Latest Sizzling Army Stills of Lee Seung Gi Prior to Scheduled October 31 Military Service Discharge

The mandatory military service of my darling boy Lee Seung Gi will go down as the loooooongest of all the stars I’ve sent off to became a man in the last decade of watching Hallyu drama. While some have flown by while most just feel normal paced, his was like on half speed so it’s crazy that he’s only been gone 20 months when it feels like 3 years. Lee Seung Gi is fielding all sorts of comeback offers from variety to music to K-dramas with a known leading man offer for the Hong Sisters Hwayugi which would reunite him for the third time with Cha Seung Won. I hope he takes it, good or bad it’s certainly buzzy enough to be worth a shot, plus both male leads have a positive track record in their respective prior Hong Sisters dramas. To prep for Lee Seung Gi’s return, here’s the most recently released stash of army pictures and even magazine stills highlighting how smexy with a smattering of macho he looks in fatigues.


Latest Sizzling Army Stills of Lee Seung Gi Prior to Scheduled October 31 Military Service Discharge — 23 Comments

  1. He looks way better now. Military service turned boys to men!

    Can’t wait for him to be back on screen and having a fresh start in finding true love. Fighting Lee Seung Gi!

  2. it’s crazy how ifans and kfans feel he’s been in the army forever . he looks so good and manly now i’m glad he still has his cute smile .

    hopefully hwayugi and the new variety show will be a hoot.

  3. Koala, it doesn’t take a guy to get into the army ‘TO BECOME A MAN’ as you put it. There are plenty of men out here who haven’t touched a gun / army uniform and are ‘THE MEN’ that you want to see apparently.

    This is a very erroneous statement, outdated and send out very wrong messages. The photo up here ascribes to the same, but then, very little intelligence goes into the making for such spreads.

    • i don’t agree with koala on lot of things and nor have i ever defended her . but this is absurd . i think what she meant as sending stars to become men , in the sense they become more manlier and become cool man in the public eye .
      i don’t think she meant these stars are not men before the army or you need to go to the army to be a man

      • So as you say, one goes to the army to become manlier and more cool. REALLY???? Don’t repeat what Koala’s article says. Stars or no stars.

        Gosh, what terribly wrong presumptions here!!!

    • Well, it is a fact that army training turns men more manlier men. Not only physical training but they teach important leadership and survival skills and how to do team work. Resilience. Army does change a man to become more patient and physically stronger. Not always, but many times. To claim otherwise would be a blatant lie. I think that’s what Koala meant. No need to get triggered and sensitive over obviously harmless expression

  4. I’m sorry but is this the early 20th century or since when does the military turn guys into “men”, Koala?

    I know this is your blog but you’ve a responsibility as well. So please watch out what you’re writing.

  5. People who never been to military service will not understand.
    Yes, military turn guys into men.

    Its not about being macho looking, its the discipline, the mindset, the physical and mental challenges, teamwork, precision, etc…the need to defend your own country to keep families safe.

    • Ditto. My brother has been in army and he learned a lot of discipline, resilience, team work, tactical thinking and important leadership skills. Of course there’s not only one and ’right’ way to be a man, but many times, army turns boys into men

  6. I hope he keeps the short hair and tan, he looks mighty fine. *insert heart eyes emoji*

    As much as I want to see him in a drama asap, he should take his time and chose wisely. Hwayugi will supposedly air in December, that gives it a month and a bit for filming before they turn to live shooting. Last time, Seung Gi’s eye was poked with a fake knife due to the pressure of live shooting. Unless they push it back, I hope he declines.

  7. I love the fact that he doesn’t have classic good looks. Especially in the photo with some other people posing together, no one would be able to say he is a star. I actually wondered why people liked him so much until I watched Brilliant Legacy and then of course I was hooked. He is one of the people who are better on screen (than on photo camera) in my opinion. And I love him better for it.

    • Why people like him so much.?? It’s really obvious. That guy (seung gi) is f*cking talented. I’m not really his big fan but you can’t deny his talents and skills as a korean entertainer. Name a celebrity who excels in drama, variety, and singing.Only Lee seung gi, and his excellence awards and is a proof of his talents as a multi entertainer.

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