Ethan Ruan and Yang Mi Start Promoting Visually Gorgeous C-drama Legend of Fuyao

Period C-drama Legend of Fuyao isn’t airing until early 2018 but might as well strike while the iron is hot, especially for top C-actress Yang Mi as she continues to bask in the audience love for her last period C-drama Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. She’s swapped her Three Lives male lead Mark Chao for another top TW-actor in Ethan Ruan and I think she got lucky in her past lives because both male leads are mmmmm delicious. Yang Mi and Ethan were out promoting Fuyao at a recent press conference and the drama released new lead posters above that are gorgeous in the antique palate with a creative use of the ornate mirror and the juxtaposition of the leads as mirror images of each other.


Ethan Ruan and Yang Mi Start Promoting Visually Gorgeous C-drama Legend of Fuyao — 28 Comments

  1. I am curious on her recent choice of lead actors. They are TW actors… i grew up watching them so I am not sad she choice to work with them. But I am just curious…

    • I don’t really think it’s her choice. She didn’t cast them and in this case, she was cast before Ethan Ruan even confirmed. She just hit the jackpot costars that are handsome and good at acting.

      • I wonder if she has a say… at all knowing she is the main lead of the drama and they will mainly uses her name.
        Don’t forget she has the authority to bring her actors or recommend actors she likes. Her 2nd lead is her company actors and most supporting actors in 3l3w are under her company as well.

        I don’t think she has the right to decide but if she doesn’t like an actor I don’t think they would MAKE that person a lead star. YM has been the main actress from the beginning for months before we got the lead actor… I’m sure they consult her with all the possible names.

    • This is because she’s starring in female centric dramas recently, which most popular Chinese actors wouldn’t want to star in. TW actors are less in demand and less expensive in China, yet still experienced and talented enough; and of course they are willing to “lower” themselves to a secondary role.

      I heard she tried to cast Kris Wu in this drama. But Kris demanded a more important role and more screen time for his own character, so things didn’t work out.

      • Why wouldn’t they want to act with her with her male stars become popular record?
        They want quality with cheaper cost rather than flower boy with no acting skill so they went to those awarded winning TW actors. After all YM got all the fame and star power they need.

        And all the rumors was just noise marketing from the production company. I’m not sure how many of them are true… YM doesn’t usually stars with popular young stars if you look at her past dramas. They become more popular AFTER working with her. To name a few LYF, Mark, HX, FSF, etc…

        I’m not saying she made them popular. I’m saying that she doesn’t have record starting with top of the light stars because she is one of the most popular actresses. Paying her her cost a lot so they need to look for lesser known actors.

      • For Kris Wu, I don’t see why he wants to work with her either…
        Most people want to work with her so they get more popular. He has more than enough with popularity and he doesn’t even do dramas.

        And again, YM has never worked with top-of-the-light actors because the production might not handle 2 big lead stars. It the same case with other Alist or most popular actresses too: Vicky, FBB, ZZY in her up coming dramas. TY and ZYL start to pair with lesser-known actors too. Lesser known doesn’t mean they aren’t good by the way.

      • I dont find Kris a good actor…I am glad he was not selected. I was surprise at the chemistry Yangmi had with Mark. I am sure Ethan will not disappoint.

      • No. She cannot pair up with younger actors, such as Kris Wu and them. There was no chemistry beteeen her and LYF in SOL. There’s also another drama with Tao giving off that sis-bro vibe.

        Her male costar matters, and YM is very aware of that. Her acting is average; therefore, she needs all the factors to shine.

      • @hohlui Their chemistry is awesome on and off screen that I wish they can work together forever hah
        Watch their making if you haven’t. They are hilarious.

        @tiffany Yang Mi needs good scripts and costars to shine like most actors. She shouldn’t pair with Tao but sometimes, or most of the times she can’t control which projects she is getting.

  2. I’m glad that Etan Ruan is the leading man in this drama. I think they chose good actors to work with her. Mark Zhao won Taiwan’s Golden Bell best actor award in 2009 and Ethan Ruan won Taiwan’s Golden Horse best actor award in 2010.

      • @drama4me Mark is just very selective in dramas… But he said he would like to work with her again, in anything. So as long as the script it decent and they want them, I’m sure they will consider.

      • @ Ana & hohliu:

        It makes a BIG different when we are watching good actors acting right? I’m glad Kris Wu didn’t get the part also. I hope that I’m wrong, but he seems arrogant to me.

      • @drama4me: Same I was happy when his name out. Ethan can act and has chemistry with his costars at least. Idk if Kris is arrogant but he isn’t close to be a good actor.
        It’s hard to live up to Mark and Yamg Mi in TMOPB but I hope they come close to in in Fuyao

  3. The stills look great and it seems to be a good drama in the making with the look of lead, support and staffs behind.

    They seem t have fun on set but I can’t see them have the same chemistry her her and Mark yet… For some reason, YM seems to be more feminine next to Mark more while she is more dominating next to Ethan hehe. It might not be a bad thing based on her role though.

  4. She looks younger than me despite being older, married, and with a

    Hmmm, I haven’t watched Ethan since he last acted with Joe Chen…. i like YM since her last drama with Mark. I will look into this one. hehe

  5. Having a Taiwanese actor in it will also help sell better to Taiwanese TV channels. Its a win win situation, those TV channels will get better ratings with a Taiwanese actor in it.

    • I don’t think China care much about that though…
      But TMOPB was the highest rating in TW when it aired too… So what you said might be true

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