Jeon Hye Bin Gets Lee Yeon Hee’s Hideous Blunt Bangs Look from Reunited Worlds

I literally shrieked when I saw actress Jeon Hye Bin debut a new hairstyle that was rounded mocked two months ago when seen on another equally beautiful K-actress. Lee Yeon Hee spent two months on the small screen in SBS drama Reunited Worlds with mid-length hair dominated by too short blunt bangs, which occurred within the drama narrative when she gave herself the horrible haircut inadvertently. If Lee Yeon Hee suffered for her craft then I don’t know what befell Jeon Hye Bin for her to ruin her hair in real life with the same style, seeing as she just finished a good run in another SBS drama Falsify. Of course she also recently broke up with boyfriend Lee Jun Ki so if this is her post-breakup makeover then the poor girl didn’t get the memo that post-breakup makeovers are supposed to be elicit wow reactions rather than eeeeek. Other than the bangs Jeon Hye Bin is glowing and beautiful as ever so I hope this hairstyle is not a zombie scourge that is about to spread more widely among K-ent.


Jeon Hye Bin Gets Lee Yeon Hee’s Hideous Blunt Bangs Look from Reunited Worlds — 11 Comments

  1. hair looks weird. LYH’s bangs fit with the story but I was wondering why it never grows out… maybe it is becoming a fashion trend for ~30’s actresses with a 20 year old zombie brain?… lol

      • hahaha… I was referring to LYH’s character in Reunited Worlds. Don’t mean to offend, just my usual weird sense of humour… hahahaha… glad this makes you laugh 🙂

  2. For Lee Yeon Hee, it’s for her drama. She “cut” it in her drama.

    For Jeon Hye Bin, she’s really beautiful so she can make one wrong choice :p But in those pictures, when she is not wearing the red dress, her bang is ok.

  3. Must be a trend. Park Eun-bin has the same bangs in Age of Youth 2, but with wavy hair. I ended up kind of liking the look on LYH– hers sometimes looked Audrey Hepburn-esque. Not many can pull off the look successfully.

  4. I actually like this haircut especially if that woman can rawk it. Not everyone can and in this case, Lee Yoon Hee still looked chic and beautiful with it. Sadly, Jeon Hye Bin not looking good with that hairstyle.

  5. I like this kind of fringe. A lot of women sport them in my country, or in near countries. It’s a trend, even with shorter hair. So, for me, it’s not strange.

  6. with JHB, it’s a post break up syndrome. who can blame her, she just lost one hot guy. but i don’t think she’ll win him back with that hairstyle. go date someone new. ?

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