Jeon Ji Hyun and High Fashion Remain in Sync in New Pictorial

I do wonder how much a successful pictorial is photographer or model driven, because I’ve seen certain stars rarely delivering on print while others hit it out of the park every time regardless of location or set up. Jeon Ji Hyun really is the latter rarity and I tend to think she has a lot to do with it, this innate connection with the camera and knowing angles. Subtle shifts in body language for her makes a shot pop in a edgy way rather than sitting on the page like a mannequin. Her latest pictorial highlights the coming fall colors of black with various tonal greens like olive. celadon, and moss. With her being pregnant it’s perfect to model outerwear and tunics which she does so beautifully, I’m not usually liking green shades but am drooling for a few of the pieces.


Jeon Ji Hyun and High Fashion Remain in Sync in New Pictorial — 5 Comments

  1. Idk if thats some great photoshop but her face never ages, not even after pregnancies. She won in the genetic lottery

  2. Loved the coats’ designs and styles, but want them in brighter livelier colours. The outfits are so dull coloured. Autumn can be bright as well. The Jacket is hip!

    She is preggers? Absolutely no Baby bump at all!!

    She looks good when they make her eyebrows thicker and fuller.

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