Suzy and Lee Jong Seok Spend More Time Together in New Stills for While You Were Sleeping

My verdict is out on the first two episodes of SBS drama While You Were Sleeping which is total and complete love. Its what I wished Uncontrollably Fond was, and I love Sleeping this much for the same reason UF failed to engage me at the start, namely Suzy. She was awkward in UF and played a difficult to connect with character, whereas in Sleeping she is warm and natural but most importantly I love her character to pieces. Everything about Hong Joo makes me want to squish her, from her prickly scrappy attitude in the beginning towards Jae Chan to how she’s completely on his side once she knows what he did to save her only based on a dream. I think Suzy’s even delivering a more engaging performance that Lee Jong Seok, for now, and their characters are less romantically stirring at this point and more like I want them to unite into a dynamic duo to stop crime and divert accidents. The second day episodes of Sleeping went up a bit in ratings but still in the single digits, and still behind time slot leader Hospital Ship.


Suzy and Lee Jong Seok Spend More Time Together in New Stills for While You Were Sleeping — 21 Comments

    • Not predicting anything good because the lead actress in Ryu Hwayoung, who isn’t lead material and her acting is very one tone. Woo Do-hwan deserves better than this. But I do hope Mad Dog’s going to be more interesting than it seems

      • Haha, she might have improved like Suzy. The teasers focus on Yoo Ji Tae and Woo Do Hwan though……..

    • Me too. So glad WDH is in another drama so soon. He really showed skills in Save Me. But yeah, not thrilled with RHY. She was the weakest actress in comparison to lee Yuri and Jung so min in Father is Strange. I don’t know if her bland storyline in the drama contributed to that.

  1. PHR did it again, making Suzy’s acting tolerable and fool everyone thinking she improved LOL. Next project she won’t be as good, I can predict that. LJS in WYWS is nothing phenomenal, but his character is much more likable (kinda like in IHYV) than his previous ones.

      • How am I butthurt? Tbh Suzy has slightly better expressions in WYWS than in UF or GFB. She even has more variety in her expressions than LJS in this drama. But her improvement could be all attributed to the writing of that drama. The last time her acting was tolerable was in DH and guess who wrote it? It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. PHR is excellent at writing great, kickass, female characters and she perfectly tailored a role for Suzy, keeping an eye on her limitations.Then again, most actors work much better with better material at hand. However, her acting is still not that convincing despite her improvement. The expectations for Suzy were quite low so her not being awkward and her facing the camera correctly is seen as an improvement. I guess you could call that one. She is better than Jin Se Yeon and Lim Ji Yeon though lol. Also, LJS, he is okay, but NOT daesang worthy. Unfortunately his fangirls firmly believe that he is daesang or grimae, or whatever it was, worthy. And everyone has different preference in looks so I won’t go there.

  2. I’m a 100% with you on this, Koala. Suzy’s character is great and they make an awesome team. I’d watch just to see them bickering and saving people. I love their dynamics and don’t care about romance that much for now. But both characters are quite sweet, so I think I will enjoy the romance when it comes.

  3. I might be bias towards UF but I think she is still has more range in UF. But it might be due to I saw her performances for the whole 20 episode and she is showing way more improvement as the show progress. while here I just saw her in 2 episode. Still nothing significant improvement. Everyone is just act like suddenly she is become tolerable while I think she is not. Though she is still more watchable than LJS which is I can’t figure out what he is trying to emote? wish Go Sun Hee get more screentime. She is really really decent in my beautiful bride.

      • @hit : yes I don’t get his approach to his character. Is he trying to be cute and funny? Or clueless about his character?

      • @hit – I don’t get it either… LJS is same same, nothing worth praising… is he anything better than before? His acting is still the same…
        Suzy, I think is definitely better than in UF, but I still like her more in DH… she was a lot cuter & younger (obviously) in DH… she is ok in WYWS.

      • He makes someone clumsy,indifferent, ordinary person. As described by his character. So why wait for someone extraordinary? But Jongsuk’s character Will grow as the drama progresses.

  4. Koala is a Suzy fangirl, I hope this drama works out Koala, if only for your sake,I remember how excited you were for UF, and noone must go through another UF again.

    Also I see two LJS haters here as always, speak about being butthurt 😛 Both of you have nothing better to do than hating on LJS

  5. Why do we have to ‘tolerate’ Suzy’s acting when there are so many other actresses that can hit it out the park acting wise. Why do we have to praise her every time she learns to move a new face muscle to show an expression. Sigh it makes me depressed thinking how based on popularity she gets parts others would make their own. Outstanding acting go watch Deserving of your name. Both actors Kim Na Gil and Kim Ah Joong just nail it. I a still reluctant to watch even if I like the writer. :(.

    • Live up to your name is really great and considering Kim Nam Gil always do action drama. Hoping for season 2 of Liv up to your name as I felt like their story is not yet finish and i’m loving their chemistry and hoping for more Jae Ha Mak Gae interaction.
      I like the writer of while you were sleeping. IHYV and Pinnochio is good. The writer is good in writing Fantasy Drama and I’m sure she is thinking about Lee Jong Suk and Suzy while writing it. Lee Jong Suk knows how to pick his drama even if it’s not a good drama it became watchable because of him. I don’t know what’s with LJS he might not be the best or great actor in Kdramaland but he have this some kind of charm that even the great actors don’t have. Can’t wait for next episode and hope it won’t disappoint as some drama is very good in the beginning but became boring and dragging in the middle. I didn’t like UF but people are right Suzy improved in this drama.

    • If I could “like” your comment, I would! I’m not watching this drama til the halfway mark. If everyone like it, I’ll watch it lol.

      The improved acting may also be attributes to by it being pre-produced which means more time to relax and correct acting.

      Anywho, I’ll see you guys at the midway mark! Happy watching!

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