Rain and Pregnant Wife Kim Tae Hee Spotted During Italy Vacation

The top Korean star couple of Kim Tae Hee and Rain have run the gamut of netizen reactions from tsk-tsk he’s not good enough for her to awwwww they are so in love and perfect for each other. I’m glad we’re now at the latter end of the spectrum because they are about to welcome their first child, reportedly a girl, next month sometime in October and I so do not want to hear salty K-netizens raining on their blissful little bubble. The couple made the news last month when it was known that Rain took his expectant wife (and his own dad) on a vacation to Italy, and now pictures are out as snapped by eagle-eyed travelers at the airport who spotted the matching married stars waiting in line at customs. I love the couple panama hats, Kim Tae Hee’s sensible flat sandals and comfy black dress, not to mention Rain’s insane should width proportions and the general vibe of a happy couple doing travel things together.


Rain and Pregnant Wife Kim Tae Hee Spotted During Italy Vacation — 5 Comments

    • I think her teeth are veneers so that doesn’t get passed down. Although her teeth weren’t small to begin with. Her nose is fine. Wish I was blessed with her good looks.

  1. LMAO…Ya!! Some of those strong featured babies grow into handsome women. We just get an extra dose of awkward stage in our preteen years……And no the pictures of myself at that age DO NOT REMAIN on this planet ..LMAO

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