Temperature of Love Remains Lukewarm in Second Week Ratings Even in Weak Competition

The best way to describe Mon-Tues SBS romance drama Temperature of Love is room temperature, that horrible in between state of being not cold enough to be a refreshing gulp or hot enough to be a sizzling sip. Week 2 started off with episodes 5 and 6 taking in 8.2% and 10.4% ratings, this is pretty uninspiring considering that rival network KBS has Lingerie Girls with only 4.1% and MBC had to postpone new drama 20th Century Boy and Girl until next week due to the strike so didn’t even air a competing drama episode.

I’m feeling no chemistry between leads Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong at this point, the drama writing is trying to seel what I’m not feeling from the characters onscreen, and maybe things will click after the time jump forward to the present when the leads meet at the beginning of the drama run-in. This is the first time I’m feeling Seo Hyun Jin fatigue in playing the same character or the same exact performance so her character feels like ones she’s played before, and Yang Se Jong just doesn’t have the depth and onscreen presence to effectively sell his character. So far so disappointing.


Temperature of Love Remains Lukewarm in Second Week Ratings Even in Weak Competition — 71 Comments

  1. This drama is receiving polarizing reviews it seem. Some praise it, while others dislike it. Can it be worse than Doctors though? That drama was critisized for being boring but had pretty high ratings I recall. But 10% now is also a feat since most dramas stay in the single digit ranking.

    Can’t wait for 20th century boy and girl next week to shake things up. Personally really like Han Yeseul and Kim Jisuk.

    • Regarding polarizing review- i thk thjat also applies to Hospital ship. Some fans gae rave reviews. Amd some totally did not feel the chemistry at all.
      I thk Kim Ji Suk will knock it out of the park- i have consisently like his potrayal of his last few roles- even if its a mean role. Was so happy for him when he got casted in 20th century b & g

      • I like Kim Ji Suk.He just has this likeable charm/aura when he is on screen.I actually think he had more chemistry with Son Hye Jin in ‘personal taste’ than Lee Min Ho.More chemistry with Jung Yung Min than Lee Jin Wook in “I need romance 2”.He even outshine LMH and LJW acting wise.Maybe because both(LMH and LJW) of them are quite bland in acting. I also liked him in Chuno.He was such a fresh breath of air in there, so whiny and funny.

    • Finally Kim Jisuk got a male lead role. I never thought he would tbh ?
      Doctors plot may have become pointless after certain number of episodes, but it was able to capture viewers interest early on, despite very little promotions. Most stayed for the romance between the teacher and the student to be quite honest. It was a romance/growth drama with hospital as its setting, nothing more or nothing less. Temperature of Love’s disadvantage was a green male lead (it would have raised more interest if both the male and female leads were higher profile actors) and that the timing is so bad. Almost all the dramas at the moment are suffering for ratings loss.

      • Quite agree. Doctors got a strong start and really got everyone hooked in the first few episodes with lots of plot twists. Here this show is bland from the beginning. I don’t think the timing is bad; timing actually works to the show’s advantage for there is very little competition and the audience is desperate for anything decent, hence its double digit rating despite a bland plot.

  2. Tbh, I find Seo Hyun Jin is so overrated. One good performance (though I hate the drama Another Oh Hae Young so very much) is what drama fans been bragging about her on and on. I checked Temperature of Love and honestly, there is nothing fresh about this drama either the writing nor the actors’ performance. And I so don’t understand why these days K-drama kept being headlined by actors with lack of calibre and charisma. We have Nam Joo Hyuk, Kang Min Hyuk and now Yang Se Jong. I am not saying they are so bad but they are not yet leading men status.

    • Have you watched any other drama of SHJ? She’s been acting for years. Oh Hae Young only brought her to limelight but even that wasn’t her best performance though you admitted she was good in it. Even if you don’t like her performance in this show, based on your limited experience of her acting [I’m assuming you haven’t watched King’s Daughter Seo Baek Hyang, Three Musketeers, Goddess of Fire, Feast of Gods or Let’s Eat 2, because if you did, you could not Not mention them], your declaration of her being ‘Soo overrated’, I find very hard to swallow.

