Retrospective: Kim Nam Gil’s Many Expressive Sides in M Magazine Pictorial

Since Kim Nam Gil broke out eight years ago with Queen Seondeok in 2009, his career has been steadily on the high end albeit more consistently successful in movies than K-dramas. I’m a K-drama watcher so I’ll admit to rather forgetting about him after he did Bad Guy, I had a love/hate relationship with that drama but it was definitely memorable, and after that his Shark was so forgettable he just went on my radar back burner. That’s why I’m doubly thankful for his recent hit drama Live Up to Your Name (Deserving of the Name) for reminding me of all the reasons I loved him so much – his incredible range and versatility that straddles leading man charisma with character actor intensity. If he’s going to be super picky on dramas just to wait for the one right then I’ll not neglect him again and remain eyes peeled for all his projects, even edgier movies I may not elect to watch. With it comes promo goodies like this M Magazine pictorial in late 2016 when he was promoting the movie Pandora. Love how all the pictorial captures his many sides along with his unique good looks.


Retrospective: Kim Nam Gil’s Many Expressive Sides in M Magazine Pictorial — 13 Comments

  1. I’ve heard and known Kim Nam Gil by name but I haven’t seen any of his drama or movie until Derserving of the name and after just one ep I fell in love with him. His goofy side there, his sad expressions, hos seriousness, he sure is so versatile and he really has the charisma to draw the viewers in.
    I hope I can see him again soon in a good new k drama so I just don’t forget about him soon.

  2. Finally. A posting on Kim Nam Gil.
    It’s great that we saw a revive in interest on forgotten talented Hallyu stars who have evolved to become even more charismatic leading men in dramaland esp these past 2 years. From Lee Jun Ki to Gong Yoo and now Kim Nam Gil.
    KNG is super picky with his projects now that he has built better rapport at Chungmuro but I hope he would not stay away from dramaland for far too long.
    And i hope to see him reunite with Kim Ah Joong again. That chemistry is mind blowing and explosive.

  3. let me tell you ms koala, Kim Nam Gil did not break out in queen seodeok, he loved him first as tae san in Lovers. go and see him there

  4. Kim Nam Gil is ❤️

    I love a lot of actors more than him, I admit, but I can’t look someone in the eye and claim they are better actors than KNG. He’s so versatile, and amazingly realistic in how he portrays any character. In Shark, I believed every moment he wanted revenge from SYJ’s family just as much as I believed he loved her with such intensity it could burn the sun. In LUTYN, I believed he wanted to just be with KAJ just as much as he wanted to save people in Joseon.

    Not the biggest fan of his movie choices I’ll be honest. But they all do so well so obviously I’m the odd one out. Hopefully there’ll be Pirates 2 because I’d wait for that day and night forever.

  5. not much to said about this man…..just daebak !!
    BiDam is good but HeoIm just perfect!!
    Happy that he’s able to come back so unforgettable this time with LUTYN 🙂

  6. Kim Nam Gil is such a young talented, natural actor, handsome, carries himself really well in all his roles, so glad I was able to watch most of his movies, dramas especially the last one, he was so funny, what a comedian and he does it without thinking, it’s just him, not only his serious side which I still like about him but watch out for the comedian in him that you have to appreciate. I love it and him of course, He is my go-to actor to watch anytime. wishing him all the very best, good health, happiness, much success in whatever he does, with respect always. Hoping to see more of his film work real soon.

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