Japan Remaking Hit TW-movie You are the Apple of My Eye

I haven’t heard this movie mentioned in a long time but 6 years ago it was the biggest movie hit in Taiwan and spawned the careers of three famous entertainers, with two sadly going on to infamy. Japan is remaking the hit Taiwan coming-of-age high school school yard friendship and romance movie You are the Apple of My Eye (Those Years, the Girl We All Pursued), the movie which launched the careers of leads Kai Ko and Michelle Chen, and also that of writer and director Giddens Ko.

Sadly Kai got busted for pot in Beijing two years later and Giddens found himself shamed due to a cheating scandal, leaving Michelle the sole star to remain unscathed from the success of that movie. The Japanese movie version stars young actor Yamada Yuki with idol Saito Asuka in the everyone loves her cute high school girl role that vaulted Michelle to everyone’s favorite sweetheart in Taiwan. I’m actually interested in seeing how the J-movie vibe takes on the narrative of this story based on Gidden’s own high school years.


Japan Remaking Hit TW-movie You are the Apple of My Eye — 3 Comments

  1. I have read that the timeframe has been changed. From 90s to 00s. I actually didn’t like the original much. I prefer Our Times. That one is still quite new though so it will maybe take a few years until it gets remade.

  2. Oh a remake. I am also looking forward to this remake. Japan does wordless lovestruck youth like no other.

    I guess I’m the only one who saw similarities with the 90s China movie In The Heat of the Sun. Since no one seems to mention it.

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