      • I have watched King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang and Three Musketeers and watched AOHY which I dropped halfway because it was annoying. I watched RDTK halfway too because I find it boring but the show is all about Han Suk Kyu. Tbf, I still will say that Seo Hyun Jin is mediocre. Her earlier performances are forgettable and that is why I will still reiterate that she is so overrated all because of AOHY. Nevertheless, whatever the performances of Temperature of Love is not to be blamed on her. Like some commentators here said, we have so many good actresses got sucked into lousy scripts and writings this year and the same goes with SHJ in TOL.

    • And……we have the actresses fans’ coming to her defence. Sigh!! I feel the same way you do. I don’t know why but she’s on my list of allergic actresses that are underwhelming and she tends of overact. I still don’t get why everyone is raving about her performances in Let’s Eat 2 and Another Oh Hae Young. At first I thought it was the character she portrayed in LE2 but when I watch AOHY, I realised I’m simply allergic to her, so couldn’t finish the drama.

      As for male leads….it’s either idols headlining them or experienced actors relegated to 2nd leads. Case in point, Kim Jae Wook. Even Min Myuk in Hospital Ship is not leading man material YET, at least, he shouldn’t be paired with Ha Ji Won, and it’s not the age thing.

      • @Alexa

        If her performance in those dramas didn’t change your opinion then I guess I’d just have to accept and respect it as difference of views.


        If disagreeing with someone’s comment automatically marks one as crazy-fan-coming-to-defence then I guess I indeed stupid to come and expect any sane conversation here.

    • Lols… Mte. I dropped ohy cuz her character was ‘cheap’ to me. No offense, my opinion tho. I think she’s fantastic as an antagonist but as protagonist, she’s indeed overrated.

      I dropped hospital ships since they developed love triangle, like.. Cant we focus on the ‘hospital ship’ story without adding any romance between the leads? Just like Code Blue from Japan? Sigh.

      Even so, Yang Sejong is so damn fine. He’s so handsome, tall and his smile… Darn it… Hawt. But i watch a drama for a story. Gonna give it another try this week but if the story goes bad, i’ll quit.

      Glad that i found some people qho have the same thought about OHY hehe

      • I can’t stand OHY either
        She is in 3 Musketeers that i liked, LE2, and OHY but her acting style are the same

        I don’t even bother continuing this drama after ep 1. Nothing sucked me in

      • At least OHY wasn’t that always bright and morally upright girl who only has lovable traits. I would have dropped OHYA right in the first few episodes weren’t it for SHJ. Because Eric and his irritating character were so underwhelming. I ended up dropping it because the main couple’s relationship shenanigans became too annoying. I ended up feeling more sorry for Jeon Hye Bin’s character and OHY’s ex fiancé’s character.

        I agree with you on Hospital Ship. Whose bright idea was it to cast Kang Min Hyuk as a male lead, and with Ha Ji Won at that? His acting is unfortunately subpar and he should have stayed in idol dramas with idol cast. And Yang Se Jong is so underwhelming. Even the female lead and her female friend have better chemistry than the main couple.

    • she is fine but she is overrated by her fans, I think AOHY also get the same rave and I feel like there is more wrong about the drama than the charm for general audience,

      just like SHJ, she is fine but not that godly as her fans describe her.

    • Seo Hyun Jin actually made OHYA tolerable. It had such a terrible plot and a flawed protagonists but she did a good job with OHY, she made her more human like. Her roles in Three Musketeers, Daughter Seo Baek Hyang and Lets Eat 2 are pretty unmemorable and generic. She is good at portraying morally ambiguous characters though. It’s just now, that her acting style is the same in Temperature of love, it’s nothing new. Not that many actors can change their innate acting style much, unless they are capable of complete, chameleon like transformation.
      That and the fact that many of her fans tend to hype her a lot more than necessary. She is Baeksang best drama actress winner but she hasn’t shown much growth since OHYA. She was quite frankly irritating in RDTK, but that drama was purely pulled off by Han Suk Kyu. It is true however that many dramas have sucked script-wise this year and that even the better actors are stuck with bland scripts and subpar co-satrs. Speaking of which, Yang Se Jong has barely any acting experience yet he is headlining a drama, same with Kang Min Hyuk who is just sad to watch and Nam Joo Hyuk whose acting comes straight from a shitty anus.

