Suzy is Warm and Cozy in Rome for the Fall issue of Elle Korea

I like actress-idol Suzy in spite of knowing and accepting that she’s quite limited in actual talent in both acting or singing. I like her appeal and in the few projects she’s shined such as Dream High and Introduction to Architecture she just works for me, this approachable aura that can be cute and goofy. I think she’s hitting all the right notes in currently airing K-drama While You Were Sleeping in that very feeling when playing a super lovable character that is dealing with so much heaviness in her life but manages to be strong and chipper about it. I thought her short hair would detract from her beauty but it fits so well into the narrative and her beaming smile and charming acting pulls everything together. Just like this Elle Korea pictorial in Rome this last summer, makes me want to pull my cutest outfits together in a chic carry-on and jet there for a weekend of dining and touring.


Suzy is Warm and Cozy in Rome for the Fall issue of Elle Korea — 44 Comments

  1. I too think that she’s limited in her endeavors besides idol life (I think she is a great idol, one of the best all rounder with singing and visual), and, as a fan, I think she wins in life for being always humble in everything she does, charismatic, beautiful and a hardworker. She kinda reminds me of SHK (one of my favorites)in the beginning of her career and all the rave around her at the time and I hope she will grow to be a good actress like her senior. What I don’t understand is why people insist to watch everything she’s on, when some of them clearly hate her and needs to put down anything she does. When I don’t like a personality I just don’t watch them, period. Anyway, she stays winning in life and I’m here for it.

    • I completely agree, despite all her success and ridiculous popularity she is always remains personal and approachable as she has a humility to her. I don’t think in all my years as a Kopop fan I’ve ever heard one bad thing about her. In most cases some would have given up on their dream after receiving a negative feedback from drama to dram but she keeps going and she keeps striving. I have great admiration for her.

    • But SHK always could nail emotional scenes. She always had kind of incaptivating eyes which could express pain beautifully. SHK couldn’t(somewhat still can’t)
      get into the characters properly but she never lacked the expressiveness.
      If you want someone to compare with Suzy then it should be Kim Tae Hee. Pretty face, nice image(also famous boyfriend lol) but throughly struggling at expressing herself.
      SHK doesn’t has range but she can do well in her niche. While for Suzy if she really wants to improve she needs to work really hard on herself. She should be thankful for her luck which made good writer like Park Hye Run to adept according to her shortcomings.

      • Kim Tae Hee is improving though. So much.. She was so good in Jang Ok Jung, She is even outshining Yoo Ah In.

        Song Hye Kyo is also improve alot, especially in That winter the wind blows, It’s just I can’t believe this is Song Hye Kyo. So different compare to her previous performances.

        Suzy can improve also if she is serious about acting. I can definitely see some spark in her in UF and WYWS, though she is still far away from being at least decent.

      • Answering to the user below, yeah, Kim Tae Hee is improving after 15 years of experience and she’s already 35. There are people who gave up on her and people who likes to watch her growth, simple as that. So I don’t get all the OTT reactions everytime Suzy breaths.

    • Some of us are fans of her costars, it’s not that easy to avoid her acting when they do dramas together and she only takes lead roles.

  2. I think that Suzy is pretty, this pictorial is pretty but nothing about it really screams Rome, other than perhaps the photo on the front cover

  3. She is so freaking beautiful with both short and long hair there is a photo of her in red boots and a skirt she wore on this photo shoot and I swear I spent an hour thinking of buying that outfit.
    I did fall in love.

  4. Isn’t this old news? Anyway, it doesn’t matter if her acting isn’t that great. She is likable and endearing and that’s why people like her.

    • So what if she has talent but no charm or screen presence to bring in ratings and audience?
      She was overshadowed by supporting cast in her own drama, Rebel. Honey Lee was nominated and given the acting awards over her, the actual female lead.

      Unless she is oscar worthy like Bae Doona or Jeon Doyeon, talent actually doesn’t matter. She will forever be overshadowed by actresses with less talent but has audience affinity.

      • But I don’t find Suzy charming at all. I’m sure I’m not blind. Actually I’m very good at spotting the charm. For me Suzy is just the product of sly marketting. Besides her down to earth image she has no personality.

      • You can’t compare Suzy and CSB. The latter has nothing but acting going for her but she’s not even that good because Kim Ji Won and Gong Seung Yoon and even Nana are better as rookie/new actresses. Suzy has an aura that can’t be beaten. She’s always going to be the National First Love that men will fawn over. Girls want to be her and guys want to date her. She doesn’t need to be some great actress she’s too beautiful and has an awesome personality that her skills don’t matter anymore.

