Song Yoon Ah is Classy Fall Fashion Goals for Marie Claire Korea

The incredible success of jTBC female lead focused drama Women of Dignity will hopefully trend more dramas willing to delve into that genre and cast appropriately. I’m thrilled Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah had their spotlight from the drama but another actress I could totally see doing either of the two lead roles is Song Yoon Ah, and once I see its hard to unsee what her take would have been. I’m still internally marveling at her riveting performance in The K2 and wish K-dramas would find more roles worthy of these forty something leading ladies who can crush the middling in acting ability young actresses coasting on popularity and youth. I’m loving Song Yoon Ah’s fall photoshoot for Marie Claire Korea, the sleek and expertly cut luxe attire with such clean modern lines looks incredible on her.


Song Yoon Ah is Classy Fall Fashion Goals for Marie Claire Korea — 3 Comments

  1. She’s literally one of my fave actresses. Hotelier, On Air… Ah.. Both are still my fave dramas. I dropped K2,bcuz of the romance story and it didnt make sense. But she was really good there. Hope to see her back to small screen soon with great script. Fighting!!

    • back then, my mom really love hotelier hehehe..
      kdrama needs to give these brilliant mature actresses more good roles.
      I dont know why kdramas more likely to cast young idol actor or actress for their project.
      kdrama viewers arent that shallow.

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