Thursday’s Episode of While You Were Sleeping Overtakes Hospital Ship in Ratings Lead

The ratings lead has turned by what would normally be the 4th episode of While You Were Sleeping, as Thursday’s airing in the second week of premiere overtook the time slot leader Hospital Ship which has been on top since it started airing. Episode 7 and 8 of While You Were Sleeping got 7.9% and 8.9% AGB ratings and Hospital Ship’s episodes received 7.1% and 8.3%. Thursday is still the Chuseok holiday which explains why both dramas ratings seem down in general but did rise from the very low Wednesday airing during the holiday that is all about family time and traveling and playing games at home. Sleeping continues to be my ultimate jam, I’m eager to watch the latest episodes because I want to how how the leads Lee Jong Seok and Suzy can change the future disaster of their dreams, and in the course thwart baddies in a way their teenage selves couldn’t do to save their own dads. Even better is having a third member of the dream-seeing reluctant justice league with Jung Hae In who plays as adorable a character as Suzy’s charming female lead.


Thursday’s Episode of While You Were Sleeping Overtakes Hospital Ship in Ratings Lead — 41 Comments

      • Yes, I noticed that too. He’s better than the lead actually. All the way from his looks to his more natural style acting. I also think that Park Hye Ryn’s best drama has been IHYV. This drama is still okay, but it has so many illogical parts and nonsensical outcomes and the characters are way too unrealistic for my taste to fully take it as it is.

  1. if only all korean drama can be creative like this one. I never win any guessing game in this drama everything seems so fresh.

  2. Time has come that WYWS is leading its timeslot, come on. Given the hype and expectation plus it is written by one of the many kdrama fans fave writer.

    • while HS has only HJW and a bunch of babies though they could act actually they will have a bright future, so it is expected that WYWS will soar high with LJS and Suzy star power.

      Fighting for these dramas, coz i love both of it. WYWS for the thrill, intensity, with a touch of fantasy, while Hospital Ship tells the story for our real struggles, a slice of everyday life that will warms up your heart. I am following both, it balances my state the fantasy and reality drama.

  3. I’m not really surprised with all the publicity they made and LJS and Suzy have a great star power.

    But I’m not very fond of WYWS. I’m very curious about how works their power but I don’t really like the comedic part and neither the romance. The law part was disapointed too. I mean it was too much how the husband could escape of his crime, the fabricated proof, etc. The character of JHI is a mystery for now, we don’t how he’s linked to the soldat’s incident that seems to be the link between them (and he’s so cute :D. He chose well the dramas that will be famous between WYWS and Goblin!)

    I was happy in the last episode of Hospital Ship, we could see scenes with the two leads, it was missing in the last episodes. I like the relationships between the different characters (with her father, the oriental doctor and the death of his brother, KMH with his alzheimer father, the boat crew, etc)

    • I rolled my eyes so hard when the police took Jae Chan’s little brother like that and how the show was implying that he’d be charged with murder (or manslaughter). The supposed humor part is also so unnatural and forced. Hong Joo is supposed to be 88 born woman in her thirties and she’s still acting so immature and she obviously looks like 23 years old. Some of the lines are disappointing too like how it is so embarrassing for a woman to make a first move.
      And how the heck did that abusive husband get away with all that abusing? I’m not familiar with South-Korean law but here where I live, the prosecutor can prosecute an assaulter even if the victim chooses not to press charges (this is a new change in law, before rape and abuse crimes used to require the victims desire to press charges here too), so Korea needs to change this law asap.

      • Many countries have laws that are unfair such as this. S.K is actually more progressive compared to the countries that require you marry your rapist.
        No system is perfect especially when it comes to Money and gender.

        Even the in the U.S many frat boy/Jocks with rich daddies can get away with rape or assault, if not maybe a slap on the wrist.

      • @Lolol
        Yeah, you can’t expect progressiveness any time soon from theocratic countries that observe wahhabism. One country just made it legal this year for women to drive cars (but still with husband’s or other male guardian’s permission and behind a face covering veil of course). And no, niqab and burqa are not required in Quran.
        America on the other hand is another type of hypocritical country with a lot of misogyny. Women really don’t have a free choice there and rape laws are straight from the 50s. As someone who lives in Europe in a country with the most progressive society and education system and of course equal rights and women’s equal position in society, we’ve also had that spousal rape law for only 20 years. Korea definitely need to change their laws, like they did when Gong Yoo’s Silence came out (about child molestation and abuse)

