Young K-actresses Support Jin Ji Hee at Movie Premiere for Star Next Door

It’s nice to have friends in high places but even nicer to have friends that literally have done exactly the same thing as you so know all the ups and downs. And things are looking up for young K-actress Jin Ji Hee, who doesn’t get as much attention as the three Kims but has quite a solid acting career having successfully transitioned from her child actress days. She did well in K-drama Seonam Girls High School Investigators and this year was in Unni is Alive and a cameo in Fight My Way. With the summer being over now comes the lower profile movies and premiering this weekend is Star Next Door with Han Chae Young as a trouble-making starlet with Jin Ji Hee as her secret daughter living next week. It sounds fun and Jin Ji Hee is totally glowing at the press conference and so are her compatriots who came out to support her including Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Sae Ron, and Nam Ji Hyun, all of whom are also doing gangbusters on their own acting careers.


Young K-actresses Support Jin Ji Hee at Movie Premiere for Star Next Door — 13 Comments

  1. Jin Ji Hee’s oppa Yoon Shi Yoon in High Kick Through The Roof attended the VIP premiere as well to support his little sister. How sweet!

  2. I always forget that Nam Ji Hyun is 1994 born. She looks much older than that. Park Shin Hye, Park Bo Young, Baek Jin Hee, Park So Dam, Kim Taeri even Kang Sora from the 90 liners look younger than her. Is it her fashion or her hair..? I mean her skin is nice and smooth but idk there’s something about her that makes her look older.And whoever is in charge of Kim Sae Ron’s fashion, is doing an incredible job. Even dressing style is part of actors’ image and her dressing chic and simple dresses is already giving her a mature aura

    • I think your exaggerating, NJH does look mature but out of all the other actresses you named maybe only PBY and PSD looks younger than her. NJH still has chubby cheeks so maybe she has yet to lose the baby fat.

      • Nope, I just genuinely feel like she looks more mature to her age. Especially compared to other 90 born actresses. Shim Eun Kyung is also 94 liner and she looks more mature to her age and even the 90 liner actresses too. It maybe really is her clothing.. also, I don’t think she has much of babyfat. Her facial bone structure is just naturally wider and softer and I agree that she seems to be the type to look the same even years later, unless she decides to go under the knife (or the injection) of course.

    • NJH never has a cutesy girly face, her child-acting photos kinda look like a boy… But I like her acting the best. Her acting in SP is great! I think she will have a long career as a good actress. And I agree that her face probably won’t change much for the next 20 years, as compared to those young actresses or idols who need to dress/act cute to gain attention 🙂

      • SP was the last drama I watched with enthusiasm. Although the ending dragged a little, it was a fun romcom with thriller aspect to keep things interesting.

      • There are some actresses, who even in their 20s never looked girlish. From Maureen O’Hara, Rachel Weisz, Kate Winslet to Cate Blanchett. They age really well, but they also looked more mature at a younger age, which simply isn’t the same as looking old.

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