Song Hye Kyo Exquisite in Curly Locks for November Issue of Vogue Korea

To say I was blown away by Song Hye Kyo’s latest Vogue Korea pictorial is an understatement. There are just too many diverse superlatives to describe this top Hallyu actress and bride-to-be’s close up spread for the most elite fashion magazine. First is the wave of curly hair spreading in a messy halo around her, coyly shading her eyes as she tries to hold back the mass that feels organically beautiful. She’s known for lustrous locks so this is a very different and totally successful fresh look, and her expressions nail it further with a confidence and introspection. Song Joong Ki is one lucky lucky man is all I can say, twenty years into her acting career and Song Hye Kyo has never looked more beautiful and come across as more content.


Song Hye Kyo Exquisite in Curly Locks for November Issue of Vogue Korea — 47 Comments

  1. what can i say about this lady”s beauty which hasnt already been Aishwariya rai of bollywood,Angelina jolie of hollywood,her beauty is sophisticated, timeless and universal.

    just wish her and song joon ki happily ever after with more blessing everyday in their lives.

  2. Even with those tacky ear studs, she is beautiful. Although her jaw is made to be more sharp in the photo shoots, she is pretty.

    I used to get confused bet her and Han Hyo Joo, but now make out some difference – the latter’s mouth shape is different and HHJ’s lop sided smile.

  3. Its her eyes- bigger than that of a usual East Asian. Hence it adds to the prettiness. How come her eyes are bigger than usual East Asians?

    • There are actually many few east asian people who have naturally big, double lid eyes or lighter iris color. It maybe uncommon, but nothing impossible

      • She is indeed stunning but these photo are photoshopped to look like someone else.
        They shaved her jawline , slimmed her face by 20 pounds and enlarged her eyes.
        This is common practice in all fashion magazine and a lot of western actress have brought attention to it.
        I wish Vogue would of left her natural beauty alone.

  4. @Zoe nah this is shk face tbh. She’s not the typical Korean beauty she look mix to me. This how she looked in full house only a more elegant “Han ji eun”
    Kudos to Vogue stunning covers! Shk always delivered! Stunning & classy

  5. I especially love the first cover! She’s so effortlessly and naturally stunning in that shot. She’ll always have that timeless elegance to her. They’re both lucky to have found each other.

  6. Wow! These pictures look extremely photoshopped. I mean she is beautiful but they made her look really… photoshopped. Which is kinda sad. But I see she is working a lot better in photos than on screen. She could earn enough money with just being a model and her CFs.

    • Also: her make-up – photoshopped or not – looks a LOT better here than the constantly going on dewy look-trend in Korea. Let’s be real it doesn’t look, not even on SHK. I hope they get rid of the “hey I just fell in a pan full of grease and call it make-up”-trend.

  7. Song Hye Kyo looks like this in real life. Of course, there may have been done a few (in her case, insignificant) adjustments; but what actually enhances her beauty and makes the result even more stunning is her eye expression and her pose.

    By the way, she is the only Korean actress who made four appearances on the cover of Vogue Korea (2007, 2011, 2014 and 2017); in 2007 being the very first Korean actress to do so. Well, that says a lot about her.

    • These pictures are heavily photoshopped. She didn’t look anywhere close to this in the recent photos with SJK in Paris. She looks much, much older and quite bloated.

      • No, it’s mostly the make-up, the lighting and the angle.

        About Paris pictures: she is 35, she was on a vacation then, she wore aboslutely no makeup, she was exhausted… I could go on but I think you either don’t know or don’t want to know in what world you live.

      • Your exaggerating I bet u don’t even look as pretty as her without the make point is if you look ordinary compare to her you don’t have the right to critize. Geeez & yes every magazine used Photoshop but obviously this is more on the make up & hairstyle.

      • @Faith – if ordinary looking people cannot criticize the pretty, then why are there Beauty Pageants or the People’s Magazine 100 most beautiful people in the world? Just voicing out my thoughts while I am reading all these comments. Don’t be a Crazy delulu fan who take things out of context… there is nothing wrong being old & bloated… one day she will look like that anyway, everyone will… so chill ?

  8. @abc,
    Since you actually replied to my comment.
    No, it’s mostly the make-up, the lighting and the angle.

    About Paris: she is 35, she was on a vacation, she wore absolutely no make-up, she was exhausted… I could go on, but I think that you don’t know, don’t want to know or pretend not to know in what world we live; or maybe you only live in your own virtual world…

    • In your own words, you said “Song Hye Kyo looks like this in real life” and I am stating in real life, she doesn’t look like this and gave example of her recent photos in Paris.

      More like you are living in your own virtual world if you think celebrities look like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine all the time.

      • When I said “real life” I obviously meant when she attends public events and not when she is travelling for personal reasons etc. There is a big difference, @.

        I actually live in both worlds, you know.

      • @Sganarel, the only thing obvious is you like to twist your words however fit your argument.

        And no she doesn’t look like this in public events either. Without all the lighting and photoshop, she looks much older and haggard.

      • At least I have a valid argument, @. You just repeat ad nauseam some nonsensical words, and thus your point is invalid and our conversation is dead.

      • There’s only so many ways the truth can be stated, while you can go on and on with your delusional view. There’s no point in talking to delusional fans like you. Bye.

  9. Dear candycane here’s the # 1 rule what is your right to mock / criticized someone’s physical appearance if you look ordinary compare to that person.

    Like look in the mirror first if your pretty without the make up on. & if u are then criticized but if ur not what is ur right.? Thats my point.

    • I don’t put on makeup and I believe I am pretty enough πŸ™‚
      Hmmmm, I just think the word “criticize” is a bit too harsh… “comment” may be a better word? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion… Celebrities who appear on magazine covers all the time should expect comments from ordinary people… just saying…

  10. haters gonna hate and by God grace song hye kyo will keep on flying both personally and professionally.

    haters talk as if their bias will stay young forever.

  11. @abc you amuse me. So much hate huh.
    Yes I agree Shk doesn’t look like this because in person. She look different. Her pictures & videos doesn’t even give her justice she’s Gorgeous in real life translucent flawless skin & small doll face.
    These Vogue photos is nothing compare to her in person no wonder celebs always choose her as the prettiest celeb. Even my hubby can’t stop praising her after seeing Shk in person.

  12. I had seen her in person and I must say that she is even prettier in real life than the photos…I study in South Korea until last year and met her at a cafe where she had breakfast with her friend. And yeah, she was not wearing make up at all…still looked prettier than us with our make up on.
    If she looks old and haggard in real life, do you think Song Joong Ki would go crazy in love with her?? My korean friend said that Joong Ki was the one who keep trying to make her his girl when she actually tried to stay away from him to avoid scandal…despite of having feeling to each other.

      • I am just saying what I heard from my Korean friend..and sorry but I don’t think it makes SJK sounded shallow. It showed how determine he is to pursue his love…and I like him more because of that.

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