Second Episode of Witch’s Court Catches Up to Ratings Leader SBS Drama Temperature of Love

There’s been interesting movement in the Mon-Tues time slot competition and in a way I didn’t expect. The second episode airing of KBS legal drama Witch’s Court garnered 9.5% AGB nationwide ratings, putting it basically neck-to-neck with ratings lead Temperature of Love on SBS which got 8.8% and 10.3% respectively for episodes 15 and 16. MBC preempted new arrival 20th Century Boy and Girl by airing the South Korean national team soccer game for the World Cup qualifiers, and already make up for it by airing 4 episodes of 20th Century on Monday. Without 20th Century it’s interesting that the viewers all migrated to Witch’s Court, which shows that Temperature has settled into a comfortable groove of viewers in the high single digits to low double digits range and if there isn’t a third option viewers are headed to try out Witch rather than go back to Temperature, which is a slow burn and not a dish for immediate satisfaction type of consumption. Now I’m curious to check out Witch’s Court, any early thoughts on that one?

Yoon Hyun Min and Jung Ryeo Won in Witch’s Court was a combo that excited me about zero percent when I heard about the casting but a good drama product always trumps casting preferences so if this drama is solid then there’s a good chance for KBS to gain traction in a time slot it’s been fairly week in for year except for the rare breakout hits.


Second Episode of Witch’s Court Catches Up to Ratings Leader SBS Drama Temperature of Love — 15 Comments

  1. Not watching both of drama but I know Yoon Hyun Min is a better actor and always choose good projects. He’s also very versatile. Hope this could make his career better. And from short clips that available I could see why k-netz has some interest to this show. Unique but a bit heavy concept.

  2. Witch’s Court is a good drama and surprisingly the leads are good too.

    Jung Rye Won is so much better here than Bubblegum and Yoon Hyun Min is great as the leading man. The storyline is interesting too better than the bland love story of Temperature of Love. And Kim Jae Wook not being the lead actor is a bummer too!

  3. No offense, but for me Seo Hyun Jin is overrated, her style and acting always the same 🙁 I like KJW but I have to drop it, sorry 🙁

  4. Yay! Glad to hear that ratings went up so much! I am enjoying the show much more than I thought I would. The story and characters are really interesting, especially the female lead character 🙂 She’s awesomely different from the stereotype and the story seems to have a slightly darker undertone than I thought I’d see from one of the mainstream broadcast stations. So far so good!

  5. After watching the first episode of TOL I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the second episode. It’s just too slow for my liking. I absolutely adored Seo Hyun Jin in AOHY but in TOL her acting and even her hairstyle are the same. The male leads are fine but not enough to make up for the bland storyline.
    Witch’s Court is a female centric drama and Jung Ryeo Won is much better at these roles than romantic ones. I had to drop her last drama because it was too slow (like watching an indie movie in slow motion).
    I have nothing against slice of life dramas but if the plot is more bland than real life that’s where I draw the line!

  6. I was never a JRW fan but, man, she’s good in this! Really, really, love her character: smart, sneaky, and manipulative. Am looking forward to her showdown with that crooked lawyer-politician.

  7. I’ve loved JRW since History of A Salaryman and I enjoyed the main lead in Tunnel so I can’t wait to watch this! I’m hearing it’s good and I’m just desperately hoping there’s a stellar drama out of the current bunch (in terms of quality not ratings). It will definitely steal more viewers from ToL if it gets really good and I think it would appeal to fairly similar viewer demographics.

    At the end of the day, what matters is that they stay interesting till the end! I’m tired of being disappointed by dramas that start well and just drop off and end with a fizzle. Koreans seem fed up too!

  8. The two first episodes of “Witch’s court” were just fine. I’m waiting for next week to think about it seriously. The female main lead is a bit annoying, but considering what has been through… I’m going to give her one or two episodes to reedem herself with the help of the male lead. As for Temperature of love, it’s so boring, I’m not watching it anymore. I don’t thing the leads have any chemistry, I’m tired of Kim Jae Wook doing such a crap, he deserves better. Buuuuut I fell in love instantly with “Because this is my first life”. It reminds me of “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu” a very good jdrama starred by Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen. Oh! it was so lovely, and I’m so happy this kdrama is so similar; and, to be honest, Lee Min Ki is such a good actor, I’ve missed him.

  9. I just watched the 1st episode of This is My First Life and I fell in love quickly also! I sorely miss quirky and cute rom-coms like it. Maybe I need to check out more jdramas then…

  10. Witches Court surprisingly good! Female lead character enticingly manipulative n male character attractive at the first go. All 3 new drama r interesting. Pleasant surprise. Will watch all 3 .

  11. I was looking for a decent drama to watch and tried out Witch’s court (I was expecting myself to let it go after watching its first ep as the leads r not rly in my watchlist). The drama, though, was beyond my expectation. I fell in love straight with the female lead, a realistic and cold, yet witty and sneaky one. She’s not the usual heroine in dramas; her sense of morality is a good blend of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ which may be why she’s referred as the witch in this drama. The actress, i would say, did a nice job in portraying the character. As for the male lead, nothing much I could say abt him since he’s yet to draw my interest in him. The story plot may be a little cliché, but there are bits of surprise that r fresh enough to draw and maintain the viewers’ attention (well at least my attention). It would be nice if you could take up witch’s court and share with us ur views after watching it. I’d always love to read your post n critiques for dramas, especially those that I watch too^^

  12. I liked Witchs court and the fact that the main lead JRW is bad a$$ and not some candy candy girl. I have a feeling she is ruthless because she wants power to investigate her mom’s case. Also she has a good opposites attract chemistry with the male lead. the storyline really hooked me right away.

  13. Temperature Of Love is becoming so much more lackluster than I thought. The setup of the first 2 episode has already quite intriguing. But It’s become lackluster after that. Not to mention several star are just think their role as throwaway. If I were the writer I will be quite offended. And they are focus so much on the otp and revolves around their story, the least interesting aspect of the drama.

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