Latest Drama Life Character Stills of Leads Lee Jong Seok and Suzy in While You Were Sleeping

I’m not feeling as much K-drama audience excitement for upcoming pre-produced SBS drama While You Were Sleeping, not sure if it’s due to the leads or the general lack of excitement in K-drama viewing habits. I have faith in screenwriter Park Hye Ryun, her previous works have all been substantively excellent with an ability to write in a fantasy element but keep all the human emotions and conflicts intact. Even better is that she writes likable characters, people who may be messed up but have a big kernel of goodness inside that doesn’t need a lot of digging to get to. There are new character stills showing leads Lee Jong Seok and Suzy in their separate narratives lives within the drama, he’s a prosecutor who appears to like posing and all I get from her is that she definitely experiments with hairstyles, lol.


Latest Drama Life Character Stills of Leads Lee Jong Seok and Suzy in While You Were Sleeping — 40 Comments

    • I hope LJS improves his acting too. He is all about his model frame and proportions and of course looks, although I find his nose too disturbing. He is honestly a mediocre actor who keeps playing the same roles over and over again. He’s not a chameleon who can completely transform himself or properly get into his roles because he is so concerned about looking good or attractive in front of the camera. Totally different from Lee Joon who goes the extra mile to transform into his roles. And Suzy is actually good at playing spunky characters. And she looks natural too, compared to LJS plastic nose and botox lips.

      • @bachabacha I’m on a lunch break and I’m laughing at this. It’s okay for Lee Ddochi fans to bash other actors and actresses but others can’t do the same to your oppar? Too funny. The truth is, LJS is mediocrity. The only reason he is hyped is because of his model proportions and of course because he is oppar. Darn, you oppar fangirls are quite something 🙂

      • LOL! You never pass over a chance to complain about LJS’s looks, even when it’s totally irrelevant to the post. You are quite the enthusiastic anti-fan, I must say. His looks have always been unique, either you like it or you don’t and no level of bashing of his looks is gonna change anyone’s opnion. Not sure what you’re hoping to achieve by complaining about it everytime you write a comment about LJS, we get it you don’t like anything baou thim. It’s fine if you don’t like his acting, that’s your personal opinion, but you have somehow missed the fact that he recently took on a villainous character in VIP, so he’s branching out and maybe not as fast as other actors but he’s getting there slowly in his own pace. Also, you are basically accusing LJS of being a vain person, which is so out of the blue and leaves me speechless. How can people say stuff like that about other people when they don’t know them in real life? I don’t care how much you think you know from what you’ve seen or read on the Internet, unless you have actual contact with that person you know absolutely nothing about him/her and have no right to bash their personality. I will never understand how people never seem to give a second thought before writing something negative that they don’t even have real basis for. Have you ever thought how the person in question would feel if he/she were to read your comments? How would you feel if someone wrote that about you when they don’t even know you? I feel so bad when I read articles about how actors/actresses/idols admit to reading or avoiding comments about them and being hurt by those comments. Some things can be worked on, e.g. acting or singing, so constructive feedback on that is good but bashing about looks for example is so pointless since they can’t do anything about it except going under the knife and then there’s even more complaints about it. It’s a never ending cycle…

        Personally, I am more inclinced to write positive comments than negative ones. It’s not like I love every actor or actress out there but I never go after someone for looks or personality (because hello I don’t know them and don’t pretend to do either), but I can be pretty vocal about the acting that I see on my screen and that’s my personal opinion. I have to say that I LOLed so much over your comment about Suzy’s acting, if that’s what you think makes good acting then it’s not surprising you don’t like LJS’s acting. I have tried all dramas she’s been in and the only one she was OK in was her debut drama Dream High thanks to the somewhat robotic character that suited her acting, so there’s a chance she won’t suck in this upcoming drama. Honestly, I like Suzy but she really can’t act and with no improvement after 7 dramas it makes me wary of her casting. But from the previews I have some hope that she might actually be decent.