    • More like everyone can’t stand the character and not the acting of Seo Hyun Jin in OHYA. I find her roles here is quite different compare to her OHYA days. What really make these character look the same both are seems a cheerful character on the outside. Her character here more like the same character Jeon Hye Bin’s roles in Oh Hae Young. in Ohya, she played an ordinary a supposed unattrative woman who is fierce and loud. here she act as A pretty woman (and she is really really pretty here, here body language is different) who are unaware something around her, act like as an innocent woman but without knowing she act like a burdersome and can’t stand in someone else eyes.

  3. I thk Kim Jae Wook would have been way better as the lead of the drama. Story wise i cant say as the premise didnt really make me wanna follow the drama. The rating isnt a dud; there are dramas who did worse. It just feels like kdramas continue to linger in the woeful zone (only a very few exceptions). At least for me.

  4. Overall the quality of K-dramas has gone down the drain… Very talented actors like Yoo Seung Ho and Yeo Jin Goo got sucky scripts (ie. Ruler, Reunited Worlds). Seo Hyun Jin is a good actress but her characters are so repetitive that it becomes very boring to watch… I don’t know Yang Se Jong much but so far he is meh…

    • Its true for actresses as well. Kim So Hyun, Moon Chae Won and Ha Ji Won have all had terrible scripts this year. Its just a bad year for Kdrama over all.

    • Agree with you @candycane ! I couldn’t finish their drama even with them ! I don’t know if you are a long time drama viewer like me . If you are, don’t you think that perhaps we are being too demanding . Just saying . I liked “Save Me” “Tunnel” ” Forest secret” and until now Age of youth. Still waiting for a good rom com !

      • I have watched K-dramas for a few years… some older kdramas/actors are recommendations from my mom so I have some knowledge. Sometimes I learn from reading comments… I like “Save Me” too cause the story is different and I like thrillers, I just don’t understand why some delulu fans ship SM with the second lead while it is clearly not a rom-com!

  5. I thought they had good chemistry!
    I’m surprised with the polarizing comments coz they seemed very well matched to me and i like the cinematography.

    • Yeah, I guess chemistry is in the eye (mind? heart? hormones?) of the beholder, because I feel their chemistry and am enjoying it. I sometimes don’t feel much chemistry between other OTPs that are very popular (e.g. Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun in You From Another Star), so I get that it’s pretty subjective.

      And I agree that it hasn’t been a great year for k-dramas, especially in terms of quality scripts.

    • Chemistry is subjective. I’m fine with this drama and actually think hitting 10% the second week out is pretty good especially since we are still in flash back mode. This is probably going to be a pretty solid middle of the road drama; not the best and not the worst. I can already see issues with both sets of parents (I want you to marry someone from a happy background) versus his psycho mom. This writer couldn’t hold it together for Doctors with an unnecessary last four episodes and that’s what concerns me the most.

      My surprise is that this is about as unpolarizing as a drama can be. If you buy into the couple, watch and if you don’t, that’s fine as well.

  6. I love this drama, it’s the only one that’s holding my interest right now. I’ve dropped the rest right after the first episode. Seo hyun-jin is the only actress who’s able to make me like her character in an instant. She is also the very reason why I wanted to watch this drama. I also think that the main couple’s onscreen chemistry is quite adorable.

    About the ratings, I think it’s rather unfair to single out this particular drama when even Hospital Ship,which is a medical drama,could not even barely reach 13%.

    Korean dramas, in general, is in a ratings slump. Unless there is an alien or a mythical magic sword involved, or even a walkie talkie that can let you talk with someone from the past, dramas these days are just not getting the love from Korean audiences. Even Park Do Kyung in AOH could see the future. It did wonderfully, ratings wise.

    Can’t wait to see the ratings for Suzy and LJS drama. I’m pretty sure it would have no problem getting the audience since her character is supposed to have dreams about the future. If this one tanked, it would be quite a shocker. Then poor Suzy will get the blame again.

