Witch’s Court Wins Mon-Tues Slot as Temperature of Love Drops Further in Ratings

It’s hard to pinpoint the stronger reason for why there has been a Mon-Tues ratings reversal this week but it’s easy to acknowledge that the viewers have spoken. Time slot ratings leader SBS romance drama Temperature of Love ceded the lead to newcomer KBS legal drama Witch’s Court in the second week of the latter’s premiere. Witch’s Court won Monday night as its 3rd episode got 9.1% ratings, with Temperature of Love dropping to second place with 6.8% and 7.9%. MBC‘s 20th Century Boy and Girl continues to get no traction even in the 21st century, with the 5th and 6th episodes taking in 3.2% and 3.5%.

What’s notable about Witch’s Court’s win was that it’s ratings didn’t go up from the last episode whereas Temperature dropped considerably. I’m already getting a mini dose of legal drama fix on Wed-Thurs with While You Were Sleeping so plan to bank Witch’s Court for later, but I can’t help but be even more disappointed with the latest narrative direction of Temperature. Please just write Kim Jae Wook off, maybe he eats a poisoned mushroom, I don’t care but put his moping out of his misery.


Witch’s Court Wins Mon-Tues Slot as Temperature of Love Drops Further in Ratings — 28 Comments

  1. Disappointed in Temperature of Love, getting boring…

    Even more disappointed with Kim Jae Wok’s character, yes writer-nim just give him a total KO. KJW deserves better, an excellent actor put to waste. Pick a better drama next time and hopefully in a leading role.

    As for Witch’s Court the first 3 episodes seem pretty solid, will see how it goes.

  2. As i said previously, Witch’s court is good with a good cast. Han ye Seul’s drama doesn’t work for me , but i have never click with her. I ‘m sad for Kim Jae Wook and Kim Ji Suk.I’m disappointed with the drama of Kang Sora, WYWS is boring so i quit, HS is too long 16ep would be enough and at my big surprise i find myself watching “My Golden life” even if i pretty never Watch dramas of 50 ep. “Because it’s the 1st time” is good , yesterday’s episode clicked with the actuality ( Weinstein)

      • Mee too.. i just fall in love with “my golden life” i dont expect much in the beginning, now i cant wait next eps.. less cruel time to make long story

  3. I dropped ToL, the noona dongsaeng love isnt my type (but this noona still scream for Kang Daniel :D) lols.

    My current faves are My Golden Life, 20th century, Witch’s court, WYWS, bcuz it’s my 1st life and revolutionary love. The rest failed to grab my attention.

    The package was boring. Duh, i cant click with the female lead.

    Im glad that witch’s court is doing fine but i hope 20th century will do the same. It’s pretty nice. It’s easy to understand and not that makjang which is good.

  4. Witch court first 20 min episode 1 is really well done for me. Abit more like a melodrama but with the help of good directing to make me engage. But after that I’m having wiplash because i saw it like a different drama and the drama turn into a common legal drama genre. The first case of sexual harasment is quite intriguing at first because how the leading lady reaction to the case, but they don’t seem to give it an effort to make it more interesting. After that the intriguing aspect is fade. I don”t know how they will handle the leading lady which is unusual.

    Well tmperature of love has become ppl driven. And from the first episode, kim jae wook has already given up his own character. Everytime he is on screen, particularly in a silent mode, I just can’t tell what emotion he is trying to potray? Is it sad, longing, angry? I know he is trying to be mysterious i guess, but he is appear to be dull. Might be because of that the writers is also given up to add something to his char

  5. I’m loving Witch Court, like the narrative, characters, actors. For me is exiting to watch. As for ToL I like the actors but the narrative feels so bland. From even the first episode, have not been able to feel the excitement that normally I get watching the actors that I like in a drama. I feel bad but I think Witch Court is going to keep gaining viewers and will stay on the lead that ToL will not be able to catch up even they stay in 2nd place.

  6. I gave up on Temperature of Love long. Dropped it after second episode and never looked back. It’s rather unfortunate because I loved the male actor in Duel, he was all kinds of awesome there but here he’s just dull. Well to be fair, everyone else in that drama is also dull…

    Still watching and enjoying Witch Court, it’s so different and interesting. I’m sad to hear that 20th Century Boy and Girl is not doing well though, because it’s actually a very sweet, thoughtful and well made drama. Then we have Because This is My First Life which is such a precious oddball of drama of the slice of life kind that I’m also loving to pieces. So Mondays and Tuesday are a treat for me nowadays, with 3 shows to watch! 😀

  7. I’ve been liking TOL for the lead relationship, but I have to admit when I read the comments at Dramafever about the most recent episodes, I went “ugh”. I will go ahead and watch with some judicious use of fast forward. I don’t like it when writers don’t have a firm handle on their characters, and I don’t know what she’s doing with KJWs.

    I am in no hurry to jump into a legal drama, my least favorite genre, so I will hold off on WC though I love the actors. There are so many new dramas starting so plenty to choose from though I wish more were getting picked up by DF And Viki.

