Kim So Hyun Channels Retro Casual for High Cut Korea

Seeing the beautiful and luminous Kim So Hyun in the pages of High Cut magazine but styled so oddly elicits that odd grin and grimace expression from me. I thought K-actress Gu Hye Sun‘s hairstyle was dreadful at a recent department store art exhibit signing event, with widely spaced messy bangs and long frizzy ends locks. Looks like she may have been ahead of the curve seeing as how Kim So Hyun has been styled exactly the same way here. Kim So Hyun pulls it off slightly better due to being paired with some retro outfits like high waisted washed out jeans, plaid, and baseball tees. I love her so much and really enjoyed finally marathoning sageuk Ruler: Master of the Mask where she gets to act opposite male grown up child actor wunderkind Yoo Seung Ho.

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Kim So Hyun Channels Retro Casual for High Cut Korea — 27 Comments

  1. This photoshoot is like decades ago… Why are you always posting stale news.

    I thought you might post recent stuffs like her nylon shoot with her best friend ji won.

  2. She is really beautiful even in those outfits. I love the tomboy look on her. She carries it so naturally!

    Waiting for her cameo! Excited to see her again!

      • You’re just salty because she’s prettier and more talented than your bias. Such an obvious anti trying to get some attention. Koala clearly loves her and not your bias.

      • Ignore her. She’s just jealous to see all the positive comments on our pretty girl post. Sure her bias gets lots of hate and negative comments. And she must be ugly inside and out to hate on a 18 year old.

  3. I really love her too! She’s so young but so talented! And so beautiful!Her visuals are daebak!

    Wish Koala would cover her Singles, 10 Asia and Nylon spreads as well!

  4. I really like this actress! She’s grown on me through her numerous projects. Her visuals and charisma are amazing for such a young age. Will look forward to all her future projects.

  5. Must say she has a natural charm and effortless beauty that matches well for magazine spreads. Plus she’s a brilliant actress.

    Want to see what other roles she’ll challenge herself with.

  6. Handsdown my fav child turned adult actress. She’s stacked up her filmography really well. She’s shown such range even at this age. Her 20s will be interesting!

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