      • … god the level of delusion to which Suzy fans will sink really needs to be seen to be believed. I can’t believe some are insecure enough to attack another actress for…being more talented, wow.

        I hope that girl rises to the top and makes you even more insecure, same goes for Kim Ji Won and Gong Seung Yeon, may they snatch all the wigs ♡♡

      • @Trwe – that’s it. She’s basically the product of image marketing, she doesn’t even come across as particularly interested or engaged in acting for anything but image/popularity/more CFs.

        It’s probably easy to be that way when she’s never even had to audition for a single acting role and drama writers actively try to work around her deficiencies because of CF $$$$, there’s no incentive to try that hard.

      • @teacakes TaeJiHye had almost negligent talent when they started and even now their acting skills aren’t considered amazing but has that stopped then from ruling over drama land for over 2 decades. How can another actress go above Suzy, Yoona or even Krystal when season directors like the PD of reply and writer of Misaeng would rather cast pretty idols than rookie actresses. They have a very justified reason to do so as well. In Korea looks Sella above talent which is why Shin Min Ah despite her questionable acting skills has a heft asking rate and kitty full of dramas. Han Hyo Joo was lucky to have goddess level beauty and talent or she would have ended up like Kim Seul Gi. Extremely talented but no one would want to put their money on her. Kim Ji Won might become the next Han Hyo Joo too but Chae Soo Bin has no screen presence and got overshadowed by Honey Lee who has only ever played side characters almost her entire career.

      • I still don’t consider her a Hallayu star because she has never been in a massively popular drama.
        But I think she may have same level of status as Kim Tae Hee and Song Hye Kyo in future(If she remains free from ‘scandals’).I’m fine with that.
        My only concern is that if talented writers like Park Hye Run and Lee Kyung Hee has stopped caring about the skills of their leading ladies then who will. It’s like an artists completed his masterpiece and let little kids scribble over it. Well it’s an exaggerated analogy.
        With presence of Lee Jong suk alone the drama could drew the audience and there are umpteen number of young and popular actresses who could play the part.
        Suzy suffered from ‘identity theft’ in India because she is not popular there.

      • @Clim – I don’t know why you keep bringing up Honey Lee as if it’s some proof that Chae Soo Bin isn’t well regarded after doing Rebel.

        CSB was the ‘female lead’ in the sense of being Yoon Kyun Sang’s OTP but her role in Rebel was actually more like a supporting one, so if that is how she comes off, it’s not proof of ‘overshadowing’, it’s directly the result of how much screen time or story focus she had. Lee Honey was wonderful as the antiheroine/tragic heroine figure but the only reason she isn’t considered as the most significant female role in Rebel is because of the Korean mentality that love interest= first lead, everyone else = supporting.

        TaeHyeJi debuted with less skills than they have now but even at 18-19, at least Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun were ahead of the level of acting Suzie has after so much careful writing and directing. SHK wasn’t any great actress, but she waa good at melo and her eyes expressed it well. JJH had charisma for miles and was only 18 when she did My Sassy Girl but that movie got famous even to western audiences who don’t know drama at all, those people aren’t Korean and not the ‘screw-talent’ types.

        The era of new and unskilled idols getting automatic lead roles in dramas looks like it’s over (current-gen idols don’t get lead roles the way 2 and 3gen idols do, and even when they do the ratings are low) since so many idol dramas even with popular idols kept flopping, THAAD killed one major market, and people are turning to actors instead. These girls and boys you named will only get roles as long as they get CFs, because otherwise it’s not worth the investment to cast a not-so-good actress and write to accommodate them.

      • There is no point arguing or even wondering why Suzy gets more love an better roles than Soobin or other rookie actors. She is a wall and people like Soobin can only dream of being her. Unfortunetly for Soobin the entire 94 line is composed of amazing visuals who have already won the audiences with their warm appearences and charm. From Suzy to Krystal to Hyeri they are all well liked by the audience and CF companies which is why their endorsements run a mile long. Even Yoona has been able to retain her Innisfree endorsement for 5 or so years now and was the first choice of Song Ji-na for TKL. As much as we want say idol actors don’t deserve their casting they are cheaper to hire than rookie actors actually. Idols like Sejeong and Bona and Joy or even Mina of Gugudan are much cheaper than Soobin or other rookie actresses. With almost every channel in the red these days idol casting is preffered to actress casting.