  4. I like both drama, HS is more lukewarm which is okay. WYWS is more, for me it makes me smile seeing the characters interact on the screen, so far great chemistry between all characters, and I do like Suzy in this drama, this character suit her, or you can Suzy suit her character, it feels natural. I have loved LJS in Pinocchio and I hear you voice there is something in the way writter write the story and the characters that is my cup of tea. Can’t wait until next week to see both dramas

  5. I am holding off on WYWS until it has completed half its run. I’m sticking with Hospital Ship though it’s just okay. I really wish they had them on the ship and going around the islands because the story stalls every time they go to the hospital. I actually think the two leads have a sweet chemistry together. Too bad the writer can’t resist a silly love triangle and the standard psycho ex-girlfriend.

  6. I’m watching both dramas. HS is classic and the romance part doesn’t really matter. WYWS, full of no senses but easy to watch . I still prefer Age of youth 2 .

  7. I can’t feel this drama despite the hype and the rave reviews. It gave me the same feeling like Goblin. Something just not clicked or maybe I was spoilt by the masterpiece acting of the leads of Live Up To Your Name that I feel the actors’ performance here are below par. I am so not enjoying WYWS.

    • @OMG.
      I do have the same opinion with you.
      Can’t finished Goblin as well.
      Live Up To Your Name easily beat all the drama which aired 2017 so far.
      Best Drama with Best acting from both actors.

    • True. The acting on Live Up to Your Name is just on another level. There’s something about senior actors that just take their projects up another notch compared to these younger actors. I mean a couple of them are actually good but I just prefer the mature actors more.

  8. Iam hoping wows does not turn out to be like w two worlds where I became confused with what was going on. It started out with suzy dreaming then ljs now also the police officer. I hope they don’t add another dreamer who wants to change the future. It will all become too confusing.

  9. WYWS is such a rare gem where most of the characters have great chemistry, even the ones who rarely interact. Like Suzy and LJS’s little bro.
    Or the two moms or even KSH and LJS’s characters in the restaurant when she called him childish.
    Their chemistry makes it so much easier for me to grow an attachment to their characters. Their relationships are so heartwarming; I am definitely gonna miss Kim So Hyun.

    I don’t understand how people are confused by the drama, it makes me wonder if we are watching the same drama. Literally they have a dream about something and they try to prevent the dream from happening.

    I appreciate them not rushing the romance part. Their chemistry for now is sweet to watch and as their relationship and bond progresses then it can become something romantic. For now they can just let it marinate. I love it, love it, love it!

  10. Wait!
    People are saying Suzy’s acting has improved.
    I can’t see it.
    I’m still not feeling this drama. It would have been better if Kim So Hyun was the lead. Being her lead was not going to harm the ratings of drama in any way.

    • We have to talk relative here. All the comments I’ve read are that Suzy has ‘improved’ but only by her awful acting standards. No one even compares her with other idols or actresses. For me, I think she has improved because I couldn’t even watch her previous dramas (yes, I dropped dream high because of her) but here, I can watch. Although, watching means I still can’t feel her acting. She tries to act cute but it looks stale. When the story is moving her acting is better but this could be a number of reasons as many commentators have suggested:
      – PHR has written this role especially for her level of acting (can’t remember another writer doing this for any other actor, most actors act out a character)
      – Great editing from SBS
      – Good directing from PD (camera doesn’t face her bad emoting scenes, focus on others who can. For example KSH stole the scenes she appeared in with her)
      – as the drama continues I can see her acting is relatively the same. Her ‘improvement’ is baby steps. Having wrote all this, I always give chances to every actor/idol and for me this year an ex-idol who really took my heart with his acting is hands down Lee Joon. I will patiently wait for his return from his military service.

      • Thanks for clarifying now I got what everybody is trying to express.
        I’ve no problem with idol actors/actress if they are good or working hard on being good but here it’s not the case.
        But it’s sad when good writers like Park Hye Run and Lee Kyung Hee bend their standards to suit the needs of an actress who continuously fails to deliever.
        I don’t know how Suzy bags these high profile dramas. Even though she is famous and considered pretty she is not a rating magnet.Lee Jong Suk’s presence is enough to create the buzz. There are numerous talented actress who could play her part.