      • Oh my goodness I feel the same way. I cannot looking at his face and compare with Michael Jackson. Sotry LJS’s fans.

      • I can never understand how anyone find LJS handsome. He is the ugliest lead actor I’ve seen in Asian dramas. At least pretty autumn sees some nice qualities in him, I don’t even see that. I know his looks has nothing to do with his acting, but he is an actor and visuals are part of the viewing experience, needless to say I won’t be watching this drama.

      • It’s not an unpopular opinion that LJS isn’t the best looking guy on earth.

        Imo, he’s pretty plastic looking, and it doesn’t sit well with some people (including me, I’ll admit). I’m not going to shout it out in every single post there is of him out there, but I feel inclined to defend someone who thinks the same when he/she is being attacked with a response thaaaaaaat long.

        Surely we can be forgiven for thinking that there is a serious resemblance between him and Michael Jackson.

        Can we?

    • Mine too. Actually, I think Cha Yoo-jung (Suspicious Partner second female lead) will be higher in my favorite list of prosecutors. My fave prosecutor of all time must be Park Jung-hwan. Such a complex character..

      • Kim Rae Won is love…… Such a great actor. Have you seen the teaser of his new film? So intense! He is a prosecutor too?

      • Yup, definitely gonna check out Resurrected Victims. He is one fine man who has retained his integrity as an actor. Keeps getting finer the older he gets.

    • LOL, such a big let down in terms of acting quality 🙁
      I’m sure the comment about this drama later will only talk about their looks and not about their acting.

      • W had plenty people talking about their acting skills, I know this site doesn’t like JS, but he is liked by many critics, viewers alike. His chilling performance in VIP last month was praised by many. You haven’t even watched the drama, look at you already nitpicking.

      • oh I just read your other comment where you said W’s acting sucked, well your opinions are in the minority since even NATE haters liked it. Like seriously what is up with most people on this site, some of y’all are so viciously calling JS names since 2013, I know its not a popular site for dramafans, but still such aggressive comments are unnecessary, unless of course you are trigerred about JS and the praises he gets from people, this is like NATE.

    • You can skip this drama. Thats an option. First secret forest and this drama are different genres. Second LJS is relatively way younger. Those other leads are veterans. Ofc he is a kid, those veteran actors were young too you know. Quit complaining maybe.

      • The question is whether these “veterans” also played prosecutors when in their 20’s. Not that they were also young once.

        In any case, I thank you for your sage advice. It hadn’t occurred to me I could refrain from watching this show

  1. After looking at the stills, this drama still feels… Meh. Maybe after watching law related dramas like Stranger, Whisper, Lookout, and Defendent, I feel like this one is more about the pretty and not so much an original story. Lately, it seems like dramas that have such pretty, attractive scenes entice me, but when I actually watch the story, I get so disappointed. Like I really thought the previews for The King Loves were so eye catching and I would get this beautiful love story, but for me, it Was more political than I expected and the love line is too ambiguous. I Was so disappointed I just gave up.

  2. Anybody else watching this for Kim So Hyun’s cameo? That aside, I feel like PHR writes good dramas irrespective of who the leads are.

    • Totally agree! I have faith in this writer, she’s really good at tailoring a character to an actor/actress which is a good thing in the case of Suzy. LJS totally doesn’t need it, if anything he should take the character and run with it 🙂

    • I dislike watching suzy’s drama but this drama has everything I want…. The male lead, the writer, the cameo especially kim so hyun my dongsaeng and the plot so I’m tolerate suzy’s wack acting coz I know ah is just one talentless pretty face.

  3. Why argue about which one has the worse or better acting skill thou. They both are mediocre actors at best. I drop W because the male and female lead acting are sucks and i just need to see a few UF gif to know how weird suzy acting skill. LJS has better rep than suzy as an actor in korea but for me they’re just the same.
    I’ll just be waiting temperature of love airing then.

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