Preview and Movie Stills for K-movie Glass Garden with Moon Geun Young

I’m happy that K-actress Moon Geun Young is all recovered after her medical scare and hospitalization earlier this year, and even happier that her return to work comes with a finished project ready to premiere. Promos are ramping up for psychological thriller movie Glass Garden, which Moon Geun Young filmed last year and has been selected as the opening night film for the Busan Film Festival. Moon Geun Young plays an isolated blood researcher who crosses paths with Kim Tae Hoon playing a writer, and the rest plays out in an increasingly eerie reveal about what’s really going on in the glass garden out in the countryside. The posters play up how girlish and pretty Moon Geun Young looks but the movie stills show her character haggard and crying, and with her hair cut short this looks reminds of her fantastic good girl with a tough inside turn in Cinderella’s Unni. This movie isn’t my usual fare but I hope it gets good reviews for both the product and for Moon Geun Young’s performance.

Trailer for Glass Garden:


Preview and Movie Stills for K-movie Glass Garden with Moon Geun Young — 36 Comments

  1. Moon Geun Young was good in Portrait of the Wind. However, to be honest, she has only on look (maybe two looks on a good day) and she doesn’t quite have much range. You’d think a daesang winner would be better…

    • *only one look, you know what I mean. You can see that look on that poster (or those posters, since it truly is just one look)

      • true. I see everyone’s are busy shitting on SSK these days (party correct) but they’d keep giving undeserving applauses to MGY performances just bc of the bandwag thing. when was the time that MGY really show improvment or sort of different performance?

      • Joining the bandwagon hate or love is so unintelligent. What I personally do is, I first watch the actors acting in some or all of their dramas/movies before I arrive to a conclusion of their acting talent, potential and limitations. Sometimes I may come off much harsher than I intend but I believe I have well argued views that some people may not always agree with. I really don’t let others opinions affect me and even when I have biases too, I make sure I acknowledge what there’s to be acknowledged. I may be infamous for criticizing for example LJS, but even I can tell where he was good at.

        It’s so easy to join the bandwagon hate and love without even thinking much about it. If people see other commenters saying that MGY is a great actress, daesang winner, and one of the best in her age group and some other commenters say the same thing, it’s easy to start believing that MGY is ’the best of her gen’ without ever even seeing one thing she’s been in. Same with the negative comments, it’s really easy to join them without watching anything of that actor, because everyone else is saying the same thing. The hive mentality and the lack of critical thinking skills enables sheeple to join love/hate bandwagons.

        The fact is, MGY was good only in Painter of the Wind, but she has very little range and she has that one expression and look, yet people are never pointing that out.

      • You are really mean. You don’t hesitate in trashing people. Your comments are always loaded with negitivity. Even though you are hated by all of the people here but still you can’t stop shitting here. People will be grateful if you could remove your abhorrent existance from here. But I won’t because whatever you say I agree with you. Even though you don’t have nice way of saying it. I’ve got sick of the people who guise their cerebral idleness with fake niceness. But the truth is truth even though people don’t want to use their brain to decipher it and even when they can see it they don’t have power of accepting it.

      • @Fraud, a triggered Suzy fan, eh? I’m having difficulties in understanding the contents of your comment. So you want me to remove my abhorrent ’existance’ from here because my comments are always loaded with negativity, but on the other hand you don’t want me to because whatever I say, you agree with it. Okay.. I guess that’s a complement ? 🙂

      • @Fraud, a triggered Suzy fan, eh? I’m having difficulties in understanding the contents of your comment. So you want me to remove my abhorrent ’existance’ from here because my comments are always loaded with negativity, but on the other hand you don’t want me to because whatever I say, you agree with it. Okay.. I guess that’s a compliment ? 🙂

      • @Fraud – you truly have a strong tendency to over generalize! Here you go again…. ? But duh, you are wrong ?

      • @candycane
        Lol. This time I didn’t. You have tendency of reading comments in hurry.? Take your time you will comperhend my intention.?

      • @candicane
        That’s why I said you need to read the comments well.
        It was a typo.?
        Maybe I also need to be careful while writing comments.?

    • Oh please be fair. She was really good in Autumn in my Heart, A tale of two sisters and my little bride. Which actress her age has as many representatives productions?

      • She’s definitely not bad actress, just she hasn’t got range and she really has that one expression. Well, she was better than Song Hye Kyo in Autumn in my Heart though.

      • @Abc, no they don’t. There are many actresses who have different expressions and very expressive eyes.

    • Looks like you haven’t read my comment on Suzy in this thread. Read it then you can know what I think.☺
      I didn’t know you would find it difficult to understand my message.?

    • @Fraud – please don’t speak for “all of the people here”, I am certainly not one of those. I enjoy reading prettyautumn’s comments, I don’t agree with her all the time, but at least she has insights. Unlike you who think you can speak for “all of the people here” who is the worst! Just say what you want to say & stop dragging people along with you. I will not be grateful ??? I think I hate you more…

      • Hahaha @ Fraud, I reread your comments now & you are funny. Sorry I misread you!!! My biggest apology to you! But still I don’t appreciate your “all of the people here” because I should not be included ???

      • @candycane Oops looks I overgeneralized!
        But above case is not applicable to you because I consider you and ‘prettyautumn’ a single entity. Your minds are so in sync with each-other.?

    • @candycane
      You again read my comment hurriedly.?
      I’ve already mentioned my shortcoming in my latest comment but you still pointed out the same thing to me.?
      Try to read properly from today.?

    • That’s what I was thinking! She looks the same as she did in Autumn in my heart and My Little Bride (the first Korean anything I ever saw! Haven’t looked back since!)

  2. Personaly, I can’t stop thinking that she is squinting, so sometimes I have trouble to focus on her acting.

    For her career, I want her in a lighter role because I saw her only in heavy, sad or cold character… (except in Mary Me, Mary where she was very cute)

  3. To me, an outstanding actor or actress or director is one who can manage to totally engross me in the story and characters to the point where one totally forgets who’s acting or directing. In that sense, not a lot of actors or actress can be consistent enough to do that all the time for reasons that they may or may not be responsible for. In MGY’s case, I remember that it was her portrayal in the film, Love Me Not, that impressed me first. Seeing how MGY looks like a real sleep-deprived young graduate researcher in Glass Garden trailer gives hope that this can be an absorbing film.

  4. As acting is subjective, for me MGY is one of the finest actresses in korea. She is one of the few who are nuanced and realistic when portrying characters. Maybe the reason why others think she has limited range is that during her peak(post-painter of the wind), she was not able to challenge herself more in terms of picking daring roles. Maybe this is due to the fact that her title “nation’s little sister” made her difficult to make transitions and maybe she had fear that the audiences might not accept it if she becomes daring and bold.

    Anyhow, i do appreciate her acting and wish her all the best, hope she will do a drama soon too.

      • Sometimes but not always, people judge the actor’s ability through the likeability of the character or if they like the drama as a whole. Post-painter of the wind, MGY’s characters and dramas are mediocre and she was typecasted in melo and her romcom is a flop.Though cinderella’s sister is a rating’s hit and her acting there is superb, the drama has its problems and it’s mediocre as well as a whole. She is also not popular internationally maybe the reason why intl viewers are more critical of her acting than kviewers, but she is not underrated in korea. K-viewers still has a high regard in MGY’s acting.

  5. She is brave to come out in public nursing a difficult situation with arm and hand as seen from her pictures.Moonie carries her heart on her sleeve…she is very much her own person and a very unique girl.

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