than anything else.

    I found her terrible in K2, not as bad as Ji Chang Wook but only because her role didn’t demand much from her. I saw her in stills from some C drama and concluded that she doesn’t suit period dramas. The Chinese actresses are usually very stunning so it just made her look worse.

    On a whim, I decided to watch The King Loves. I have no problem with Im Si Wan, having liked him in Misaeng. I did think he and Yoona looked incredibly stiff in the posters though. However, Si Wan is even better in this show than Misaeng. Very nuanced and none of those over the top acting like the ones in Moon Lovers. I remember Hong Jong Hyun in that show and it wasn’t a good impression. He was far from the worse but only because the acting was all round bad. I am shocked by the HJH in The King Loves. I never knew he had it in him to play such a character and he’s proving to be a very worthy contender for viewers’ hearts. Last but not least, Yoona. I still think she doesn’t look as beautiful as desired in saeguk but she’s actually good here. Her lankiness and lack of curves made her tomboyish character very believable. She’s definitely hitting the right notes.

    Someone called this an idol saeguk but IMO it is far better than other idol saeguks.

  4. Lol all these rabid Yoona fangilrs tearing into Koala just because she doesn’t think Yoona is suited for period dramas! Ssshhhhh, calm down children. It’s just an opinion on the internet. Some people have different opinions from you. Surprising, isn’t it?

    • @bubbles ditto! These delulu Yoona fans here flooding the comments and bashing Koala lolololol. Yoona is stiff actress and she didn’t improve a bit. Yoona fans live in their delusions thinking her acting is praiseworthy or has gotten better lol.

    • Please can we not have so many dramas where the leads are idol+idol, such as this drama and Manhole. Please pair idol+actor/actress. It is so much better.

      • I’d rather idol+idol than idol+actor/actress because idol fans can stick to their idol dramas and people who appreciate good acting won’t have to suffer from a good actor/actress being paired with a shitty idol when a good actor/actress could have been pared with him or her. Actor/actress + actor/actress is the ideal. Script writer Kim Soo Hyun is great for wanting good actors to play her roles, I salute her for turning down even big names (like Han Ga In), when they don’t have what it requires to play her characters.

      • I agree with you. Good actor+good actress is the best but, if no choice idol+ good actor/actress makes the drama more watchable for me.

    • ROFL ‘Yoona fangirl’.😂
      I never really cared about Yoona but this doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to criticize a judgement passed on her which I consider un-fair.
      By the way it’s not always about being ‘fan’ or ‘anti-fan’.😌

  5. I don’t get it. Did miss koala write something in this article a comparison between yoona and suzy? Or any other actress/ idol?
    Please get a fact before bashing someone

  6. I watch this drama and tbh I couldn’t continue because she’s so stiff and her face expressions are so awkward and awful. I found yoona so beautiful during her cb with snsd, but got some trouble watching her face in any drama. She doesn’t represent the beauty of modern or any sageuk so it’s kinda waste. Even sejeong in school 2017 act better than her sunbae. Devastated.
    In conclusion, if yoona is a man , I recommend her to go to army. Sigh , she’s a girl

    • Sunnyshine & Krystal93 are the same person. Looking at the same purple icon (therefore same IP address) hahaha, you’re such a hater. You just exposed yourself LMAOOOOO.

  7. Oooh look at the Yoona haters coming now. If you say that she is stiff here, then it’s crystal clear you haven’t watched the drama at all. LAWL. try harder.

    • I’ve watched from Love Rain, Prime minister & I, K2 and now The King loves and she was, is and remains stiff. Her expressions are uncomfortable and unnatural and she is not just lead worthy actress. Sorry if she is your bias but she should just star in Chinese dramas since they apparently ”love continental goddess’’ YoonA and other bad idol actors so much. I don’t even know why I even started watching her dramas since she has made no improvement and I end up dropping her dramas towards the end because her acting becomes so bad towards the end. Idol fans sure know to defend garbage acting, don’t they?

      • Really? We haven’t watched the same dramas then. Coz she is far from stiff in The King Loves (which I am currently watching) and Prime Minister & I (w/c is her only other drama that I watched and completed, lol, seems you watched more of her dramas than I did). She’s not the best actress, but she is not “stiff” either. You can prolly call her awkward, at times, but “stiff” is certainly not the adjective I would use, especially in TKIL, where she has amazing chemistry w/ both Hong Jong Hyun and Im Si Wan, and where she’s displayed a wide breadth of emotions.

