KBS Drama Witch’s Court Hits 12.3% Ratings as Temperature of Love is Preempted Due to Baseball

When lady luck adds an extra boost it’s best to run with it, so it’ll be interesting to see if KBS Mon-Tues drama Witch’s Court continues with the unexpected momentum boost from this Tues. The legal drama broke double digits with 12.3% ratings for Tuesday’s episode 4, thanks in no part due to the unexpected cancellation of Temperature of Love‘s Tuesday episodes because a baseball game went into extra innings. I felt a sense of relief I didn’t have to watch the trainwreck ridiculous marriage proposal Kim Jae Wook‘s character was planning despite knowing the girl he likes is dating his good friend.

I would rather he get smashed by the proverbial K-drama truck of doom than go through with that harebrained idea. Please god let the OTP date in their bland vapid romance and go on your merry way, dude. As for Witch’s Court, it’s getting really good audience feedback from K-netizens so now I’m actually tempted to start and add on my Mon-Tues watch which is currently obsessing over This Life is Out First which had ab big ratings jump on cable to 3.841%. Unfortunately poor beleaguered MBC drama 20th Century Boy and Girl got 3.7% and 4.3% ratings and didn’t really benefit from the Temperature preemption.


KBS Drama Witch’s Court Hits 12.3% Ratings as Temperature of Love is Preempted Due to Baseball — 28 Comments

  1. This Life is Our First and Witch’s Court are so, so good! I have no words to express how great these two shows are. Really. I cried many times watching ‘Life’ and it makes me reflect on my life too and how much I can relate to their struggles. I wish every day is Monday and Tuesday now.

  2. it’s well deserved and I hope they increase more because both WC and TLIOF has a great understanding about what they want to show,

    the perspective changes and how the character in both drama are grounded.

    TOL is like a slightly dramatic documentary with too many dialogues which is not a compliment for a drama,

  3. Witch’s Court is getting better, excellent drama! The best in Mon-Tue slot.

    Ep 4 is jjang! Glad I watched this, what a discovery and both leads are excellent actors with an equally capable supporting cast.

    • I was in the boat since the premiere of the drama and was so happy to see an equal pairing of actors( Yoon hyun Min was really good in Tunnel and Jung Ryu Won is always better when she does sassy roles) . Ratings are well deserved.

  4. ToL is a meh. Leads have no chemistry. They kissed but I could feel it was too directed. Seo Hyun Jin’s acting always look the same. Jung Rye Won is better. The real sassy girl. Yoon Hyun Min is of course better than Yang Se Jong. I think the show will getting higher more.

  5. This is insane…the way koala keeps reporting about how bad TOL is and her happy dance that its ratings are decreasing.
    And since when the tv ratings started deciding which show is good…yes koala?

    • But Witch’s court is good. Like genuinely and truly good. Why are you trying to make it sound otherwise?

      Re-posting with diff id because its not posting properly.

      • No problem with WC. I’m just saying ratings is not the criteria to judge if a show is good or not. So many past examples prove that.

    • I feel that Tol is bad too so I kinda like it that a drama get a rating they deserved in my own value cause that means the creator would put more work and make a better craft that is genuinely good and selling,

      it’s the same reason why people hyped up the underrated drama, cause they want to show what is good so they keep making what is good,
      the same reason to say that Tol is meh, so they knew they should make a better drama next time and people wouldn’t buy this kind of drama.

      • I agree. Ha Myung-hee should step up in her writing. Her dramas always start out good but turn into some draggy and nonsensical mess down the road.

  6. I’ve always been a silent reader but I feel like I need to speak up for 20th Century Boy and Girl. It’s actually a very poignant drama and I like how it shows how the past affects the present and potentially the future. Every character has a backstory to share and it’s revealed in a very heartwarming way. Not too sure why the poor ratings because I think it’s a competitor in it’s own right.

    That said, I can’t wait to start on both Witch Court and This Life is Our First!

    • I’m here for 20th Century too. I hope it picks up especially when it’s Kim Ji Suk’s first Leading role. It’s miles better than ToL as long as it continues on this trajectory and not get derailed into melo or the usual secret birth/incurable disease troupe.

    • @Shu in a previous post , i wasn’t kind with 20th CBAG . I’d like to take it back, after reading your post (and not able to pursue WYWS) i watched ep 3 and finally i find it relaxing . Hope that it continues like that and not going to change the trajectory cause of bad ratings!

  7. For ToL, the problem is the some characters are too clichés like the second leads, the mother… I like the chemistry between the main couple but it must be other elements in the story, the main couple can’t hold the drama alone. It’s like DoT, when they were in Greece (I don’t remember the fake country) the story was good but in Korea it became boring.
    Witch Court is interesting because it’s not about the main couple but about their characters and stories of the victims.
    Because it’s my first life is cute and funny !

    • You’re on point about ToL and it was my worry from the beginning. If it weren’t for the main couple, the show would be very forgettable, it’s like the writer spent all her energy carving out them out and just spit out everything else. I knew his mom would be cliche but I was holding out hope for the second leads especially with KJW signing onto the drama.

      Hopefully all these dramas that have started well end well too, I’m happy with many of them currently but very wary of how many dramas will fizzle out before they end like many have this year.

  8. I am only watching Witch’s Court now and so far so good…and I don’t wanna start BTLIOF because of Lee Min Ki. Iam sorry but I really can’t stand to see him romancing in a drama when I know what he did off-cam. Even if I like him before, I just can’t push myself to watch him now. I just wonder why men can get away with their wrongdoings and women who had scandals find it hard and casted stones forever by fans. Well, life is unfair really.

    As for TOL, it is really boring for me so I dropped it already…

    • I understand what you mean@ KAYE but the drama is good and Lee Min Ki ‘s acting is so good that you only see the character not the actor. The same goes with “My golden life'” . I enjoy the drama but at the same time i feel ashamed to support people involved in “sexual cases” because even they weren’t proven guilty, doubts are still there. And cases like Cosby, Weinstein, Allen, Polansky, a BBC entertainer, ….doesn’t help to get rid of them.

    • I love TLIOF but I agree that female stars have it worse when they get into a ‘scandal’ (not the dating type).

      I mean, you got KBS giving Park Shi Hoo a weekend drama (which they knew was going to be a hit because that time slot is always successful) to clean his image but imagine anyone doing that for Yoon Eun Hye when she was even the first to risk her image and work with him after the rape charges?

  9. Because This Life is seriously so good….it’s been a while since a solid rom-com.

    Congrats to Witch’s Court I guess KBS got a surprise hit

  10. Episode cemented My love for witch court and ryeowon, i was totally crying By The end of The scene, She’s so endearing and I cant Wait To see what happens With The development of her character❤️She May makes some unethical decisions to WIn cases but those decisions were Made to make sure The guilty people will be punish.. I cant Wait To see what The drama have in store…
    And also TLIOF is so ❤️

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