  11. I agree with the Suzy acting. Its improved from Dream High for sure but her expressions are still pretty limited. I think I know where her biggest problem lie. Its her eye acting. Its lacking. Without good eye acting, its hard to draw viewers into the depth of the character. On the other side is KSH who is a killer in eye acting, so when you put two by two, its pretty obvious. KSH – the way she pleaded with SJH not to say anything about what he saw at the concert night, her eyes conveyed desperation and threat, her eye acting completely changed when she was looking at LJS and asking him if he was talking to a kid but in her eyes conveyed gratefulness and relief. She still has edges to her acting that is still pretty raw but 18 years of age, she has easily surpassed many older actresses with her depth. Other examples of actresses who doesn’t have good eye acting besides suzy… Chae Soo Bin, Oh Yeon So and Yoona. IMO… thats why its hard to go deep with them when I watch them in dramas.

    • i agree. Im allergic to Suzy, esp UF- which amplify her lackings, In WYWS shes more tolerable and thats thanks to better writing and camera work. But when its a scene totally focusing on her, and you wait for her to emote – she come up short. I was disappointed in her acting when she needed to cry. she didnt let go to cry ugly but heartfelt as other better actresses could.
      evy moment KSH appear i hold my breath. Shes tiny but she has so much screen presence and her eyes and the emotions she can convey, so arresting.
      The only part i dont agree.. i dont thk substituting her with another idol actress like Yoona helps.

    • Chae Soo Bin doesn’t have good eye acting? That’s not my experience of her, especially in Sassy Go Go or SDM, I never have trouble understanding or feeling what emotion she’s trying to portray (she’s not the type i find pretty but i acknowledge her acting).

      I agree about Suzy and Yoona though, they have that slightly wall-eyed look sometimes, the trouble with Suzy is that she really struggles with the basic mechanics of acting (line delivery, facial and eye expression, body language). It takes a really talented writer and pd to deal with that and honestly I am still not sure she’s worth the effort. Someone like Nam Ji Hyun, Jo Bo Ah or even Gong Seung Yeon could do much better.

  12. Really enjoying WYWS so far. HJW’s probably my favorite K-actress, so it’s a bit sad to see HS get overtaken. Nevertheless, there’s something about the combination of good writing and acting that just makes the WYWS characters so likable. Feels like the show is very polished, from the editing to the mix of humor and tension in the plot.

    Haven’t seen a drama this good in a while, so I’m glad the ratings and general sentiment I’ve been seeing around the show is so positive.

  13. KSH eye acting for her age is amazing! But its also not fair to compare Suzy to KSH in that term. Suzy is an idol with no acting training and not naturally gifted like DO or Eunji. KSH is an actor through and through with 10+ years of experience especially a lot of historical dramas where more difficult acting is demanded. Suzy, also has a naturally shrill voice unlike KSH, Eunji or even Nana so when she screams it goes an octave higher and sounds unnatural. Still, I think this role is very suited to her and no one really expects much from idol actors unlike pure bred actors like KSH. I think their scenes together had a lot of chemistry and both for the most part, equally contribute to make it enjoyable. I really will miss their bickering!

    • No offence, but if Suzy has been a lead in a few drama already, your description of her being “an idol with no acting training” does not make sense. Her experience should suffice and if she realizes she is “not gifted”, she should take acting lessons during her off-times. I don’t see any effort in her part to improve. All compliments belong to the writer who makes her look bearable to watch. I totally agree with your saying of her “shrill voice” and “unnatural” ?

      • She made improvements and she’ll keep improvements. She is doing well and we are enjoying her acting. It’s too bad you and a few others aren’t, but we are enjoying her.

      • We have to measure Suzy’s improvements by her own standards and not other actors or even idol actors because frankly even Yoona is better than Suzy at acting. And I don’t think Yoona is a good actor. If you compare to GFB and UF, this is much much better! For the first time I can see Suzy trying so I am accepting of her acting for now.

    • Kim So Hyun even at 13 years old was a better actress than Suzy currently is after being almost 7 years into acting and the lead of multiple acting projects.

      This isn’t about experience, some people just don’t have the talent. Suzy is lucky she entered the entertainment industry in Korea where stars can be made by a pretty face+media play with zero ability needed at anything but being pretty.

      (Compared to western stars known mainly for beauty, even Angelina Jolie has an Oscar and Scarlett Johansson has a Tony ie they are acknowledged for decent acting)

      • You are correct. There are newbies and even idols who may not have a lot of experience but can still have great acting performances. A professional actress should be able to perform any role without depending on the writer to adjust to her acting limitations.

    • actually its not only ljs the credit goes to all the actors and actressess, everyone is doing pretty amazing acting. Suzy has also improved a lot although i do admit that most of the improvemnt is because her character is very well written and it suits her.

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