  7. I also feel like they just a people that try romantic because they looked matched but no chemistry,

    what if kim jae wook is the final otp, hahaha, I would like to see that for the laugh

    • im secretly hoping for that. i wont watch the drama but i might follow the recaps once in awhile. if she ends up with KJW i just might watch

  8. I think that they casted idol or not big actor like Yang se jong cause with the Thaad I don’t know if broadcast channels make a lot of money like they used to with big name. This is why now we are stuck with not so good actor and this is painful… right now im just enjoying Age of youth 2 and the eng sub are so long to come…painful life as a non Korean speaker. Sorry for my English I am better in French:))

  9. I didn’t watch the last episode yet. But I think chemistry between two actors depends a lot of our view about the actors. In this case, if I like YSJ, i prefer a lot KJW (he’s so hot in this drama :p), so I like the main couple but I can’t stop thinking why she didn’t choose KJW :p

    For Hospital Ship, I like the main couple because there is any other actor I would like to see her with. And Kang Min Hyuk is really manly even if he has this lovely smile :p

    Then, I can love an actor and don’t like his couple, like in Ruler he didn’t any chemistry with Kim So Hyun… It’s kind of lottery…

    • For me they had amazing chemistry and the one thing that got me through the drama. I FF everything else and just saw their scenes because they were bursting with chemistry whenever together.

  10. I think Kim Jae Wook would have been a better lead. The chemistry between Seo Hyun Jin and him would have been better as both are more experienced.

    Also I think SHJ should really try some other roles…so far its very much of the same thing.

    I am looking forward to Kim Ji Suk’s new drama. Hoping its good as he finally gets cast as the lead actor.

  11. I don’t mind ToL. I wasn’t expecting a fantastic drama. The male lead is acting better than several of the male leads this year.

    But KJW is making me stay around. My heart flutters when he comes on screen and I just sit and stare.

    Actually think the OTP is alright. It helps that both actors can act. I have been sick with either the male or female lead acting so obviously and badly. Some of my currently airing dramas has a sucky OTP actor. They truly destroys my enjoyment.

    ToL is pretty watchable.

  12. I dont get it?.Look at Kim Jae Wook.He is just oozing with charisma.Just look at the pictures.Yang Se Jong just pales in comparison.Exactly what is KJW lacking to be second lead to green actors like him?Is YSJ more popular than KJW?or is KJW blacklisted too or something?its been ten years already since coffee prince but he still hasnt had a lead role.Has he even led a web drama before?

    • Given the last episode, they actually make the age of the male lead character an issue with a hint it might be an issue in the future. In some noona romances the age difference is somewhat ignored, but at least in the flash back mode it seems to be coming into play which would not work if KJW was the lead. That’s the simple answer. It could just be that the young actor is hot right now in Korea and KJW – though beloved by international fans – is still building to the lead. I’m crossing fingers for him.

  13. I hope the focus is not so much on the romance, romance is just a plot device to convey your narrative because at this point I can’t feeling their chemistry either. Mainly Yang See Jong who really can’t act period. He is so stiff and bland, and at times I just feels he is just read the script instead of feeling him as a character. Except Seo Hyun Jin, none of the lead have good performances. Everytime the leads Jo Bo Ah, Yang See Jong and Kim Jae Wook on screen, drama become less alive. Throw Seo Hun Jin scene with an actor with more into their character, like her scene between writers, drama become much more enjoyable.

  14. Who is Yang Se Jong ??? DUH !! What happen to Yeon Wo Jin, Seo In Guk, Jung Kyung Ho, Lee Sang Yoon, Ji Hyun Woo, etc ? Give us some real leading actors, please? Not the wannabe !!!

    • Yeon Wo Jin just finished 7 Day Queen so probably not ready to jump into another drama, Seo In Guk is probably unavailable due to his medical situation leaving him not able to serve in the military or something like that. Jung Kyung Ho has signed onto a tvn drama. Not sure about the others. Love JHW and would love to see him back. (The other guy was in Whisper so its not like he isn’t getting work.

    • OMG Jung Kyung Ho!!!!.Flashbacks to “time between dog and wolf” and it was double entendre with my bae Lee Jun Ki).The bromance and tension was lit?.I loved him in Heartless City too.He is such a sexy actor.Dramagods please more of him and im not happy about him doing a drama at TVN and then casting him with Krystal.

      Maybe Yeo Woo Jin and Ji Hyun Woo are taking a break since they both had dramas this year.Seo In Guk will have to lie low for a while since he had a military “scandal”.Maybe next year he can make a comeback.

    • well, since this is a noona romance, I would like someone who is young but have enough capability to at least give something to his character. I don’t mean an actor with awsome nuance acting. Might be someone like Gong Myung? But he is just finishing his TVN drama.

