Lee Seung Gi’s Agency Denies Hilarious Rumor That He Has a Secret Twin Sister

While it’s increasingly true in this day and age that there is no bad publicity and nothing is worse than not be covered by the media, this really is not bad in any way and so hilarious it has to be seen to be believed. Actor-singer-variety star Lee Seung Gi is readying for his military discharge come October and all eyes are on what drama/movie/variety or all three he’s going to take on, and it doesn’t hurt to have more articles written about him to stoke the fire for his impending return.

I’ve heard of secret girlfriend/wife/baby but a secret twin sister rumor is a first for me – Lee Seung Gi is embroiled in a fast moving gossip that he has a secret twin sister and she’s been secreted away for likely nefarious reasons. His agency swiftly denied that Lee Seung Gi has a twin sister at all (duh), and posits that the rumor which spread because of the dissemination of a picture of a girl wearing a hanbok who looked like Lee Seung Gi’s female doppleganger could have been photoshopped. That’s likely but there also could be a girl version of Seung Gi out there just by happenstance and not his twin sister. Either way I’ll never be able to unsee female Seung Gi, check out the side-by-side photos below.


Lee Seung Gi’s Agency Denies Hilarious Rumor That He Has a Secret Twin Sister — 5 Comments

  1. yoona and seung gi’s articles next to each other . hope they will get back together after he comes back . i need real life couple worthy to ship

  2. How does this random type of news start.. Someone just sees the picture and without any context wonders if it’s a hidden twin?? Lol I don’t get it.

  3. okay…LOLOLOLOL

    I know that picture! It’s one my friend photoshopped, when we know seunggi has a sister and he said that she is much a resemblance of him! The original one is clearly photoshopped, good job for someone who hone it very smoothly!

  4. He has a sister, a younger one and he said she looks like him, but a female (pretty) version of him, his face -as baby-ish as it looks- still is of a man. That said, I’m looking forward to the next stupid rumor they make about him.

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