Kang Ha Neul Denies Dating Rumor with IU and Enlists for Military Service

Nothing like heading off for mandatory military service with an extra publicity boost, even if it’s the overwrought K-netizen furor over a dating rumor. K-actor Kang Ha Neul enlisted last week for his nearly two years away from the limelight to perform his civic duty but got a random going away present from the media. Maybe it was a slow news week, I dunno. There were reports that he was secretly dating former Moon Lovers costar IU after the two were spotted dining together. Turns out there were two other friends there and it wasn’t even a secret meal out as the group posed for pictures and posted it online afterwards. Both sides explained that they were friends since making the drama and hung out as normal friends would do, and with that the furor died down and Kang Ha Neul enlisted a few days after. I’m thrilled this talented and hardworking actor got so much success in recent years, wishing him a safe and healthy service and high hopes for his return success in 2019.


Kang Ha Neul Denies Dating Rumor with IU and Enlists for Military Service — 10 Comments

  1. I wish him the best of luck to his military service. I sincerely hope that when he comes back, he could finally be a lead in a good drama. He is a good actor and I just loved his performance in Misaeng particularly. He was also the best part in the movie Twenty and I think it’s great that he has slowly built his prominence in Chungmuro first. He is too good to play second fiddle to mediocre male leads, and his status is way up too.
    Also, people should stop already with their dating rumor shitz when a man and a woman are seen together in their free time just hanging around. It’s so dumb because a girl and a boy can have completely platonic friendship. Only sex crazed sentimental idiots can think that people of ‘opposite’ sexes cannot be friends like eww. Can’t brothers and sisters then hang around then? Lol

    • His latest movie, released just two months ago, crossed over 5 million admissions so it’s safe to say his status is very much up.

      He’s a great talent and will probably be showered with offers when he gets discharged, there are other stars in his age group but he really proved himself to be an actor of great talent and versatility (sageuks, modern, serious roles, goofy roles, negative roles, he played all types) before even taking a drama lead.

      • Idol actors and model boys like Nam Joo Hyuk should take some notes from him. He is really versatile. He is just awesome in comedies, comes close after Jo Jung Seok in perfect comedic timing.

      • @prettyautumn, those good looking talentless actors don’t really need to take note. They are good looking enough to continually do fluffy romance dramas and for fan girls to drool over them. Whilst the talented boys will have a wider acting range and audiences who want to watch good acting can choose to watch them. The entertainment business is big enough to cater for everyone. However, smart audiences do know who are the better actors. Also, fan girls do grow up and they will eventually know who are the more talented actors.

        Either way, I will miss KHN whilst he is doing his military stint. I wish him the best during his time there.

  2. In the BTS of Moon Lovers, they were really cute together. And their relationship in the drama was the most interesting and well developped for me. So I would have been happy for them if it was true (except the part 2 years of military service…).

    It’s nice that KHN asked his friends to cut his hair 🙂

  3. Wow he’s one of the rare ones who rocks the army haircut.

    Yup solid actor. I like him also in Angel Eyes, where the child actor seemed captivatingly better than the more stilted angsty grown up ones (Gye Hee-sun and Lee Sang-yoon).

  4. He seems like such a great guy and he’s a genuinely talented actor, so he’ll be sorely missed!! I know he’ll bring positive energy and lots of joy to whatever unit he’s assigned to. See you in 2 years Ha Neul!

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