    • Love everyone in your list except for Lee Sang Yoon, he is a bore to watch. I’d take Yang Se Jong as a lead over him anyday (and I’m closer in age to LSY). YSJ is a talented rookie imo…I’m even quite surprised by the amount of bad comments about his acting he’s getting on this blog. Most people I’ve read on other sites tend to only have good things to say about him. He even earned the nickname ‘Genius actor Se Jong’ after his remarkable performance in ‘Duel’.

  15. Seeing how badly most dramas are doing these days, 10,4% (double digits range) is a pretty good feat imo. I’m even expecting them to rise next week. I would have love to watch 20th Century Boy and Girl to support Kim Ji Suk’s first lead in a drama but I won’t…I have a severe allergy to Han Ye Seul.

    Lastly, it’s beyond me how someone can be excited for a drama headlining mediocre actors such as Song Seung Heon and Go Ara but on the other side have no qualms criticizing a drama with talented actors. To each its own I guess.

  16. This is probably the very few noona romances that I am feeling the chemistry. Yang Je Song is much better than many green idol leads who is already doing a not bad job in Romantic Dr Kim, then further improves in Samdaing. Can’t understand the hate here. I always think SHJ is at least a better address than, say, Ha JI Won or Han Ye Sul. HJW is always HJW no matter what role she plays and as a viewer I can never feel her emotion. Put it simply, can you imagine her playing OHY, no way Jose,

  17. Seo Hyun Jin is good at certain roles, strong, level-headed, optimistic girls or even scheming, heartless bad girls. She may not, so far as I can see, have a vulnerable, fragile side that is sometimes needed to pull the heart of the audience and engage their sympathy. A strong, optimistic girl no matter what may be likeable, but tends to get boring in a while.

    As to Kim Jae Wook, I am worried that he seems to get stuck in a certain type of role. Up till now the story has given him little space to break out of the stereotypical rich kid box. I have been puzzling over why over the last ten years he has not been able to nail a lead role. Perhaps he is best cast as a detached, ironic person that tends toward the ruthless? Have you ever seen him in a role that demands sincerity, passion, loyalty and tenderness? These are the stock qualities of a Kdrama male lead. Even for a rich kid male lead that starts out as arrogant and cold-hearted, he must ultimately transform into that affectionate, sincere, loving lover with a heart of gold. I wonder if KJW has that in him.

    • He did show that potential in coffee prince.The ability to showcase tenderness.But we will never know until they give the opportunity to do so.I think Kim Jae Wook has the same aura as Nam Goo Min, Park Hae Jin, just to mention a few.Like when you first look at them, they give off this really “cold air” vibe.Or best suited for playing ruthless, unemotional roles.But look how Nam Goo Min nailed it in Cheif Kim in a comedic role.All what is needed is opportunity.If one day he gets to do a full blown romance or rom com as a first lead and he doesnt deliver.Then we can conclude that he is not suited for the soft roles.

      Also the anti-hero, villainous roles that lean towards ruthlessness require a higher level of acting than usual who can show a broad range of complex emotion.In Kdramaland, those kinds of leading actors are very few.Most of them are still playing safe and just do the “stiff cool guy, with the tender heart”.They dont go all out when acting.Or the really soft guy saying cheesy romantic lines to appeal to the masses. Its the actresses who do a better job even though its the male ones who get all the credit.

  18. I think they don’t have chemistry and the drama is boring. Considering I’ve watched the 6 first episodes and I still don’t understand the roles of Kim Jae Wook and Jo Bo Ah, and the OTP is… puff, I drop it.

  19. Seo Hyun Jin is so overrated. The chemistry between her and Eric was great in OHYA but the reason I kept watching that drama was not her but Kim Ji Suk and Yeh Ji Won. Seo Hyun Jin always does the same characters, tone and expression in every dramas. It makes me bored to watch her cause I feel I see her previous charactes she played before. Sorry to say but I think the younger actresz like Park Bo Young is better.

    • Park Bo Young is great. She is hugely talented but very low key. Even then, she herself is aware and scared that she is being typecasted. That is why she takes longer time before deciding to do another project. I agree that Seo Hyun Jin is overrated. I could not like AOHY even when she portrayed it which ofc some may disagree with me. I don’t find her acting phenomenal at all.