      • And if we are talking about Soobin vs Suzy then I think its better to say that Suzy is not even competition to her because she is already well established in the industry and they aren’t even offered roles in the same age category. Soobin gets early 20s while Suzy gets late 20s – early 30s. They aren’t competing for the same roles actually. The competition for these rising stars is actually the Kim Troika who will also be cast for the early 20s roles. Unfortunately for the entire 93-00 line of rising stars, these 3 are major acting powerhouses with goddess like visuals to boot so and have been pre-determined by media and audiences to rule drama and movies for the next decade and more. You only get about 60 dramas a year between Park Shinhye, Park Boyoung, Kang Sora, Gong Hyo Jin, Seo Hyun Jin, Suzy, Yoona, Hyeri, the Kim trio and at times TaeJiHye how many roles are there even for rookie actresses?

      • Are Krystal & Hyeri really well liked by the audience? They are just so-so, nothing special… cheap (in salary) & available… the drama that Krystal was the lead with Rain is terrible, and now she is back as a second lead….

      • @candycane – Krystal is well liked as a CF model and is Etude’s longest running model at present. She’s also a regular a international fashion events and major fashion show in Korea plus attends numerous high end store openings. She got no hate for her dating scandal or the break up actually and a lot of people liked her Bride and now she’s landed a role in a high profile drama like Prison. She’s a fashion icon known for her mysterious image but for Krystal acting isn’t important, its not her priority so I doubt second leads matter to her. She’s got a pretty solid career going for her even without lead roles. Hyeri is adored by male fans for her aegyo and has an even more positive image after dating Junyeol. They are both well accepted by the audience and hardly get any hate anymore.

      • @Nae nae – I am fine with Krystal as second lead in Bride (I actually like her more there than SSK). Krystal suits better being a second lead, and I am glad it does not matter to her

    • @teacake
      Yes I totally believe it’s wonder of meticulous ‘image’ management. But I don’t hate Suzy. I just think she is damn lucky who got to meet right people at right place at right time.
      I even think she thorughly lacks the vocal skills too and for me her beauty is just average supported by good makeup and camera work.But when was world fair to the talents.
      Although I think it’s even more apparent in Korean industry. Atleast in other industries the it girls are mildly talented and ooze sexiness.
      It’s shame that real talented and more beautiful actress don’t get the chance they deserve.
      It is even prevelent in Korean music industry. I remember the case of Youhna. Despite having talent a lot of famous agencies turned her down because they thought she was ‘ugly’ and then she went to Japan. After her success there she was accepted in Korea. But she is still hated in Korea for being ‘rude’ and ‘odd’ though I think she is perfectly fine. Having a nice and down to earth image plays a huge role for being successful in Korea. But reality is the people who went through a lot of hate and lot of prejudice can’t afford to be being ‘nice’ and ‘smiley’ all of the time.

      • @Trews – I agree with everything you said. It’s really true that talent is often ignored for beauty, young actresses really have to have Olympian level qualifications of looks and skills and image to make it in the kdrama industry while idols like these just get everything on a platter no matter what their skill level is.

    • @clim
      Ah! Kim seul Gi! That is a truely charming and talented actress.
      I think if this pattern continues then it can be cause of the downfall of K dramas. Kim Eun Sook totally depends on star power because she lacks in talent. Suzy depends upon power of agency for securing high profile roles because she is still not a Hallayu star.
      Shin Min Ah is underwhelming but she is a chic model. I like her expressive and effortless poses. Jun Ji Hyun also made her name through CFs though she is much more talented and charming. She plays only on her srengths.

      • Suzy is a hallyu star actually but not because of her dramas but her looks. She always gets mentioned on rankings for beauty even in China and has even suffered identity theft in India. She has as almost many fanboys as Kim Tae Hee in and outside Korea. Her agency might have packaged her well but Suzy’s star power is even bigger than what JYP possibly predicted or hoped for and the massive success that WYWS will be internationally and maybe even in Korea will cement her status in dramas as well. All she needs to complete her crown will be a lead role in a highly successful movie. It’s true for Korea, looks trump talent any day.

      • @clim – a successful movie? Her last one didn’t even get 350k admissions, being a cf star is fine on the small screen where people don’t pay to see you but it won’t get people to open their wallets and shell out for a movie ticket.

        Chungmuro has higher standards for talent than that, she got lucky once but she’ll be milking that architecture movie till she’s 40 because she just doesn’t have what it takes.

  5. Suzy is freaking charming. The camera loves her and she has a great personality. It’s not about being blind. It’s about the face that you have something you just don’t like about her or you preference are different from the general public in Korea. As far as I have noticed, the only thing she gets criticized for is acting. A majority of the public love her.

    • She will never be a good actress I think I’ve come to accept that but I still love her. She has a winning personality and is very beautiful. Her CFs are always fun to watch and she just feels like a very warm person overall.

