Drama Posters and New Preview for SBS Romance Drama Temperature of Love

The heat isn’t quite rising yet for soon to premiere new SBS romance drama Temperature of Love, arriving next Monday as Falsify wraps up its run this week. The vibe I get is less hot vat of oil bubbling and more oven on pre-heat, with all the right and light touches in setting up a visually appealing romance drama but the leads chemistry not jumping off the pictures or screens just yet. Starring Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Kim Jae Wook, and Jo Boa, the drama gives me Pasta vibes but that drama didn’t have much of a story and only worked on the incredible acting performance and chemistry of leads Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Seon Kyun. Here Yang Se Jong looks and feels like Seo Hyun Jin’s little brother and if that was the premise then so be it otherwise I’m hoping for a second male lead reversal or at least enough use of Kim Jae Wook to not waste a side dish that is by all accounts always delicious and perpetually overlooked.

More previews for Temperature of Love:


Drama Posters and New Preview for SBS Romance Drama Temperature of Love — 12 Comments

  1. Oh my GOD, KJW looks so sexy in that poster, is he serious???

    There’s no way in hayel I would choose a baby faced kid over a grown and sexy man like Kim Jae Wook. The writer will basically have to make the lead incredibly sweet and charming and the second lead a scummy character to justify all this. Also, I’m so sorry but they look like an incestuous (slightly older) aunt and nephew in the posters, I can’t unsee it now.

    Seriously though, when will Kim Jae Wook be a main lead in a kdrama?

  2. She really looks way too old for him. That 2nd pic is like an aunt holding her nephew lol creepy. Anyway, funny that the leads both match their 2nd leads more. & KJW looking mighty fine as always damn.

  3. The writer better give us very legit reasons as to why she wouldn’t pick Kim Jae Wook (LOOK AT HIM).

    How I wish the pairings were reversed….*sigh*

    • If I’m not mistaken, it’s from a novel and the male lead is 6 years younger than the female lead so the cast actually suitable. Also the female lead calls KJW as oppa.

  4. The fact that it is written by Doctors’ writer makes me worried it’s going to rely on the actors’ performance to carry the drama over the plot.
    And I think the age difference is intentional. On wiki it was said that the roles were offered to Park Bogum and Song Hyekyo first, and their age difference is HUGE.

    • I’m so glad they didn’t accept the roles cos it’s gonna look like incest. But I’m afraid the pairing doesn’t look too good here either. KJW looks deliciously sexy…..he’s gonna be a douchebag right? Otherwise, why would the female lead not choose him.

      • Incest ? She’s more aged not a member of his family… And he’s young but he is an adult ! The important is not the age but if the love story will be well written.

      • Cos she looks like his aunt. Lol. I agree, it’s the writing that will convince me of their love story. But their chemistry is also critical.

  5. All I see here is KJW fans being butthurt over the fact he’s playing second fiddle (once again) to some newbie…I would hop on the ‘dissatisfaction’ bandwagon if Yang Se Jong was talentless or undeserving of a lead role but I don’t see how he’s lacking compared to KJW. His only fault is to be younger? Rookie actor? As for me, he’s proven his worth in ‘Duel’…playing 3 different characters is no small feat. He’s killing it in this drama.

    May I also add that people are way too harsh with Seo Hyun Jin…looks like his aunt??? Please give me a break, she’s like 7 years older than him, no big deal *rolleyes* I’ve seen couples with larger age gaps than that in rl… Let’s not act like this kind of relationship doesn’t exist in rl.

  6. Seo Hyun Jin is older than her age actually. When she paired with Eric, I thought she just one-two year younger than him while with Yoo Yoon Seok, she looks like his noona. I can enjoy noona romance just if the girl looks younger than the boy, such as Yumi and Bang Sung Joon in Discovery of Romance or Han Ji Min and Park Yoo Chun before.
    If the age gap is huge than the guy must have an sexy aura like Kim Min Hee with the sexy smolder guy like Yoo Ah In or Ji Chang Wook with Ha Ji Won.
    From all of her dramas, the only believable romance and I enjoy to see was Another MIss Oh. Even in Lets Eat, she looks definitely older than the male lead so she looks like her noona.

    • But in this case, isn’t it the point of the story ? That she looks older because the story is about a couple with a difference of age.

      • But she looks like his aunty lol… I mean, the guy looks too much younger. The romance between will looking mmm….bit…uncomfortable to watch. If the guy like Kim Woo Bin or Sung Joon, the story will be different. Just my opinion.

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