Zhao Li Ying Sleek in All Black at Christian Dior Fall Show in Paris


When I made a comment about C-actress Guli Nazha being really beautiful but also really really thin at the Fendi Milan fashion show last week, I did not think she would get a run for her money immediately. Then came Dilraba Dilmurat also in Milan for Dolce & Gabbana and she is also model lithe, but neither can hold a candle to the sheer petite tininess of Zhao Li Ying. She is in Paris this week for the Christian Dior show wearing a black contrasting logo strap dress with a fitted bodice and a see through tulle skirt with a peek-a-boo mini skirt underneath. Her hair is super short as the style from Korea appears to have taken hold in C-ent as well, and I do find this entire look to be quite pretty on her but for the fact that I just can’t stop gaping at how thin she is in real life outside of all the costumes she wears in period dramas.


Zhao Li Ying Sleek in All Black at Christian Dior Fall Show in Paris — 11 Comments

  1. I love her since ‘Shan Shan Come here eat’. I haven’t seen such an adorable and pretty girl like her. Huge girl crush on her! She’s 45kg (knew her weight from 72 floor show) and looks alright to me. Except the upper part a bit >_< nevertheless, she looks stunning and luv her to pieces.

  2. In Asian countries, small heads/face are desired. Her full cheeks makes her seem heavier than she is when the camera is just on her heads. Same thing with Michelle Chen. She was on the refrigerator show, and she was skinny too but her cheeks made her heavier and thats why they both have to keep super skinny. It sucks because they both have gorgeous faces and I love their full cheeks.

  3. I don’t mean to be an ass on purpose but her body looks a bit unnatural here. Zhao Li Ying is intrinsically very petite but she wasn’t as strikingly thin in dramas than she is in these pictures. Usually camera adds pounds so she must be really thin in real life…

  4. She tends to like these see through dresses. I think she’s too thin for these things and it doesn’t make it sexy anymore. Everybody have a certain body type and for this instance it just make it looks awkward since she doesn’t have much up there either. Kudos to her for having the confidence.

    I don’t think Dilraba is too thin. She’s a good size to me. Nazha and ZYL is a bit too much though. Sometimes scary to look at.

  5. She is a pretty girl. People with baby face (round) face like her – they don’t age as fast. She needs to gain a little more weight & that will be perfected.

    Recently she ranked 4th on Forbes China’s Celebrity list.

  6. I think that LY is one of the rare ones that can eat a lot without gaining too much weight. From what I read and heard of her (co-stars), she is a big eater. However for the role in PA, she was required to look the part when she was enslaved. She has very nice roundish and babyish face. She looks great and I am happy that she is becoming more exposed now what with being 4th ranked in Forbes and now invited as brand ambassador to Paris fashion week.

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