Gong Yoo’s Melancholy Gentleman Welcomes Fall in New CF Pictorial

The cooling breeze of fall is perfectly captures in lifestyle shots of K-actor Gong Yoo in just released pictorial for Marie Claire Korea. He’s noticeably got fluffier locks, growing it out and looking just a smidge shy of being shaggy, which would be fine with me as well since he can pull off the ruffled look. These pictures look so much like his Kim Shin character from Goblin living his solo life and savoring the world around him. Be it walking through the fields or towns, enjoying tea or taking a train, Gong Yoo in quiet contemplation gives off such a relaxing vibe. He has the gravitas to make me believe he could bask in silence. There’s still no sign of his post-Goblin project but time and selectivity is all on his side, his fans will just have to be as patient knowing he will likely choose wisely.


Gong Yoo’s Melancholy Gentleman Welcomes Fall in New CF Pictorial — 12 Comments

  1. No offense to Gong Yoo and his fans but can Ms.Koala put up some pictorials of KIM NAM GIL? He is just so freaking hot at the moment with success of LUTYN.

    • Agree with you. It would be great if she could post other K-stars apart from her usual faves but this is her blog so, hopes are not high.

    • Yay to Kim Nam Gil. How can one not favour KNG? He is so versatile …gay,melo,revenge,sageuk,romance,action and now rom-com….you named it and he has tackled all those genres.

  2. He doesnt look happy.He is giving off the same vibes as Lee Dong Wook.It seems the popularity of goblin overwhelm them.

    Read the June Esquire Magazine interview for Gong Yoo.
    Read the High Cut magazine interview for Lee Dong Wook.

    • Nahhh….it’s not reflecting his actual mood at all. The magazines like to put up photos of hot korean stats brooding. Brooding = sexy to koreans.

    • Gong Yoo has depression actually. He talked about a long time ago, I think in 2007? I hope he isn’t relapsing. I don’t think he looks unhappy in those pics. It’s just that dilapidated filter and autumn weather and plain surroundings

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