    • PBY is definitely a very good actress, but she looks too young to act in a noona character… She can sure act but her petite size may not be very convincing unless they age her face with lots of makeup.

  20. The irony of dragging Seo Hyun Jin for her acting skills and but hyping While You Were Sleeping which has one of the worst ‘actresses’ I’ve ever seen as a female lead…

    • I’m dragging WYWS both leads 🙂
      And in this blog, I’ve seen very little hyping of WYWS, excluding LJS and Suzy fans. Who in their right minds would ever think Suzi is better than Seo Hyun Jin? Besides SHJ >>>>> the Great Wall of China >>>>>>>> Lee Ddochi = Susie

      • Seo Hyun Jin is too overrated tho. Personally I like Jung Yumi, Jung So Min or Park Bo Young than her. They’re more versatile and had chemistry whether with younger or older actors

      • @Kayla, but, but SHJ is Baeksang best actress award. None of the actresses you listed has won that prestigious award.

    • Suzy? what acting skill can we expect from her?? She is “one of the worst” (in fact I don’t think anyone can be worse than her}, we are happy as long as she does not mess up… LOL…. SHJ is a Baeksang’s award winning actress so audience would have certain expectations. I think SHJ still delivers, she maintains her usual self. I like her, but I just hope to see more versatilities…

    • @ABC, although at times winning Daesang doesn’t make you become the best actress, It’s just mean your acting is getting recognized because you have the best acting in a popular project. I agree with alot of choice daesang make in 2016. But Jung Yu Mi isn’t inferior compare to Seo Hyun Jin.

      @Kayla, I agree though her performances here is still inferior compare to her OHYA days. But still I just disagree she is underwhelming here. I just don’t get critics against her, since when the scene require more nuance approach, she is deliver every single time. I will understand if Jo Bo Ah, Kim Jae Wook and Yang Se Jong get alot of critics since they are the one whom are underwhelming.

    • @Abc, Jung Yumi won more than Baeksang awards tho. She won many prestigious awards in movies. She was and is top in movies than dramas unfortunately. She was in Cannes festival before. Park Bo Young also won prestigious awards recently. The two actresses were well known in Korea away before Seo Hyun Jin. Seo Hyun Jin got her hit through Another Miss Oh.

      By the way, winning awards don’t mean the guarantee of acting chops tho. Lee Jung Suk got Daesang XD.

      I put my point that Seo Hyun Jin also does similar characters and the same pattern. The love triangle, cheerful and quirky roles for so many times.

      I just put simple example. Song Hye Kyo did extreme changes from super melo Autumn in My Heart to Full House comedic role.

      What I wanna say, I don’t find Seo Hyun Jin’s acting is that special. I think Lee Yoori is somehow much better than her in terms of versatility.

      Being honest, I found Seo Hyun Jin’s fans are quite defensive and act like their fav actress is the best in acting and making down other actresses XD.

      • @Hyena, So true. Winning awards don’t necessarily guarantee that the winner has best acting. Look at LJS winning daesang. What a big joke. Also Suzi getting that best actress award from MBC awards for Gu Family Book, not even best new comer award, but straight up best actress award. Even bigger joke. But to be fair, TV station year end awards are basically popularity and attendance awards. There’s lot of politics behind them and only few of them really deserve their awards, both good acting / growth in acting and high ratings.

        And completely agree about Seo Hyun Jin’s acting and fans. She made her breakthrough with OHYA, but she, a baeksang best actress award winner, is being too repetitive and not nearly as great as her fans in i-dramaforums hype her.

      • @Hyena, I will defense my fav. Who wouldn’t? As long as I still see effort in their acting and make acting as their passion. Once they quit doing that, I will stop defending them and say what a waste of talent.

  21. You guys just drop it if you don’t like it. I mean it is only here am seeing this many bad remarks, nobody cares if you don’t want to watch it just don’t spoil it for people who are watching it. 10.4% is ok these days considering most dramas struggle to reach that these days and it is only just beginning.

    • these remarks are not that bad…. or maybe you have not read worse? how will these comments spoil people who are watching? are people so easily affected nowadays? Come on, the worst is to tell others to drop it. It is easier for you to shut up than to tell others!!

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