    • I don’t think Koala is hating TOL at all, she’s only saying what she think about this drama in her own blog. Totally legit. I’ll say you what I think about TOL, and I watched until episode 4:
      1. It’s boring
      2. It’s cliclé
      3. They lead actors don’t have chemistry at all
      3. It’s a totally waste of Kim Jae Wok potential
      4. Have I mentioned Kim Jae Wok deserved a lot better?
      I don’t even know what is he doing in such drama

    • Tbh if I hate a drama, I won’t bother tracking related news diligently or keep posting negative comments about it… it’s not healthy nor a constructive use of my time but that’s just me…

      • Actually it seems as if the blogger is so happy that TOL ratings have decreased. You could see from previous posts how disappointed she sounded becoz it got highest ratings. Lol.

  8. Witch’s court and, of course Because this is my first life, are the perfect monday-tuesday dramas right now. The first one for the tension and the multiple cases they have to resolve. The actors are perfect in their roles. And the second drama, Because this is… is sooo lovely, I’m so waiting for them to open up to each other, speacilly Lee Min Ki, who’s so “love doesn’t exist” “I only need a partner to pay the rent”. Love this drama to pieces!

    • I don’t think i’ve been more excited to see a couple fall for each other. I LOVE both leads in this but LMK’s character is especially great. Their conversation and his insight during their bus stop scene in the first episode really spoke to me. The whole thing was just so relateable and encouraging. I’m so so happy that he’s not MEAN to her and that they got along well from the beginning.

      Then there are her friends who are ride or die but also feel real and decently fleshed out. I think this is the first kdrama in a long time where it’s made obvious that grown women have active sex lives and aren’t weird or juvenile about it. The drama is such a gem on all fronts, i’m really loving it so far.

      Oddly enough, ratings dropped for the 3rd episode so I guess viewers are just tuning out for now. A commenter on another site who is in korea a few weeks ago said almost everyone she talked to was not currently watching any kdrama which was not surprising looking at the state of TV ratings.

  9. You’re so predictable Koala. I knew you would write an article gloating over TOL’s fizzling ratings. Better pray hard for Witch’s Court to keep its steady ratings till the end, it can falter anytime, no one is safe in this game.

    I’m so disappointed with some KJW fans who keeps on spoiling the mood just because they don’t like for him to be the second lead. Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe, MAYBE it was KJW himself who picks/wants those kind of roles? Sometimes it’s more challenging for an actor to play secondary roles if the character is written in an interesting way. I respect KJW for seemingly prioritizing challenging acting/roles over stardom/popularity. Im Ju Hwan is another example. Yeah, I know I will catch hell for saying this but I don’t care anymore. Fed up with people being vitriolic just for the sake of it. No need to tell me to “leave, you won’t be missed”, I’ll gladly do so after this post. Bye.

  10. This life is our first is a hidden gem! Witch’s court sounds promising with Jung Ryeo Won playing the sassy lead. TOL is a bore from the start. I feel sorry for the leads though. Seo Hyun Jin should probably pick a different type of character for her next drama – possibly a more mellow but confident character. Her underdog with a chip on her shoulder image is getting a bit stale. Han Ye Seul is not my cup of tea at all, I can’t watch her in anything unfortunately… she is attractive but gives off mean vibes!

  11. After the first episode i decided to drop Temperature of Love. The plot didn’t catch my attention and the leads showed zero chemistry so i moved on to other dramas. I have to say i did find my happiness in “Because this is my First Life” (love it to the moon and back) and “Witch’s court”!

  12. I drop also the drama starring kang sora ang siwon, i find it quite boring probably just not my liking…. i find ‘Because this is my first life’ engaging to watch, yet out of all the dramas which just started after Chuseok I enjoyed the most with ‘Go Back Couple’ of jang nara ang son ho jun ^^

    • Me too i enjoyed “Go back couple” happy to see someone liking it too( ratings went up in just 2 episodes) I drop kang Sora’s drama too ( boring, don’t see any chemistry between the leads, Ks’s role remember me her role in Warm and cozy).

  13. I’m gonna def. check out Witch’s Court (I’ve heard the female lead is a bit tiring but hey it’s a nice change usually it’s the male lead)

    I’m really liking:

    1. because it’s my first life (it’s wacky and adorable)
    2. WYWS (it’s slowed a bit but the latest episode was great)
    3. Black (SSH and GA are both doing well which is cool and the drama has a really good Halloween spooky vibe which is perfect for October)

    Kang Sora and Siwon’s drama was really boring for me :/ ended up fast forwarding most of episode 1 and couldn’t finish episode 2.

  14. Witch’s Court has really surprised me. I didn’t think I would like it after watching so many lawyer dramas, but it’s nice to see a spunky female lawyer as the lead. Also, quite pleased with the cast. I dropped WYWS, story wasn’t strong enough to make me forget some of the weaknesses in the cast. I really wanted to like TOL but the pacing is too slow, so I might binge watch it later and fast forward to all the good parts. And still watching Hospital Ship which has sort of fizzled out too. Drama these days start strong but they just can’t seem to hold their momentum lately.

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