So Ji Sub in Talks for March 2018 K-drama See You Again

K-actor So Ji Sub is pretty consistent on his K-drama schedule, he’s picky rather than prolific but does do a drama on a every few year basis. His most memorable work in the last decade has to be The Master’s Sun and his followup Oh My Venus was like a loaf of unrisen dough that never became more than it’s solid ingredients. He was part of the leading cast ensemble in the hit summer movie Battleship Island so 2017 is a win for him, and looking forward to 2018 there’s word from production insiders that he’s in talks to star in the March KBS Wed-Thurs K-drama See You Again, which sounds like a melo romance from the title but could be a thriller hidden in there as well. The drama is slated to follow Black Knight, which I wrote about earlier as a fantasy romance spawning centuries from the screenwriter of Unkind Women.

See You Again is from the screenwriter of Oh My Venus, so it’s a reunion with So Ji Sub, and hopefully her second K-drama is leaps and bounds better than her debut work. Directing is the PD of Big and House of Bluebird.


So Ji Sub in Talks for March 2018 K-drama See You Again — 27 Comments

  1. Don’t do it! Oh My Venus still one of the worst ever KDramas that ever produced. So Ji Sub was outstanding in Phantom and Master’s Sun, he deserves better roles.

  2. I think SJS already accepted this offer. He hinted something like this in recent interviews.
    OMV was a horrible mess but I’ve a feeling that writer will do good job with mello. It’ll be a fine work.

    • I think you had in mind the movie “Be With You (2018)” where So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin will be working together. For KBS new drama there is not much information. I want to hear more about this drama to see if I will be watching it or not.

  3. Good thing I watched OMV before finding out so many people hated it, as I would’ve skipped it thinking it was a horrible show. You guys are being a bit too harsh on the show IMO. I, for one, loved it.

    • I loved OMV, too! What’s with the negative comments on here about that show? I thought it really good and loved the acting of all the characters….especially So Ji Sub!

  4. I agree, I really liked Oh My Venus!! Maybe not in my top 20 but I stil thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Of course, SJS could just stand around and look swoony for 16 hours and I would be content!!!❤️❤️

  5. I thought Oh My Venus was ok but nothing spectacular.

    Definitely about 4 episodes too long. I’d probably give this a go just for SJS.

  6. Oh My Venus was not so good because there wasn’t a story. All was about the main couple. And even if SJS and SMA are really good, they couldn’t hold the drama alone.

  7. Please oppa, don’t. You deserves better, this plot sounds horrible and mess (maybe this earlier to judge) idk, lets wait & see..

  8. I watched Oh My Venus and enjoyed it. It’s like going to a candy store with every episode. From the leads to the side characters, they were all so sweet. I always had a smile on my face.

    But yes, the story was…. what story?

    I will agree, if the casts were different, I probably wouldn’t have watched it.

  9. i too am not pleased with the combo but so ji sub can do no wrong in my books so i will be watching this if he signs and hopefully the writer can emulate strong woman and woman of dignity writer and hit daebak after a lukewarm debut.

  10. So ji sub saranghaeyo…. Im hoping you have a come back drama again with unnie gong hyu jin please… I really really really love.. “The Master’s sun” … Super duper I love it… You have a very good chemistry with gong hyu jin.. And I hope you’ll both realize that you guys are meant to be together in real life… Please marry gong hyu jin.. She’s the best girl for you…. Jebal ?????? you guys is perfect to each other…. Please oppa curt unnie gong hyu jin… Same as song song couple… That have a fairy tale lovestory …still not the end you can still curt unnie coz she’s single I think… Jebal

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