        Also, please don’t insult Chinese dramas by implying that, in general, they are of lower quality than Korean dramas. Such comment reeks of ignorance. There are bad dramas both in China and Korea, and good dramas, too.

        I don’t care if there is constructive criticism about her acting; I’m not a blind fan. But I would not tolerate spewing general hate just because she is Yoona. Fine, you do not enjoy her acting. But the fact remains that I do, and it seems a lot of people recognize how well she is doing in TKIL as well.

        I don’t defend garbage acting. I express an opinion. And I call out people who use different usernames (but use the same IP) to spew hate. That was the hater I was referring to, btw.

    • Her acting was ok in the prime minister and I. But she was dull, very stifffffffffffff and trying too hard in TKL. I don’t get the hype about her so called ‘beauty’ either. I have nothing against her but I hope in the future directors/producers/scriptwriter won’t be bothered to cast her in drama, such a waste of role. But hey, she got snsd fans that will backup and support her no matter what so………. Hope for her forever success with snsd so that she won’t even think to be an ‘actress’

  8. I thought she was really good as Anna. Anna as a role is not great but that didn’t mean her acting was bad. I thought she did the best of what she could with Anna and come off pretty decent.

    TKIL so far hit and miss for me. Acting wise, Siwan and Yoona are better. HJH has improved a lot but I think a lot of it is because the character is stiff. All three have great chemistry though together but from a role perspective, Yoona and and HJH was casted right but I think Siwan even with excellent acting is not the right actor for this role.

    Being smaller than the female lead and the huge costumes on him, it was awkward to watch. But I am going to finish the drama, it is quite fun at the start but the plot holes are starting to show.

    I thought Yoona looked great as EUN SAN but I do agree her face is very modern. It tends to distract sometimes from what is going on in the drama. Saguek beauty from what I have seen in comments from the past is like Moon Chae Won type ? Round face?

    People talking about comparing it to 7 days, I think everyone has their preference.

  9. Every lackluster ratings blame it all on female lead, Yoona? Seriously?

    Spray the hate all you want, you just make it obvious to the point that other people who’s not even a fan of Yoona but watch her drama notice what you’ve done. This is so tiring. Anyway I don’t really get it what’s wrong with her acting in K2 that some drag her so hard or just same old shit trying to spray negative comment everywhere. Frankly I think she’s doing decent there yep thank to Song Yoon-ah.

    This site become more and more disappointing. Sigh

    • Did you even read the article? She said upfront she wouldn’t blame Yoona, but that Yoona didn’t help the drama either. What is up with these rabid fans?

      We have eyes. Her “improved” acting does not make her good. Yoona is not a good actress. She is a VERY blah actress.

  10. Naloloka ako sa inyo. Magsitulugan na nga kayo. Juice ko Lord. Heal them! Especially koala. She/he needs it badly.

    Though, business wise it’s all good. The more click, the merrier. She’ll be happier in the end.

  11. Yoona really looks lackluster in sageuk clothings. I’ve been a big fan of her visuals in her earlier days but she looks gaunt and… weird here (no offence). I think Yoona should stick to modern dramas for now.

    No comments about acting since I know nothing about it, but the drama is enjoyable for me. Can see why Korean viewers do not like it though, since it defies everything a traditional saeguk for them. TKL reminds me of Chinese historical romances instead.

  12. To me Yoona is not that pretty but I like her acting in several of her dramas like prime minister and I, love rain.Tkl is actually a really good show. I wasn’t really a fan of K2 but I that was because the plot was wierd and the direction of the show was bad nothing to do with the actors.

  13. Yoona’s acting has definitely improved. I have watched so far 24 episodes but find the story too dragging and I’m starting to lose interest. Agreed with most viewer, Hong Jong Hyun is the stealer of the show. I drop this halfway and maybe to continue after I finished my Chinese drama Princess Agents… swooning…

  14. I think her acting is good in The King Loves and she has chemistry with the two actors. The story has kept me interested and I want to see how it will end. I thought she was ok in The Prime Minister and I.

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