1st Look Magazine Delivers Gorgeous Hyeri in Venice Pictorial

I’m not a Hyeri fan but am absolutely a fan of well-executed fashion pictorials where the location is highlighted and the model integral and engaging. That’s the cast with the recent September issue of 1st Look pictorial featuring idol-actress Hyeri in Venice. The Italian city is one of the most beautiful locales in the word and instantly recognizable with its iconic canals and architecture. Even the color palate is unique and this 1st Look shoot does such a great job of putting the viewer through the pages into stepping into Venice. Hyeri has never looked better, this hairstyle and color frames her face with such brightness and the subtle bangs finally do the right job in making her forehead seem less huge. It doesn’t hurt that the world now knows she’s dating actor and her drama costar Ryu Jun Yeol, having a smexy boyfriend doesn’t hurt at all and noticeably adds that glowing woman in love aura.


1st Look Magazine Delivers Gorgeous Hyeri in Venice Pictorial — 12 Comments

    • LOL. I love that you mentioned beautiful Venice instead of Hyeri. I don’t find her a good actress at all. Her performance in Reply 1998 is mediocre and only not appearing so flawed because of the ensemble castings full of talented actors.

  1. Her nose has changed… She’s really lucky to have been in reply88. And that one variety show where she did her aegyo. Before that, she was only known as Tony Ahn’s girlfriend. She certainly upgraded from there, her status, boyfriend and looks all are upgraded.

    • She’s no different from any other idol-actress who lucked into an acting project that succeeded despite their limited abilities but she could be worse. I mean, Reply 1988 was a decent performance from her.

      • Yeah.. one hit project and a lot of company mediaplay after that and they get CF deals after CF deals, thus more visibility and then people have this illusion that they’re some top actors or actresses when in fact they just lucked out and are just a bubble. But even if their bubble bursts very hard, like Suzy and Hyeri acting skills (or lack of them) got exposed,they still keep getting lead roles although there are many talented real actresses, even asking for smaller fee than these ’top actresses/actors’

  2. She’s pretty but that’s all. I mean, some people was born with aura and charisma. And she is one of them that doesn’t has it. No matter how pretty Yoona or Suzy, they also don’t have. Eric Mun and Park Hyung Sik for male idols and Nana and Yoon Eun Hye for female idols have it.

  3. Just faced it ladies.. hyeri,suzy and yoona they are shining now, Korean loves them. And maybe they will keep more shining than your favorite girls in the future. Just prepare your heart honey 🙂

    • Korean actually hates them, just faced it lady 🙂
      They only like them as CF models because they are visuals, but they absolutely hate it when they are cast as female leads with more talented actors. Only stupid idol fans like them lol

      • lol no Korea doesn’t. The public really love the three of them. Dramas with great actors also flop, so despite netizen crying about idols being cast the public doesn’t hate them at all.

    • @mimine – wow, what a general “big” statement “Korean loves them”… I guess they have to keep working to make money for their agencies, whether they have talents or not… In terms of looks, Hyeri is the weakest… I am not Korean!

  4. People can get so carried away trashing other people’s good fortune.if you succeeded despite not being the best in your field, will you be apologetic for succeeding? People speak as though she should be apologising. ? luck or hard work, good for her either way.

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