      • Never is such a strong word lmao
        She’s just 22, the age that many idols debut and actresses start their acting career, she’s been around since she was 15 y/o and she only got into acting bc of her agency pressure. She herself said that in the process of maturing she started to love acting and to work hard to improve each aspect that the public criticized in her so she would be praised not by her beauty, but for her good job. It’s on the public to choose to watch her grow or not, and the public loves her. So some people (not referring to you, ok) who are too anal about her should just drop out of her projects and let her be, it’s better for the health and better for the heart. I, for example, don’t feel like watching Hyeri, Yoona, Jin Se Yoon, Lee Yeon Hee, Hwang Jung Eum in stuff they’re on, so I just leave the people who enjoy their shows in peace and that’s it. I’m no critic of dramas, so Idgf about the stuff they put out.

  6. I know Ms Koala likes Suzy, and she looks fine… But being born in Roma, these photos are not showing much of Roma’s nice sceneries. I was home (& also in Venice) this summer, no one wore thick jackets like Suzy… do you know how hot Roma was?… what the heck… lololol…

    • I think it’s because it was a f/w shoot for Fendi. A lot of Kstars have been doing f/w shoots in crazy hot weather!

      I would love to see more Rome in this too. It’s such a beautiful city!

      • totally… I saw wedding photos taken in Venice San Marco in the heat (late-August)… we were drinking beer at the pier… really feel sorry for them… you should go to Roma someday… not in July though, super hot at 40 degrees!… avoid the summer heat there…

  7. Dang she is a gorgeous girl! I am no fan of hers, but I admit she’s got amazing visuals! And I don’t know if it’s just me, but she really resembles Park Shin Hye in the first picture. Lol

    • It’s the angle and styling, I thought it was PSH at first as well. Though, I’ve always though that among the younger gen Shinhye, Suzy & Sohyun have the best visuals for magazines. They have no blind spot & are so charismatic. The camera clearly loves them and their natural beauty enhances every shot.

      • Suzy, PSH & KSH have amazing visuals! Their charisma is captured well even in photos most likely because they are natural beauties with goddess like auras. PSH & KSH have the added advantage of having extremely expressive eyes that you don’t see in most actresses these days. Magazine editors must be falling over themselves to get these 3 for photoshoots.

  8. Lol it’s already happening. Suzy has visuals (not comparable to TaeJiHye though, they’re unbeatable with Lee Yeon Hee and other Korean timeless beauties in film), large fandom, appealing personality and once again, visuals. Her acting can vary from sucky to ’just’ decent enough to not make people turn away. People’s expectations aren’t exactly the highest so the tiny bit of improvement is praised to heavens and back . And she’ll get major acting awards and even daesang one day for performances that could be considered null if they were performed by seasoned actresses. Because ratings matter too much in most awards shows. Because she has that one character from Architecture 101 that sealed her fate as the ’nation’s first love’ and brought her up to the actress level. Because she’s in a big agency that can get her any acting chances without her ever having to audition and compete for her roles. Because that same agency gets her very good CF deals too and that product of successful pushing is now headlining dramas. Too bad that even beauties (or goddess beauties as they consider) like Kim Tae Hee get massive criticism for their bad acting. But even that’s not stopping them from getting huge salary, bigger salary than actually good actresses, and it’s not stopping them from getting lead roles and CFs either. Not to mention those acting awards.

    • True, once again mediocrity is rewarded. But I guess that’s her appeal too, she’s humble or at least has a humble image because she knows she doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of skill. She knows which way her bread is buttered, having an ‘actress’ image leads to higher CF pay no matter what her acting is like, and tv stations will keep giving her roles because they want CF money. It’s very circular that way.

  9. I also think Suzy is very charming due to camera angles + makeup. Idk whether her acting has improved but her tonality diff hasnt and it is very annoying to the point that I’ve already dropped WYWS.

    • While me, I’ll just have tequila mojito. Cant digest the overhyping of delulu fantards here. Nation’s first love who doesnt sell well, dependent on her leading men’s acting skills and even having a popular idol-actor boyfriend. But Her alone, mediocrity. Even the looks, just an average so-so, the delulu fans only see the edited photoshop magazines, heavy make-ups and whitewashed skin, but the bareface is unrecognizable common looking duh. Is that the best looking actress Korea has to offer the world, such a downgrade and letdown!

      • agree… 🙂 Suzy has no talents. My mom says Suzy is ugly… I know it all depends on where in the world you live in, and your beauty standard & culture etc….. Honey Lee is 3rd runner up in Miss Universe 2007, how is Suzy compared to Honey… hahaha… this should be obvious, right? But anyway, Suzy looks fine to me, ok, so-so, better with make-up… I just don’t understand what’s the hype… I know her delulu fans will call me crazy… it is still a very long way for Suzy to make it big, I mean at the international level. With her kind of acting, sheesh…

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